Meet Susanne Boykin, Employee-Owner of Tile Outlets of America

Meet Susanne Boykin, Employee-Owner of Tile Outlets of America

Have you met Susanne Boykin?

She is a proud employee-owner of Tile Outlets of America based in our corporate office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Susanne joined Tile Outlets of America in April 2003 and is next in the Tile Outlets of America Employee-Owner series.

We caught up with Susanne to ask her a few questions.

Introducing Susanne Boykin, Employee-Owner of Tile Outlets of America

TOA: Susanne, what is your background?

SB: I was born and raised in Germany. After an education in business management, I have worked in purchasing since 1983 and in purchasing & logistics since 1988.

TOA: How did you get started with Tile Outlets, and when?

SB: I came on board with Tile Outlets of America right before we opened our second store in  Tampa, Florida.

I am due to get my 15-year pin later this month! :)

Proud owner-employee Susanne Boykin has been with Tile Outlets 15 years.

TOA: Susanne, what is your role?

SB: In a nutshell, I handle the purchase orders for stock and special orders, delivery tracking, and container imports.

TOA: How has that evolved over the years?

SB: As our volume has increased, we have specialized a bit, with me handling more of the logistics and less of the replenishment side.

TOA: What do you love most about what you do?

SB: My job is perfect for me!

Importing 500 containers a year takes organization and attention to detail, both of which I have in spades. I take pride in getting our shipments to the stores as cost-effective as possible so that we can pass the savings on to our customers.

TOA: What’s your reaction to being an employee-owner?

SB: I love my job and I can say that I both respect and like the people I work with.

As an employee-owner, I feel like this is MY company, both now and in the future.

TOA: Which are your favorite products and why?

SB: My favorite would be the new wood plank tiles, especially when laid in a herringbone pattern. Such a classic look, it reminds me of the hardwood floors in German castles.

Wood plank tile in a herringbone pattern Wood plank tile in a herringbone pattern


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I also love the idea of tile rugs in a dining room. What a way to anchor a dining room table.

Decorative tile rug in a dining area Decorative tile rug in a dining area


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TOA: Have you tiled a lot of areas in your home?

SB: Of all my talents, I have never trusted myself to lay tile, preferring instead to contract it out to a professional installer.

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TOA: What do you like to do outside of Tile Outlets of America?

SB: My husband and I love to go hiking. It is our way to recharge our batteries.

North Georgia mountain hikes that end at waterfalls are my favorite.

Susanne Boykin at Toccoa Falls Susanne Boykin at Toccoa Falls


Susanne and her husband at Amicalola Falls Susanne and her husband at Amicalola Falls


Susanne at Cloudland Canyon in Northwest Georgia Susanne at Cloudland Canyon in Northwest Georgia

TOA: What are the biggest surprises you’ve seen since you started at Tile Outlets?

SB: Recently we received an e-mail from a freight forwarder telling us that a container ship lost dozens of containers into the ocean in a storm. We received that e-mail because we had containers onboard that particular vessel. Luckily, our containers weren’t affected.

I had never really considered containers falling into the ocean before, so that was definitely a first.

TOA: What advice do you have for someone wanting to buy tile?

SB: Take your time deciding and get what you REALLY want, because you’ll be enjoying it for a long time.

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And get a few extra boxes, in case you have a repair in the future.

TOA: Thank you, Susanne!

If you haven't yet visited Tile Outlets of America, we hope you'll come visit soon. And, although you won't get to meet Susanne Boykin when you visit the stores, you will be coming into direct contact with all that she does for Tile Outlets.

Let us know how to help make your dream home become a reality with the beautiful selection of in-stock and first quality porcelain and ceramic tile, stone, mosaics, cabinets, ledger stone and more that you'll find available for a whole lot less at all Tile Outlets of America stores!

See you soon.

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