Travertine Patio Tile

Travertine Patio Tile and Decking Design Ideas
Perhaps the most classic patio tile is Travertine.

It's a natural stone which has graced outdoor spaces for centuries. Many walkways in Europe are still laid in Travertine stone materials and continue to withstand the test of time. Why not add this beautiful natural stone to your backyard patio space? 

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The options for your deck come in many colors, textures and edging, not to mention that you can install Travertine tile in many distinct patterns. For example, using a Versailles pattern for your deck area will give you the look captured in the image above. This product features a chiseled edge and creates a continuous pattern.  

Please note that a Travertine deck should be sealed to protect this stone over time. (See Why and How to Seal Travertine Tile.)
Another Travertine pattern option is using a brick laid design.   These tiles are rectangular in shape and installed in a brick pattern.    This is a natural stone product and can be used on a pool deck or patio decking.
Stone can be used in all areas of your patio including wall installations and steps.  This design incorporates Travertine tile around the pool, waterline of pool, wall and stairs.  Once you get started, you'll find endless possibilities for transforming the look of your patio given the colors of Travertine available and the size ranges - 12x12, 12x24, 18x18, 8x12 and more! 
This stone layout is using a straight edge Travertine tile. The color variation of the natural stone gives this a beautiful weathered and old look: stunning around any pool or just on your patio deck.

We invite you to come into the Tile Outlets of America stores to explore all the Travertine patio tile possibilities available for transforming our backyard into a natural wonder.