• 12 Days of Tile Installation Tips

    12 days of tile installation tips

    'Tis the season to share and what better information to share than Tile Installation Tips?

    In honor of the season (and somewhat inspired by The 12 Days of Christmas), we are excited to present to you the 12 Days of Tile Installation Tips updated for 2018. Continue reading

  • Travertine Tile Finishes: honed, tumbled, polished and chiseled edge

    Honed, tumbled, polished and chiseled edged Travertine Tile Finishes

    Your dream kitchen has Travertine tile written all over it, until you encounter terms such as honed, polished, tumbled, chiseled edge, and more. You’re no longer sure how Travertine fits into your dream…

    In this article, we want to explain what those tile finish terms mea...

  • The Truth About Buying Travertine Tile

    The Truth About Buying Travertine Tile

    No wonder people love buying Travertine tile! It's an all-time classic for floors, walls, backsplashes and even countertops. Travertine tile is versatile, withstands the test of time, looks beautiful installed and generally adds value to any space you find it in.

    If you count yourself as one of those people, here's the truth you need to know about buying Travertine.
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  • Subway Tile in Glass, Travertine, Marble, Brick and More? Oh, My!

    Subway Tile in Glass, Travertine, Marble, Brick and More? Oh, My!

    As much as I love ceramic subway tile, what is even more wonderful is how the notion of subway tile has been reinterpreted into subway tile in glass, Travertine, marble and brick in different looks and textures and in several rectangular sizes. Ready to explore with me?
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  • 6 Tips on How to Install Travertine Tile

    Honed and Filled Travertine Tile - Tips for installing Travertine tile

    Travertine tile is a classic choice for floors and walls, both indoors and out. It's versatile and timeless in its beauty and sure to transform any space you install it in.

    In this article, we’re going to share 6 high level tips to keep in mind before getting started with your Travertine tile installation project. At the end of the article, you’ll find links to several resources that go into more depth on how to install Travertine tile.

    If you haven...

  • Looking for Travertine Tile in Tampa, Sarasota and Fort Myers? Check Out Tile Outlets of America!

    Travertine tile and mosaic combined in Fort MyersIf you are looking for Travertine tile in Tampa, Sarasota or Fort Myers, look no further than Tile Outlets of America where you will find a terrific range of Travertine products to choose from and design ideas to inspire you!

    Travertine is a versatile and classic natural stone that can be used on walls as well as floors, indoors and outdoors. It is sure to transform your home into a space of timeless beauty and elegance which you will enjoy for years to come.


  • Mining Travertine Tile: From Quarry to your Home

    mining travertine stone

    Have you ever wondered where that beautiful Travertine comes from and how it becomes a series of tiles that you can use for a kitchen backsplash, a shower or a floor?

    Here’s a brief overview of the Travertine mining process and the steps that go into bringing Travertine tile to TOA so you can bring your dream project to life.

    Travertine Tile: A Type of Limestone

    From 13 Facts About Travertine Tile, you know that Travertine is a type...

  • How To Design With White Tile: Inspiration From Fort Myers

    Showers design with white tile at Tile Outlets

    I suspect that most people who walk into a tile and stone showroom for the first time are overwhelmed with all the different product selections to pick from even if they walk in looking to design with white tile - a relatively simple concept.

    Let's face it, most people only have to make this trip a couple times in their lifetime. Unless you thrive on changing things up with the trends - (that w...

  • Why and How to Seal Travertine Tile

    how and why seal travertine tile

    If you spend much time exploring Travertine to find the perfect pattern for your kitchen or bath project, you will most certainly care about this next step: sealing your Travertine tile to ensure that it looks as beautiful as it did when you first saw it!

    Why Seal Travertine Tile?

    From 13 Facts About Travertine Tile, you’ll remember that Travertine is a nat...

  • 13 Facts About Travertine Tile

    Travertine Backsplash

    Are you intrigued with Travertine and its timeless natural beauty? Would you like to learn more?  Here are 13 facts about Travertine Tile.

    1. Travertine is a type of limestone that forms in hot mineral springs around the world. According to Wikipedia, limestone  is a sedimentary rock made of calcium carbonate, a primary component of shells. In North America, the most notable Travertine formation is Yellowstone National Park.

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