Patio Design Ideas With Tile & Stone

Explore these Patio Design Ideas!
Imagine transforming your outdoor patio space into one that invites conversation as well as contemplation. The patio design ideas showcased here introduce you to what's possible outdoors with porcelain tile, Travertine, stone and more for looks that range from rustic to sophisticated, elegant or even whimsical... 

Patio Design Ideas For Creating your Outdoor Patio Space

The patio is such an important part of the home. This is where you go to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or meet the family for dinner. It's especially instrumental for a Florida home, so why not make it as beautiful as the rest of your home with really cool patio tile trends? You can transform your backyard space using porcelain tile, Travertine decking or even stone patio tile looks. 

We are going to feature some of the top patio design ideas and tile choices to help you decide which one fits your inspiration.

Patio Tile in Porcelain

Porcelain tile is a popular choice for a patio area as porcelain requires very little maintenance and can withstand extreme temperatures. You'll find many diverse looks to choose from - tile finished with a texture, teak-looking tile planks or even slip resistant porcelain tile for a pool deck. You can create a patio floor design with one size tile or by combining different sizes into a pattern.

Travertine Decking

Travertine is a natural stone product that is perfect for a backyard patio or pool decking. This material will require some maintenance and should be sealed to prevent staining and damage from pool chemicals when used around a pool. Travertine colors range from earth tones to reddish tones. Enjoy the look of natural wonder that Travertine offers whether you choose chiseled edge or straight edge, and install it in a Versailles pattern or a brick pattern.

Stone Tile Patio Looks

Yearning for the look of pebbles or stones on your patio, but concerned about having to lay the pieces individually? In this section, discover tiles that create the look of a cobblestone stone - including the grout line in between them - yet are porcelain tiles and require little to no maintenance. These come straight edged or interlocking to have that continuous design layout.  

Explore each one in more detail by clicking on the images below.
Porcelain Patio Tile
Travertine Pool Deck
Stone Patio Look