Porcelain Patio Tile

Transform Your Outdoor Oasis with Porcelain Patio Tile From Tile Outlets!
As we mentioned in Patio Tile Design Ideas, porcelain represents an ideal tile choice for a patio from a practical perspective given how little maintenance porcelain requires and how it can withstand extreme temperatures.

It's also a terrific choice because of the design ideas that porcelain makes possible - from traditional old world looks to ones that look just like wood, stone or handmade cotto tile. You'll find diverse looks to choose from, including tile finished with a texture, teak-looking tile planks or even slip resistant porcelain tile for a pool deck. Talk about ideal, especially for those areas adjacent to water activity.

And, in many cases, you'll be able to create a patio floor design with one size or by combining different tile sizes into a pattern.In this section, we'll highlight a few of the possibilities to consider for transforming a patio into an outdoor oasis with porcelain tile.   

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Porcelain Patio Tile That Looks Like Stone

Given how well porcelain tile can weather extreme temperature conditions, consider extending the porcelain tile you have indoors to your outdoor space. When you do, you easily extend the room into your outdoor oasis using the same installation pattern or even with a variation. When you do with a porcelain tile that looks like stone, the effect can be stunning.
Large Size Patio TIle

When it comes to outdoor spaces, you may want to experiment with a larger size or large format porcelain tile.In the rooftop patio image above, the tile featured is the Element Series featured in White and Gold in 17"x35".

What's particularly interesting about this porcelain tile is that it features a slip resistant design on the surface. The result gives the impression of depth and movement.  

Slate Patio Tile Series

If you are looking for the look of slate to create your outdoor space, we suggest trying the New Slate porcelain series.   

The New Slate Series comes in two color options to choose from: multilight and multidark.In those two color options, you'll find the following tile sizes: 12"x24", 12"x12", 18"x18" and mosaics in 12"x12 and 12"x18" sheets.

Create a Patio With the Rustic Feel of Stone Underfoot

In addition to patio tiles that look like stone, you'll discover porcelain patio tiles that also feel like stone underfoot. An example is what is pictured in this outdoor dining area which features the Fiordi series from Italy.

Fiordi porcelain tile comes in many different size formats to create a stone look in your backyard: 12x24, 18x18, 8x16 and 8x8. With these different sizes, you can easily install this stunning tile in a pattern. (See --Fiordi blog article link).

Porcelain Patio Tile That Looks Like Wood

You aren't limited to stone looks when you select porcelain tile.

There are wood looks, too!Another great porcelain patio idea is to use a product called Teak which creates the look of teak wood planks on your patio.Teak porcelain tiles comes in two different colors: light and dark in a 12x24 format.It also includes a slip-resistant feature which is ideal around pools.

Furthermore, this porcelain tile can easily withstand pool chemicals.Porcelain Patio Tile That Looks Like Traditional Handmade Tile

A classic for patios has been the traditional cotto look which can be interpreted with porcelain tile.In this outdoor patio scene, notice how beautiful the Cotto Cottage Series looks. This is 18x18 porcelain tile.
Also available is the classic Saltillo tile look that has been around for centuries. You'll find this look in terpreted in Antiche Abbazie Senanque in 12x12 porcelain with a slight smooth finish on the surface.

Porcelain tile offers so many exciting design ideas and possiblities for transforming patio areas into outdoor oases. We hope you'll explore these products up close at a Tile Outlets of America stores.