Wall Design Ideas

Designing Walls with Stone, Tile and More
Indoor spaces consist of walls where only dreams limit the effects possible! We invite you to explore these wall design ideas with ceramic and porcelain wall tile, in neutral, rustic and modern looks with contrasting as well as harmonizing tones.
Wall Tile Categories
Below, you'll notice four categories showcasing different ways to use wall tile. These include:

Glass subway tile
Ceramic wall tile
Ledger styles

Brick Wall Tile Options & Ideas
Bricks are timeless and classic. They can add a contemporary quality to a space or a traditional or rustic feel.

Below, you'll find design ideas and specific product suggestions.
Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile
Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile
Two-Tone Wall Design
Two-Tone Wall Design

Subway Tile Glass Design Ideas & Products
Subway glass comes in a multitude of sizes and colors. Some have texture and others are smooth and glossy, adding shimmer and light to your walls.

You can use glass subway tile for kitchen backsplashes and shower wall installations. Make sure to follow proper glass installation methods and standards for showers.
Subway glass walls
Clean and modern tile walls
Clean and Modern Walls

Dress Up Your Walls with Ceramic Tile Ideas & Products
Ceramic wall tile is ideal for creating a wall feature with dimension.  These product selections bring subtle pattern and visual interest so you can create a one-of-a-kind design.
Black and white tile splash
Black & White Splash
Warm and inviting tile walls
Warm and Inviting Walls
Classy, warm yet rustic
Classy + Rustic Walls

Ledger Design Ideas & Products
Ledger options are available in stone and porcelain. As you can see from the images below, ledgerstone adds tremendous visual interest to a space whether indoors or outdoors.
Textured Sophistication 
Rustic Wall