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Tile Outlets of America Listens to Customers
We pride ourselves at Tile Outlets of America on listening closely to what customers have to say. Some of the best improvements we have implemented in our stores have come from suggestions that customers shared with us.

When you shop at one of our stores in Fort Myers, Sarasota and Tampa, you'll have the opportunity to complete and submit a feedback form at checkout.

When you visit the Tile Outlets of America website, you have the opportunity to share feedback online.

Below you can read some of the comments customers have shared with us via email.
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Tile Outlets of America Listens to Customers
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Tile Outlets of America Appreciates What Customers Have to Say...

Reviews about the Sarasota Customer Experience

The Sarasota Team

Email receivd on 4/13/2022

Subject: Wonderful Service



I wanted to leave a review of your store, but didn’t see an actual spot to do it.


Just wanted to share what a great place you have for tile in Sarasota.  The best in customer service of any tile sources I visited.  Stephanie was a big help with design choices and all the women at the checkout were outstanding, so pleasant and accommodating.  Keep up the good work and I hope to have the  need to use your store again one day!


Carol Adornetto



Email received on 2/15/2022

Subject: Kat at the Sarasota Store


To the store manager,


I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful and valuable employee you have in Kat.  I had been to numerous tile stores looking for the right wall tile for my kitchen.  Kat was not only friendly, but  helpful and so knowledgeable.  She went above and beyond with helping select my tile and offering certain products to seal my tile and helped with the color of the grout.  She even helped load the tile in my car!!


Your store was the ONLY store that I received any customer service at!  That was one of the deciding factors in my purchase at your location and the fact that the tile I bought was so unique that I never saw it at any of the other chain stores or even the smaller tile stores!  


I will tell everyone to go to your location and see Kat and get the most amazing tile selection anywhere in Sarasota!


Thank you Kat!

I love my new tile you helped me with!

Melody Soto



Email received on 12/30/2021

Subject: Customer service!


We just shopped at the Sarasota location. We were assisted by Gary Tuhro.


No real good words can describe the level of customer service provided by Gary. This was the best shopping experience I have ever encountered. Gary’s knowledge, kindness and attentiveness was superb.


Our only hope is that you honor him in such a way that reflects from his customers gratitude and gratefulness.



Pam and Jim Wilcox




Sent to Chris Martin, General Manager of the Sarasota Store on 12/11/2021:


Hey, Chris.....


Just thought I’d send a note telling you what a terrific staff you have at that store..... At different times, I have been helped by Stephanie, Kat, Donna, Paula and particularly a gal with short blond hair whose name escapes me..... they all handled my needs with efficiency and professionalism.....


Kudos to your operation!

Steve Brownfield



You can find this review about the Sarasota store on YELP:

I had been contemplating pulling up the carpet in my master bedroom and replacing it with either tile or vinyl. I had visited several places including Tile Outlets, comparing selection, price and service. 


Tile Outlets was my final decision especially when the salesman Adli Lopez was extremely knowledgeable about my needs and was very efficient and helping me make my decision. So when it came down to who I was going to go with, hands down it was Tile Outlets and kudos to Adli who was extremely helpful. 


Now I am thinking about doing the same to the floors in my other bedrooms and hallway. I will be calling Adli soon for his expertise.  Highly recommend tile outlets!


Lisa G.


Sarasota, FL



From John Hyatt, Sarasota, Florida. Received on 10/26/20:


The home I live in has not been updated for 28 years. To that end, I am in the process of updating the areas that need it the most ... the Floor. Considering the space I am covering [the entire home less two bedrooms] and the old tired surroundings it has been difficult deciding on the exact right color Planking ... though we had narrowed the selection down. 


Frustrated, I arranged for a meeting with CID Donna Kern. Why Donna? Because out of all the help offered over the past few weeks, Donna was the only one that went the extra few steps to clearly educate me on the various types of Flooring and the Pros and Cons of each. In addition, she educated me on Sound Proofing. 


In the end with Donna's assistance [over the telephone at first] I selected "Floating Planking', which best suited my situation. During our meeting today Donna assisted me in making the correct final selection of the Planking as well as the accompaniments. 


Kudos to an outstanding representative of Tile Outlets. Donna is knowledgeable, thorough, exceptionally helpful, professional and exceedingly pleasant and all the while doing it all expeditiously. I am very grateful for the excellent experience I had with Tile Outlets due to Donna Kern.



We received this letter on March 14, 2018, about the Sarasota store experience:


Attention Chris Martin:


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to compliment your stores on their wonderful Customer Service. We were in your store several times looking for tile for our kitchen backsplash. Each time we were greeted with a hello and friendly response. There were returns while we made decisions and it was never a problem, even when I changed my direction.


The big payoff was when I called and talked with Donna about the installation of our glass tile. She directed us to talk with Gary who gave very good instruction. But, our installer did not work out for us. Donna then gave us the name of Drew Williams who is listed on your Installer Referral list. Drew was professional, responsive, thorough and friendly. He got the job done and we are so happy with the job he did. Thank you for recommending him.


We appreciate your store of friendly employees and will be happy to recommend Tile Outlets of America.



Margaret & Don Quitter - Sarasota, Florida




Kate received this email on February 1st, 2018.


Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2018 4:41 PM
To: kate spencer
Subject: Your expertise and commitment to customers' needs


Dear Kate,


About a month ago, when we returned to Florida, we stopped at the Sarasota Tile Outlets of America upon the recommendation of our contractor, Oscar Rosales.  We had found a very pretty aquamarine tile in NH that we wanted to buy for our condo renovation in Florida.  Our favorite tile specialist, Luis hunted to find the tile we wanted in the store, then not finding it, Luis was perplexed why “our tile” looked so familiar.  You and Luis put your heads together and with such commitment you searched through the back room storage and found a  “showroom display board” of the exact tile.  We were thrilled both that the tile had been located and that you both had focused your attention to our needs!  The tile was then ordered from Miami and it arrived in a timely fashion.  We are so excited to see it once it is installed in our bathroom.


