Installation Products

Installation Products

Shop for Tile Installation Tools and Products in Fort Myers, Sarasota and Tampa, Florida

If you're planning any kind of tile installation project, chances are you will need an assortment of tools and products to complete the job. Luckily, when you visit Tile Outlets of America, not only will you find tile, stone, mosaics and cabinetry, but you'll also find all of the materials needed to transform those products into magnificent kitchens, beautiful bathrooms and stunning floors.

In this section, we'll provide you with a visual overview of what to expect from a tools and materials perspective at Tile Outlets. Click on the individual image, and you'll be taken to a page with more details and specifics. 

Note that none of these products is available via online purchase.

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Backerboard and Underlayment

You'll find a range of backboard and underlayment materials at all three stores.

Grout, Caulk and Mortar

Tile Outlets of America carries in all of its stores a range of grout, caulk and colorant materials to use when installing porcelain and ceramic tile and stone, as well as cement, mastic and additive materials.

Trowels, Floats, Paddles and More

Tile Outlets of America carries in all of its stores a range of trowels, floats and tiling tools for your tile and stone installation project.

Maintenance Products

You will find an assortment of tile, stone and grout care and maintenance products at Tile Outlets of America.

Metals and Transitions

Few tile and stone installation projects can be completed without the right transition profile and edge protection. At all Tile Outlets of America stores, you'll find the metal inserts and transitions you need.

Buckets, Spacers, Leveling Systems and Miscellaneous Tools

At Tile Outlets of America, you'll find all the tools you need. From buckets and spacers, to different types of tile leveling systems for lippage-free installation, to chalk, markers, knee protection and more.

Cutting Tools

If you're looking for saws, blades or cutters for your tile or stone installation, you've come to the right place! Tile Outlets of America carries the highest quality tools to use for your project.