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  • How To Create a Tile Backsplash Design Installation

    DSC_0675 (1)

    At Tile Outlets of America, we regularly create what we refer to as 'concept boards' to bring to life the many design possibilities you can create with tile and stone. In this article, using a concept board, we'll show you how to create a tile backsplash design installation.

    Now, in this example, the concept board design could be used on the floor or a wall. And, although we're installing it on 1/2" plywood, it's the same kind of thinking you would apply to creating a feature wall design in a bathroom or a backsplash...

  • Meet Rickey Williams, Co-Store Manager, Tile Outlets in Tampa

    Rickey Williams, Assistant Store Manager, Tile Outlets inTampa

    If you're in the Tampa area looking for the most extensive selection of in-stock and first quality tile and stone, we invite you to visit Tile Outlets of America.  When you do, you can count on meeting people - like Rickey Williams, Assistant Store Manager - who care intensely about helping you find the right tile and stone product.

    Update: effective January 1, 2017, Rickey is Co-Store Manager in Tampa.

    It's what makes Til...

  • How to Transform a Bathroom With Tile: Fort Myers Bathroom Makeover

    TOA-Womens-Bathrooms-5 (1)Bathrooms can make or break a space - especially a retail space. If they're beautiful, they tend to relax and inspire all who visit them. If awful, bathrooms can cast seeds of doubt about the business. In this article, we share with you our own experience transforming the bathrooms in the Fort Myers Ti...

  • 106.5 CTQ's Lulu Visits Tile Outlets of America


    106.5 CTQ's Lulu Visits Tile Outlets of AmericaWe're pretty excited at Tile Outlets of America in Sarasota. That's because 106.5 CTQ - Suncoast Country's very own Lulu from Maverick and Lulu in the Morning is in the middle of a tile renovation project. And, she visited Tile Outlets to get started on her project!

    Over the next few weeks, Lulu will be sharing her experience and letting us in on how the project develops in her own words here on the blog and also on 106.5 CTQ during the Maverick and Lul...

  • Meet 106.5 CTQ's Lulu. She's Remodeling With Tile!

    106.5 CTQ Lulu remodels with tile at Tile Outlets of America

    To launch the New Year, Tile Outlets of America will partner with 106.5 CTQ Radio Personality Lulu in Sarasota as she takes on a project remodeling with tile.

    Every week, we'll share with you her progress as she dreams, explores, selects, installs and enjoys tile in her home. You'll hear her discuss her experience on air and here on the Tile Outlets Tile & More Blog.

    In this first...