Reimagine Your Bathroom With 5 White Wall Tile Introductions

Reimagine Your Bathroom With 5 White Wall Tile Introductions

Have you been trying to reimagine your bathroom walls with white tile? If so, I have five white wall tile introductions to share with you.

Once you're done with the bathroom, I'm willing to bet that you'll consider the kitchen, the hallway and maybe even a special focal point wall in your dining room or family room.

That's because these white wall tile selections are stunning! These include rich patterns based on inkjet technology and tiles which can be installed vertically or horizontally to create different looks.

Meet Our Five Latest White Wall Tile Introductions

Here are the latest porcelain and ceramic white wall tile selections available at Tile Outlets of America:

  • Stabia 8x18 ceramic wall tile features a subtle wave which creates dimension. It is available in basic white and bone and comes with a 2x8 wall bullnose to complete the look.
  • Marmo Borghini 12x24 ceramic tile captures the classic look of carrara marble in a glossy finish. Combine it with the complementary shiny luster deco in a 12x24 format.
  • The Bizote series of ceramic tile includes a solid white 8x20 wall tile which can be combined with the Bizote Form White 8x20 which resembles 4x4 beveled tiles.
  • The Step ceramic tile series is a 6x12 prescored tile with the appearance of pillow edged 2x2 mosaics. It is available in red, cobalt, white and pergamon (beige).
  • Mito Blanco 12x24 classic white ceramic tile creates an upscale look when combined with the decorative textured Eneas Blanco 12x24.

Stabia Wall Tiles

Stabia is an 8x18 ceramic wall tile from Pamesa Spain which comes in two colors: Blanco and Marfil.  You'll notice a little bit of wave to the design which gives it dimension.  I like that this ceramic wall tile comes with a complementary 2x8 wall bullnose to complete the look.

Stabia-8x18-ceramic-wall-tile Stabia 8x18 ceramic wall tile in Blanco


Marmo Borghini White Wall Tile Series

The Marmo Borghini Series is a classic carrara marble look created through inkjet technology in a porcelain tile.  Featured in the image below is the 12x24 format which is available in a glossy finish.

Marmo-borghini-carrara-porcelain-wall-tile Marmo Borghini Carrara Porcelain wall tile



Bizote Ceramic White Wall Tile Series

The Bizote White Series is available in a solid 8x20 tile for the wall and also includes a Bizote Form White 8x20 wall tile that looks like 4x4 beveled tiles.   What that means is fewer grout lines during installation.

The Bizote White and Bizote Form can be used together in a design or separately.

Bizote-White-8x20-ceramic-wall-tile Bizote white 8x20 ceramic wall tile


Step Ceramic Tile Series

The Step series is a 6x12 ceramic wall tile that is prescored giving the appearance of pillow edged 2x2 mosaics. You can combine these colors together to make a design and cut them to make smaller listello patterns as you see in the kitchen installation image below.

These pieces will need to be grouted during installation.

Step-ceramic-prescored-6x12-tile Step ceramic pre-scored 6x12 wall tile


Mito Blanco: Classic White 12"x24" Wall Tile

Mito Blanco is a solid white ceramic wall tile in a 12"x24" format. The effect is a clean and classic white look that is ideal for a bathroom application!

Mito Blanco ceramic 12x24 wall tile Mito Blanco ceramic 12x24 wall tile


What's particularly exciting about this solid white wall tile is how well it works with any number of color possibilities.

To help incorporate a design element, we recommend the Eneas Blanco Deco ceramic wall tile which has a raised feature on the face of the tile, creating depth and texture.  The Eneas Blanco 12x24 Deco can be used together with the Mito series or installed solo as a feature wall in any room.

Eneas Blanco 12x24 Ceramic Wall Tile Eneas Blanco 12x24 Ceramic Wall Tile


When selecting wall tile, be sure to have a bullnose or trim piece to finish the look.  Adding a decorative listello or mosaic that coordinates with the wall tile is a plus, especially for adding a pop of color to a basic wall color and bringing a space to life.

Let us know what you think of these white porcelain and ceramic wall tile products, and where you see using them in your home.


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