Imagine: Mortar with Less Dust from Merkrete

Mortar with Less Dust from Merkrete

Merkrete has introduced tile setting mortars that feature their patented Dustless Technology (DLT). In other words, you can now have a mortar with less dust!

Merkrete's Mortar with Less Dust

Merkrete has incorporated its innovative DLT into its three workhorse mortars used for installing porcelain tile, ceramic tile and also natural stone to walls and floors in both residential and commercial applications.

As a result, these mortars have improved as follows:

  • They generate 80% less dust.
  • They use less water.
  • They are easier to mix.
  • They are creamier and easier to spread.
  • They have a longer working time.
  • They offer less mess to clean up.

DLT Mortar Benefits: less water and easier to mix

Thin set mortar is a blend of cement, very finely graded sand, and a water retention compound that allows the cement to properly hydrate once mixed with water.

This Dustless Technology uses less water. That means there is less air entrapped during the mixing process; the mortar hydrates consistently and dries more quickly, providing higher 24-hour strength and increasing performance properties.

Finally, it's easier to mix; there's less air entrapped so the mix is creamier.

Approximately 80% less dust with Dustless Technology thin set

Improved Thin Set Workability

From a tile installation perspective, DLT means that these thin set mortars have better workability. Here's why.

Because the mix is creamier, it is easier to spread. The materials used to produce the Dustless Technology inherently make the product glide during the troweling process.

The working time is longer. Since the product uses less water, it hydrates more slowly and more consistently than non-DLT products providing more working time.

Overall, it will dry more quickly providing higher 24-hour strength.

And, then, tools are easier to clean.

What DLT Hasn't Changed

Pot life (i.e., how long the thin set stays good in the bucket) remains about the same.

Your working or open time is how long you have to get the tile in its final position before you weaken the bond.

Less Dust = Less Mess to Cleanup!

Think how much dust affects the tile installation process in a messy way:

  • Dust in the truck
  • On the job site
  • At the mixing station
  • Around the final installation

That's not to mention before it reaches the installer (e.g., the mortar section in Tile Outlets of America stores is always the dustiest!).

Not having to clean up that dust means that you save time, labor and money.

Workhorse products with DLT from Merkrete: 710 and 720 at Tile Outlets of America

The Merkrete DLT Family of Mortars: 720 and 710

The workhorse products with DLT from Merkrete include:

  • 720 LHT Mortar for Large and Heavy Tile
  • 710 Premium Set Plus

Merkrete’s 720 DUSTLESS LHT Mortar is a polymer modified Portland cement mortar for installing large and heavy porcelain, ceramic tile and natural stone on both walls and floors. It includes a non-slumping formula that eliminates tile lippage.

>> See Managing Lippage: Why Offsets Matter When Installing Tile

Merkrete’s 710 DUSTLESS Premium Set Plus is a premium grade thin set mortar designed for interior and exterior floor and wall installations of all types of ceramic tiles, porcelain tile and stone over concrete, exterior glue plywood and a variety of substrates. It offers higher bond strength.

Demonstrating Mortar with Less Dust from Merkrete

Demonstrating Mortar with Less Dust from Merkrete

Demonstrations have to be the best part of learning about new products! Merkrete visited all three Tile Outlets stores to give our professional tile installers an opportunity to learn firsthand about DLT and how it affects tile installation.

Mortar with 80% Less Dust

The Merkrete representatives demonstrated the differences between 720 LHT Mortar in Dustless and regular formulation starting with pouring the product out of the bag, to mixing it and then giving session attendees a chance to compare how it feels when you work with it.

The difference in dust is immediately visible.

Next is that it requires less water.

Then, when fully mixed, it is obviously creamier.

When fully mixed, the dustless technology thinsets are obviously creamier


Here's a short video we made from the product knowledge session. It will give you a better feel for the differences.

>> Watch this 3:29 Merkrete Dustless Mortar demonstration which compares the dustless to the non-dustless product.


Once the mortar fully mixed, the Merkrete representatives put it and session attendees to work.

The installers in attendance were able to try both versions.


The installers in attendance were able to try both versions. They were all impressed by how easy the DLT mortar was to move and trowel.

They were all impressed by how easy the DLT mortar was to move and trowel.


Ready to Try Mortar with Less Dust?

Have you tried these DLT thin set products? What's your reaction?

We hope you'll come to visit Tile Outlets of America in Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Tampa not just to check out mortar with less dust, but also to explore all of the tile installation products and materials we carry in addition to tile.

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