Bathroom Remodel at the Tampa Tile Outlets of America Store

Bathroom Remodel at the Tampa Tile Outlets of America Store

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Nov 9th 2022

If you're curious how a bathroom remodel can transform a space, then look no further than the Tampa Tile Outlets of America store men's room.

Background on the Tampa Tile Outlets of America Men's Room

The men's room in the Tile Outlets of America store in Tampa was last remodeled in 2016. At that time, the trendiest tiles were square and rectangular. Textures were big, and visual interest based on pattern and texture really hot!

As you can see from the image below, the far wall featured a combination of square and rectangular tiles separated by an inlay of pebble stone mosaic. 

The closer wall showcased a porcelain tile that replicated a ledger stone pattern.

The color palette favored greys and browns.

Unfortunately, over time those greys and browns started to look grungier. And the busy-ness of the various tile selections, combined with the granite countertop, made the space feel small.

Bathroom Remodel Phase I: Demolition!

Once the decision made to remodel the bathroom, demolition began.

Aliesky Tiles Construction, Inc. completed the entire project from start to finish, using products available at Tile Outlets of America.

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The messiest part was removing all of the materials in the space.

As you can see, the space was taken down to bare walls. Everything came down.

Bathroom Remodel Phase II: The New Tile!

Next came the transformative part of the project: the new tile.

The team chose a stunning product for the walls, PADAGONIA BLUE POLISHED 24X48. This large format tile shows off a beautiful marble-inspired veined blue pattern on a white background. The polished finish reflects the light. The two together create a sense of space and airiness that makes the room feel much bigger than it is.

On the floors, you see WALKER PEARL, a dramatic 8x48 porcelain plank tile.

The team chose these two tile products to specifically demonstrate how these bigger sized tiles look given how popular they have become for shower & bath remodels.

Furthermore, tones of blue have been trending strong as have bigger planks of wood look tiles.

For grouting the tile, the team selected Power Grout which has an unique formulation that is stain proof and provides strong, color-consistent joints free of efflorescence, and that are resistant to shrinking and cracking.

As you can see from the images, the bathroom stall partitions and hardware stayed the same as they complemented the new wall and floor tile selections well.

A solid light grey colored quartz countertop replaced previous busy granite selection. A white square over mount porcelain sink contributes to the sense of airiness in the men's room, and don't overpower with with too much color.

Bathroom Remodel Reactions

The end result of this bathroom remodel looks fantastic and we invite you to check it out.

Reactions following the completion of the remodel have been great. Everyone including contractors and customers all say it looks modern and clean, and they have been impressed with how a change of color and style can make a room look as if it were part of a whole new building.

From a cleaning perspective, the space has been easier to maintain. The large size tiles mean that there are fewer grout joints and the overall brightness of the floor and walls allow for faster clean up for areas that need it the most.

Let us know if you have any questions about this bathroom remodel, and how we might help you with yours.

Thanks for reading!

The Tampa Tile Outlets of America Team

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