15 Tile Installation Patterns for Your Tile Design Project

15 Tile Installation Patterns for Your Tile Design Project

Posted by Kate Spencer on Aug 10th 2023

As you might imagine, we love sharing tile installation patterns!

After all, what makes designing with tile so much fun is being able to take square and rectangular shapes and assemble them into patterns that, once installed, express your design style and flair.

That's why we've put together a helpful resource for you: a sheet with 15 unique patterns.

15 Tile Installation Patterns to Help Your Dreams Become Reality!

As fun as combining different shapes of tile together to create beautiful patterns, it's important to understand which sizes work best together, and what the proportions are that you need of the various tile sizes.

It's also helpful to understand what kinds of patterns are available for the tile sizes you like most.

In this article, I'll introduce you to 15 installation patterns for tile that you can use when you design your next tile floor or wall tile project.

By the way, you can download this Tile Outlets of America Tile Patterns Design Sheet and use it when you next visit one of the stores. (You can find additional ones, too, when you click that link!)

Standard Tile Sizes for Different Layouts

These patterns are based on using a variety of standard tile sizes and arranging them in different layouts to achieve your ideal design.

Some of the standard tile sizes include 24x24, 20x20, 18x18, 16x16, 16x24, 13x13, 12x12, 12x24, 8x8, 8x16, 6x6 and more.

Some tile patterns focus on square sized tiles only, others on rectangular sized tiles only, and others yet on combinations of square sizes and/or rectangular sizes.

A few of the Tile Outlets of America tile products you might consider using to create these patterns include Icaria porcelain tile available in 12x12, 12x24 and 18x18.

And, three outdoor modular porcelain tiles:

  • Olite (on the left below) is no longer available
  • Aldea Sand (in the middle)
  • Aldea White (on the right)

(By the way, with modular tile products, each package includes different sizes so you can create a pattern.)

>> Explore modular tile products at Tile Outlets

Patterns using 100% of one tile size:

100% of one size - 24x24 or 12x24 for example (you'll find four patterns to choose from)

Patterns combining two tile sizes:

A combination of two sizes (you'll find five patterns to choose from):

  • 80% of the large size and 20% of a tile half that size
  • 50% of two sizes
  • 90% of a 20x20 large size tile with 10% of a 6x6
  • 47% of a rectangular tile with 53% of a square tile

Patterns combining three tile sizes:

A combination of three sizes (four of those patterns to explore):

  • 66% of the larger size, 28% of a tile one-third smaller and 6% of a tile one half smaller yet
  • 38% of the larger size, 33% of the mid-size and 29% of the smallest size

Pattern combining four tile sizes:

A combination of four sizes (two patterns):

  • 36% of 12x24, 18% of 12x12, 41% of 18x18 and 5% of 6x6
  • 33% each of 16x16 and 8x8 combined with 16% each of 16x24 and 8x16 (this pattern - #12 in the download - is referred to as the Versailles pattern)

With these patterns, you can mix and match tile colors and patterns to create your own tile design layout.

What is important, though, when you order tile to complete your project is to include enough overage to take into account the mixing and matching of tile sizes to create your pattern. Be sure to work closely with your Tile Outlets of America sales associate as you finalize your purchase decision.

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Let me know if you have any questions about these 15 tile installation patterns!


Note: This article was originally published on November 6, 2014, and has been updated.