Create Patterns With Fiordi Bianco Porcelain Tile in 4 Sizes

Create Patterns With Fiordi Bianco Porcelain Tile in 4 Sizes

Posted by Kate Spencer on Sep 25th 2014

Do you wish you could create patterns with porcelain tiles for your outdoor patio, backsplash or bathroom? With the new Fiordi Bianco Porcelain Tile series, you can!

Tile Outlets of America is pleased to introduce you to the Fiordi porcelain tile series...

Note - Although this product isn't available in 2021, you'll find interesting how you can create different patterns with any tile available in four sizes.

Four Sizes of Fiordi Bianco Porcelain Tile Allows You to Create Patterns!

The Fiordi Bianco porcelain tile comes from the Sintesi factory in Italy.

We selected this item in the Bianco color which is a very clean stone looking tile that can be installed outside or inside.

This tile has a PEI (Porcelain and Enamel Institute) rating of IV which means that the tile will withstand moderate to heavy traffic. According to Your Floor: How to Shop for Tile on Houzz,

"PEI rates a glazed tile's ability to resist abrasion and its suitability as a floor tile. Only glazed tiles get a a PEI rating."

We were attracted to the Fiordi series because it is available in four great sizes that can be used alone or in combination to create patterns.


Fiordi Bianco 8x16

Fiordi Bianco Porcelain Tile Sizes Available:

Fiordi Bianco is available in the following sizes 12"x24", 18"x18", 8"x16" and 8"x8".

The images below help explain why these sizes are so wonderful for patterns: the proportions all work together.


Fiordi Bianco Porcelain Tile in 12x24 & 18x18


Fiordi Bianco Porcelain Tile in 8x16 and 8x8

Consequently, these porcelain tile sizes can be combined into modular patterns.

Here are some of the design choices available when you choose the Fiordi Bianco porcelain tile sizes.

Four Modular Designs You Can Create With Fiordi Bianco

In this first modular design, you can combine two 12"x24" with one 8"x8" Fiordi Bianco and repeat the pattern. This is often referred to as a pinwheel design.

Note that each diagram indicates the proportions needed. The module designs below are showing the sizes in centimeter (cm) and we are going to convert these for you into inches below each design. The percentage needed for each size format is listed to create this pattern.


Using 8"x16" (20x40,4) and 8"x8" (20x20) will create this pinwheel design

In the second modular design, you can combine the 18"x18" Fiordi Bianco size with the 12"x24" in a repeating pattern.

Using 18'x18" (45x45) and 12"x24" (30x60)

In the third design, combine two 12"x24" Fiordi Bianco porcelain tiles with one 8"x8" and repeat the pattern.


Using 8"x16" (20x40,4)) and 8"x8" (20x20)

And, in this fourth modular design diagram, take one 8"x16" and one 8"x8" Fiordi Bianco, repeat the pattern and install the tile on the diagonal.


Using 8"x16" (20x40,4) and 8"x8" (20x20)

What's your reaction to these modular designs? Which do you like most? Can you see why we are so excited about Fiordi Bianco porcelain tile and the four sizes it is available in?


Fiordi 12x24

Although the image above is of Fiordi in a Sand color, it helps you imagine how beautiful the product is when used outdoors.

Fiordi Bianco is not just a floor tile. It's a wall tile, too!

In this article, I've focused on floor tile applications for Fiordi Bianco. Keep in mind, though, that you might want to explore using the 8"x16" and 8"x8" sizes for a wall application. Those sizes would allow you to create a stone-looking backsplash, bathroom wall design or shower application in porcelain tile. You could even combine both sizes to create a blended look with dimension and then finish the floor with the larger format.

If you are looking to accent a wall in a room or shower, consider using the 8"x16" plank to give that wall a soft stone colored look.

The Fiordi Bianco porcelain tile series is a win for any room in the house, both outdoors and inside.

I look forward to hearing how Fiordi Bianco fits into your living space. In the meantime, I hope you'll experience all four sizes of Fiordi Bianco in person at Tile Outlets of America.

~ Kate