Check Out Bio Wood Modular Wood Look Planks For Rich Patterns

Check Out Bio Wood Modular Wood Look Planks For Rich Patterns

Posted by Kate Spencer on Apr 16th 2015

Here's an exciting wood look tile for you to consider for your home: Bio Wood Modular Wood Look Planks from Tile Outlets of America, and the first modular wood plank tile system we've offered.

What Is Bio Wood Modular Tile?

The Bio Wood series is a rectified porcelain tile that comes with three different sizes in one box, allowing you to create a modular pattern with thin grout lines. According to #TileTuesday Tip: Understanding the Difference Between Rectified and Calibrated Porcelain Tile,

"Rectified tiles ... are fired and then ground to size. This is done to achieve exacting standards in size consistency. Rectified tiles’ edges are precisely, mechanically finished for uniformity, ensuring the size is more precise from piece to piece within a product line.

The uniformity of rectified tiles provides enhanced ease of installation and can simplify installing patterns and unique tile designs. Rectified tiles’ exact edges may allow for smaller grout lines ... compared to the edges of non-rectified tiles. If thin grout lines are desired for an installation, it is recommended that rectified tiles be specified."

Bio Wood Modular Tile Is Available in Two Colors From Tile Outlets

Bio Wood modular porcelain tile is available in two colors: Noisette and Vineyard.


Bio Wood Modular Porcelain Wood Look Tile in Noisette


Bio Wood Modular Porcelain Wood Look Tile in Vineyard

Bio Wood Porcelain Wood Look Modular Planks Come In 3 Sizes For 2 Installation Patterns

Each box of Bio Wood porcelain tile is packaged with 9 pieces total consisting of three pieces of each of three sizes: 8x36, 5x36 and 3x36 which are meant to be installed together to create a modular pattern.

Note that these sizes are not sold separately and that boxes must be returned unopened. Not that you'd want to return this beautiful wood look tile!

You'll find that the combination of three plank tile sizes makes different installations possible. Here are two installation possibilities:

>> Click here to download the two installation patterns for Bio Wood.

What About Grout Joints For Bio Wood Modular Wood Look Planks?

The Bio Wood modular tile manufacturer recommends grout joints to be no less than 3/16”.

Joint locations can be random and should be positioned to be no less than 30% the length of the adjacent tile. Alternating joints so they are less than 30%, a straight-lay or herring bone patterns are acceptable and with grout joint sizes of ¼” to 3/16”, but no less than 1/8”

Imagining Bio Wood Porcelain Wood Look Planks In Your Home...

The images below give you an idea how beautiful Bio Wood looks in an indoor room scene setting. Please note that neither image demonstrates the modular three size tile plank patterns described above.

This image shows you an installation with Bio Wood Vineyard in two plank widths.


Bio Wood Modular wood look tile in Vineyard with two plank sizes

This next image shows you Bio Wood in the Noisette color in one size plank.


Bio Wood Modular porcelain tile in color noisette with one plank size

When you visit Tile Outlets of America in Tampa, you will find Bio Wood in the Inspiration Area installed based on the modular pattern above.


Bio Wood Modular wood look porcelain tile in Vineyard in the Inspiration Area.

What's your reaction to Bio Wood Modular wood look planks? Which color do you prefer? Which pattern? Let me know in the comments.