Stone Look Tile for Patios

Check Out These Stone Look Tile Design Ideas for Patios
Stone is a natural for a patio.

Imagine, though, creating a stone look using porcelain or ceramic tile! You can with some of the design ideas that we share with you here and which we described in Four Patio Tile Trends from Coverings 2014. You can enjoy the look of pebbles or cobblestones - or even several different types of stone within a design - with the ease of installation of a tile.

Stone look patio tiles often feature interlocking styles that further mimic the irregular shape of stone. However, even straight edge tiles can successfully mimic stone.

Interlocking Porcelain Patio Styles

You'll find many interesting and intriguing stone look tiles to experiment with as you explore the notion of using tile rather than stone to create your ideal patio space.A pattern we find interesting is the Estepa series which consists of porcelain patio tile which can be used on floors or walls.

The tiles are 12x12 and have an interlocking edging that gives the impression of a patio stone installation when you place the tiles together. Notice in the image below how the grout lines within the patio tile pattern blend with the actual tile grout lines to create a continuous design.

This series is available in two colors: Estepa Beige and Estepa Rustico. Both colors will look fantastic in any outdoor installation. Remember, too, that this porcelain patio tile can be installed on the walls as well as the floors of your outdoor space. Be sure to explore which areas of your home this tile will complement!
Interlocking Porcelain Patio Styles

Pebble Patio Look

This is a pebble patio porcelain tile look. The Miramar Beige Pebble tile is available in an 18x18 format.   The look of pebbles in the design create a patio tile look.
Pebble Patio Look

Straight Edge Patio Tiles

Traditional tiles have straight edges. Even with straight edges, you'll discover interesting interpretations that truly look stone-like. The image at the top of the page, for example, illustrates the Laja Series, a ceramic patio tile option that gives you the appearance of stones in a 16x16 or an 18x18 format.

Below, you'll notice the Elba series, a porcelain patio tile in a 17x17 format. This patio tile creates the appearance of multiple types of cut stone surrounded by a grout line on the patio floor. Elba is available in two color selections: Elba Rodeno and Elba Rustico. The Rustico color is featured in the image below; the Rodena color is lighter in its stone contrasts.
Outdoor patio tile
Ceramic tiles are a great choice for a patio tile. We recommend using ceramic tile on a patio that is not exposed to the weather.   

The Geometrica series is a textured ceramic patio tile that when you put four pieces together you create this geometric design.

This tile is available in an 18x18 format and comes with a high textured finish.
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