Discover Amazing Tile Finds during the Tile Outlets Summer Sale

Discover Amazing Tile Finds during the Tile Outlets Summer Sale

Posted by Kate Spencer on Jun 16th 2022

Are you ready? It's time for the Tile Outlets Summer Sale when you are sure to discover amazing tile finds!

This sale event takes place Friday, June 17th through Monday, June 27th at all three Tile Outlets of America stores. This is when we clear out inventory and get ready for new tile arrivals.

In this article, I'll highlight some of the sale and feature items and introduce you to a few of the new tile arrivals.

Tile Outlets Summer Sale Highlights

This sale promotes both existing and new items; here are some of my favorites. I invite you to visit all three stores during the sale event to explore them more closely.

Note that these products are all first-quality porcelain and ceramic tile, stone, mosaics, LVT, and more available during the sale for up to 50% off regular prices, in-stock, and ready to go.

Popular Rectangular Porcelain Tile

Rectangular-sized tile continues as a popular and often requested shape. For that reason, we think you'll enjoy these porcelain sale selections which can be used on both floors and walls.

Avery White 12x24 is a porcelain tile Made in the USA. The colors are in the warm tones and stone/travertine look.

Aires Silver 12x24 is a porcelain tile in the grey tones featuring a stone design that complements all design styles.

Geneseo Beige 12x24 is more rustic in a neutral tone.

Large format Porcelain Tiles

We have some large format porcelains that will be suitable for indoor, outdoor and wall applications. Come explore some of the looks.

Aegean Light series is featured in both a matte and polished finish in 18x36. This product is Made in the USA. 

The matte is SKU: 108439 and the polished is SKU: 108441

Sediment White is also featured in matte and polished in a 18x36. This product is Made in the USA. 

The matte is SKU: 108403 and the polished is SKU: 108405

Realistic Wood Plank Tile at the Tile Outlets of America Summer Sale

Wood plank tiles continue even stronger than we ever imagined! You'll find an assortment of wood planks in all lengths at Tile Outlets of America.

(For more on wood plank lengths, see Learn About the Range of Wood Plank Tile Sizes on Suncoast View.)

Here are a few of those great values that are only on sale for this event.

Samara Wood White 6x36 is a cool toned porcelain plank.

Indian Wood Noce 6x24 is a rich wood look porcelain plank tile.

Indian Wood Noce 6x24

Greenhart Smoke 6x36 has a nice warm tan blend.

Tile Outlets Summer Sale Includes Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

You'll love the outdoor space you'll have to entertain in once you've installed these outdoor porcelain tiles! They are stunning.

Check out the modular porcelain tile pattern on sale: Aldea Sand Modular Pattern

These tiles are packaged together as a pattern in the box. Follow the pattern on the box and you can create this design for your outdoor space.

These tiles are packaged together as a pattern in the box.

Lovely Mosaics

I absolutely love how gem-like mosaics are and you'll love how many great ones you have to select from! During the inventory clearance sale, you'll find discounts as high as 50% of some items. Sizes range from 1x1s, 1x2s to 2x2s, in ceramic, glass, and Travertine.

Glass and Stone Mosaics

The Blue Blend 1x1 Textured Glass mosaic is 25%-off for the sale.

Blue Blend 1x1 Textured Glass mosaic

Frosted Mosaics

We are featuring a few frosted glass mosaics. Here are two.

Bl/Turq/Wh Brick Frosted Glass

Shaped Mosaics

The Sand Blend Cappucino 2” Hex Glass mosaic consists of dimensional mosaic pieces that create a raised effect in the glass. Some of these warm-toned hexagons are matte and others shiny. You'll find other colors available in this same design to explore.

Blue Blend Picket Glass Mosaic – SKU: 152089

Teal chiclets Glass Mosaics is playful and shimmery.

Stick Mosaics

Dark/Light Grey 1.5x4 Soldier Glass Mosaic 12x12 is a blend of stone and glass. This mosaic also features a print on the glass to give it an artistic feel. You can, similarly, install these as strips or single mosaics.

Dark/Light Grey 1.5x4 Soldier Glass Mosaic 12x12

For a more modern look, check out the Blk/Gry Vertical Basalt Glass Mosaic pictured below.

Travertine & Stone Mosaics

This Travertine and stone mosaic look is stunning! Check out Wood White/Athns Gr Zig Zag Polished.

Wood White/Athns Gr Zig Zag Polished

Or, try Clover Bianco w/White Marble Mosaic.

Remember that each store has different selections so be sure to check them all out.

The Reason for the Tile Outlets Summer Sale? Check Out These New Tile Arrivals

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the reason for the Tile Outlets of America Summer Sale is to make room for new tile arrivals. Here are a few.

Nebula Almond 24x48 Polished Porcelain

Nebula Almond 24x48 polished porcelain tile is from Spain. Come check out the realistic swirls and stunning movement of this tile pattern. 

Modern Slate Ivory 12x24

The Modern Slate series is available in two colors and the Ivory also has a grip finish available to be used in an outdoor setting. 

Here is SKU: 108347. This porcelain tile is Made in the USA.

Here is the Charcoal color – SKU: 108345.

Swing Series

The Swing series is available in 12x24 and 30x30. These are porcelain tiles from Spain.

Swing Blanco Polished 12x24

Swing Blanco Polished 30x30

Ready for the Tile Outlets Summer Sale?

Are you sufficiently intrigued to visit Tile Outlets of America during the Summer Sale so you can see these products firsthand?

You can get a preview by visiting the Tile Outlets June Sale Event page.

Let me know of questions and how you end up using these tile products in your home.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kate

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