Before and After Floor Tile Design Ideas: Jason Padilla's Condo #TileRemodel

Before and After Floor Tile Design Ideas: Jason Padilla's Condo #TileRemodel

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Dec 17th 2015

Are you totally bored with your floors? In this article, you'll find floor tile design ideas based on how realtor Jason Padilla completely reimagined his condo. They will surely inspire you.

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Jason Padilla Describes How He Went From Blah To Bold with These Floor Tile Design Ideas

Jason Padilla is a realtor in the Fort Myers Area. He regularly shops Tile Outlets of America and shared before and after images of a condo #TileRemodel project where his choice of floor tile truly transformed the space from blah to bold.

We caught up with Jason to ask him about the experience and his background.

TOA: Jason, tell us about your background.

JP: I guess you can say I have lived in Fort Myers my entire life. My step-dad was born and raised on Fort Myers Beach and I have been here since I was 5 years old. I am 32 years old now. <Cough, cough... > I attended Beach Elementary and also graduated from Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers: go Vikings!

After Verot, I went to the University of Central Florida where I graduated with honors in Business Management. I attended law school at Florida Coastal School of Law. However, I decided really quickly that law was not my passion.

TOA: How did you get started with RWB Real Estate, Inc.?

JP: RWB Real Estate, Inc. is my father’s brokerage firm. The initials stand for his name: Robert W. Beasley. We have been a brokerage for 31 years and have around 11 agents.

I love our brokerage because working for family yields the highest returns. I am motivated and passionate every day to help support our brand and we have done over $12,000,000 in sales just in the last few months.

I'm very proud of our accomplishments and hard work.

TOA: Describe the property that you decided to remodel with tile.

JP: The property featured is a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath condo in Reflection Lakes, Fort Myers. It is just under 1500 sq ft and is located 5 minutes from Tile Outlets of America. I purchased it for myself to live in.

Before the remodel, everything in the condo was old school, original 2003, so you can imagine what it looked like. The photo below gives you an idea.


Blah looking condo...

TOA: What did you love and hate about this condo #tileremodel project?

JP: The best feeling in the world is staring at guests/friends/clients who toured my place and seeing their facial expressions regarding the renovation. I am obsessed with picking apart what their opinions are of every addition I did and I love hearing the honest truth -- either good or bad.

What I hated about this experience was relying on other people and learning to trust them. I have no physical experience with plumbing, painting, or pretty much anything hands on, so relying on my team of experts to perform the job top notch was very hard for me. I wanted to be involved in every aspect of the remodel and had to pretty much watch as others performed the task.

Believe me, I tried knocking down some walls and the result just ended up costing me waayyyy more time and


How bold floor tile design ideas transform a condo

TOA: What were you trying to accomplish with the renovations?

JP: Since I live with my lovely beautiful GF (girlfriend), I can’t take too much credit for the entire remodel and she has amazing taste as well. With the renovation I wanted a beautiful Masculine Modern Open Feel, if that makes any sense, and she has this Modern Chic style that is softer. Combined, we really created an art work of both styles.

If we are still on the love/hate topic, this subject was very touchy and I had to really trust Lily so we could make the right decisions on the majority of upgrades. However as the saying goes, “happy wife/gf , happy life." Lol. It was great and actually this remodel made our relationship stronger I must say. :)

TOA: How did you go about selecting the tile you chose for the floors, kitchen and bathroom?

JP: My tile guy, John Evert, and I could have spent all day in Tile Outlets of America! I have sold a ton of homes and had a very good idea of what style flooring I wanted with the tile. Once I saw the light beach wood, I was hooked and knew that warmth from the floors would set the theme for the entire home.

>> See Plank Tile that looks like Barn Wood: Castle Series from Spain

The granite was a battle because we couldn’t decide on a pattern, since the floors are very busy. However, after days of debating, Lily and I picked the most beautiful granite countertop not typically found in most kitchens.

The bathrooms were all Lily and very risky.

As a Realtor, I am constantly thinking about every dollar spent and how far that $ upgrade will net in profit after a sale. I see on a daily basis clients spending way too much money on certain areas of their remodel, but Lily found our glass vanities at a Flea Market; I was very uncertain if the Marilyn Monroe look worked in such a modern dark bathroom. To my dismay (!) the vanities really softened and lightened the bathrooms. I fell in love.


Products used for the bathroom renovation include 106417 Silk Dark 12x24, 305707 Athens Grey 1x1 Hex Mosaic and 305835 Wooden White Split Face 1x1 Interlocking Mosaic

TOA: What were the biggest challenges you encountered with the remodel?

JP: The biggest challenges were time constraints and making sure not to go over budget.

It's very easy to keep sliding the credit card on upgrades you see at stores or online and you have to be very careful not to go over-board. Since Tile Outlets of America prices were very reasonable, it freed up other funds to pursue more expensive items such as the granite.

Since my floors came in under my budget, I went up from a level 4 to 5 on Granite; it was worth every penny saved.


On the floors, 106605 Castle Cenere Plank Tile

TOA: Any tile installation surprises our watchouts?

JP: I actually had no tile surprises, knock on wood (no pun intended since this is a tile article - Lol.).

My tile guys measured everything very precisely and only took a week to demolish and install the new tile floors.

We had to get rid of all the old nasty carpet and old tile down to the cement base; it was very dusty and dirty, but the end result was worth every blood, sweat and tear drop.


Closeup of 106605 Castle Cenere Plank

TOA: How did it all come out?

JP: This is a funny story. I actually had no intention whatsoever to sell this property, however I was showing a client similar condos that were out-dated. Its very hard sometimes for people to visualize what the property can look like with some remodeling, so I took her over to my place to get her imagination working.

My condo was completely remodeled and a great example of what she could do with her condo, etc., As I was giving her the tour, she was completely speechless. The next thing out of her mouth was, “Is this for sale?” Now, as a realtor, everything is for sale and a few days later I had an all cash offer I couldn’t refuse.


From bold floor tile, to granite countertop to mosaic backsplash

TOA: Jason, what advice do you have for someone looking to make his/her dream become reality?

JP: If I were to give anyone advice, it would be after you do the remodel and if you plan on selling, hire a professional to sell it for you. As I see so many times, owners get so emotionally attached to their flips/remodels and their love for the property scares buyers away during showings and negotiations. Your home is one of the largest assets and you want to make sure you are represented to the fullest.

Also, have fun. Let the creative side drive you and be dangerous. Don’t do the normal stuff you see everywhere on HGTV or in magazines. Be different. Let your property stand out from all the rest and be memorable.


The backsplash features 151287 Fusion Clay Strip Glass Mosaic

TOA: Jason, how can readers reach you for real estate help?

JP: For all your Real Estate needs throughout the Fort Myers Area and SWFL, I can be reached at (239) 233-0379 or through my website.

TOA: Thank you, Jason!

Are you looking to transform your home? As Jason described in this article, a bold floor tile will definitely help you make a statement. What do you think of his selections and of the end result?

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