As customers, we cannot tell you how impressed we are with the customer service you and Luis extended to us.  We will continue to shout our praises for you, your team, Luis and Tile Outlets of America.  It was a pleasure to do business with you all.



Kathleen and Dennis G.




From April 2014:


Hi Donna!


Thank you for being so helpful in planning the tile work for our new entryway. Your help in the store last week was invaluable, as you took the time to cover every angle to ensure I left the store with exactly the right amount of tile and support products.


My husband and I did the job ourselves over the weekend and are thrilled with the results! We'll be back again if we have any other floor needs, and will recommend you (the store and YOU personally) to our family and friends.


Wishing you the best, and thanks again! We LOVE our new tiled entryway!


Lisa Adamaitis | President and Creative Director Vaal Design, LLC. | Developing a face and voice for your brand



What to Expect When Shopping in the Fort Myers Store

Received on October 5, 2021:


Dear Sirs,


Greetings from Florida. I felt I needed to write you about an employee of TOA that works in your Ft. Myers store.


His name is Tee Addison and he is one of the best workers I have come across in many years. I purchased 66 boxes of tile and when I picked them up on Saturday I was fortunate to get Tee to help me. I am older and only had a small trailer so I would have to make 3 trips. I was going to load the boxes off of the pallet (23 each trip) but Tee would not have it. He more or less told me it was his job, so stand back. He loaded every box by himself on the trailer and inside of my car. On my second trip the same thing happened. On my third trip there were only 20 boxes left and the pallet was loaded on the trailer by someone else as Tee had left work.


I talked to GM Mark Scott and told him of my experience but needed to write the home office also.


I cannot express to you what an asset you have with Tee as an employee. In this day and time, it is hard to find people willing to do the minimum work required but Tee went above and beyond.

You need to reward and promote this young man as he is a credit to your company and your bottom line.


Thanks, and my best to Tee.


Paul Johnston

Lehigh Acres, Fl.

We received this letter on September 24, 2019, about the Fort Myers store experience:

Good afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well, as I wanted to inform you about the great customer service I received last week from one of your employees, Kaisy, on 9/20/2019. I am a loyal customer of your store here at Master Touch Inc.

On Friday when training my new Administrative Manager, Kaisy assisted us during our call to place an order for a project scheduled on Monday. I wanted to inform you that not only was I pleased but Kaisy went above and beyond during our call. Kaisy was speaking with Shelbi, as she had no clue that I was on the phone call as well, training her, until the end of the phone call.

The service we received was outstanding, polite, pleasant and she was very patient. Ther service was so phenomenal. that I wanted to personally email your company to inform you all. We enjoy doing business with your company and, therefore, this was one of many reasons we continue to use Tile Outlets of America.

Thank you,

Chris Torres

Master Touch Installations Inc.

5781 Cape Harbour Dr., United 110-111, Cape Coral, FL 33914

The Tampa Team

About Shopping in the Tampa Tile Outlets Store

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Javier did an excellent job helping me with my purchase.  I am in Broward county and am not able to go to your store again (I did go once before) so I called and asked if someone would be able to send me a photo of the tile that I was looking at online so I could see the tile detail better.  They put me through to Javier and he was more than willing to help.  He ended up sending my pictures of three different tiles that I asked for and then three more tiles that I requested the next day.  

When I was ready to purchase the tile I wanted, Javier let me know that unfortunately you did not have enough of the tile in stock for what I needed.  I was quite disappointed since it took me several days to pick the one that would look the best in my house, but Javier apologized for the inconvenience and offered to look for some other tiles that were similar to the one I wanted.  He quickly sent me photos of three other tiles (plus a video) and I was able to pick a different tile that would look just as nice as the first one if not better.  I was so relieved and grateful for his quick service since I am working with a deadline.  I was very impressed with your company thanks to Javier (and the prices), just wanted to let his managers know! 


Sheryl Rose


Tampa, Florida


Here's a blog interview with realtor Jason Padilla about his experience remodeling with tile: Before and After Floor Tile Design Ideas: Jason Padilla's Condo #TileRemodel

From October 2016:

Thank you both so much for the service that you provided. It is why we came back for the third time. (Three different homes). Service is the main thing I look for when purchasing bigger ticket items, and...We’ve found it here.

As my wife and I looked around, while waiting for Mr. S, we were approached by a young woman with beautiful long hair. She asked if she could help us with anything and explained the different types of tiles and general information. She bridged the time gap which was only a few minutes as we waited. I wrote down her name but can’t remember where I put the paper with the info on it. For a younger woman she possesses the qualities of someone that has many more years experience. Whoever hired her made a very good choice, she cares about the customers and appears to be an extremely dedicated employee!

One more person to tell you about...these are not my words, the little/short one was jumping around from task to task and appeared to be well organized in her multitasking. I got tired watching her, she got our invoice ready, the phones answered, said hello and welcomed all that entered the store and said good bye when they exited. Good job little/short one! (again not my words)

We have and will continue to refer family/friends, neighbors, and clients to TOA.

Thanks again, Be Well!


Dean and Linda M.

From November 2013:

"Hello, My name is Todd, I'm with Arratta Designs. I just wanted to say I'm extremely happy with the service I receive from the TOA team each and every time we deal with them. They are kind, courteous and professional. I wanted to single out Sam Scardinia... He always has a smile on his face and more than happy to help and make sure everything is just right for us. He has a great personality and that smile is contagious! He is a great asset to TOA and him and the whole team always make our business with you a pleasure. Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!!"