Explore The Murano Handmade Glass Tile Collection

Explore The Murano Handmade Glass Tile Collection

There's something about the color intensity and translucence of Murano glass that makes it stand out in any design creation. Whether in a backsplash or as an accent in a wall tile installation, Murano handmade glass tile makes a statement.

If this is a look you yearn for, you'll want to explore the Murano Handmade Glass Tile Collection available at Tile Outlets of America.

The History of Murano Handmade Glass

Murano glass gets its name from the island of Murano, located less than a mile from Venice, Italy, where glass has been made since at least the 13th century and possibly earlier.

According to Murano Glass on Wikipedia,

"Murano’s reputation as a center for glassmaking was born when the Venetian Republic, fearing fire and destruction of the city’s mostly wooden buildings, ordered glassmakers to move their foundries to Murano in 1291."

That rich heritage led to the creation and perfection of many glass making technologies including,

"...crystalline glass, enamelled glass (smalto), glass with threads of gold (aventurine), multicolored glass (millefiori), milk glass (lattimo), and imitation gemstones made of glass."


"The Murano glass in its basic composition is colorless. The colors are obtained by adding small amounts of minerals, oxides, and chemical derivatives to the base composition of the glass powder. This is the Murano magic that creates infinite combinations of transparent colors, crayons and alabasters."

Explore Murano Handmade Glass Tile At Tile Outlets of America

The Murano Handmade Glass Collection is a journey back in time to Venice, Italy during the Middle Ages, when the art of hand cut fused glass was in its prime. Fast forward to 2015 and you'll experience a truly unique glass collection made by some of the most skilled glass artists.

All the pieces are hand-cut and individually fused creating a one-of-a-kind look as you can see in the image above and the ones below. The incredible Murano glass aesthetic transforms every wall or backsplash installation into a work of art whether you combine the glass pieces with other tile and stone or use it alone to create a textural pattern.

This collection comes in 8 to 9 colors depending on the finish (either frosted or clear) and the size. The sizes are as follows:

  • 2x2
  • 4x4
  • 2x6

The images below show you how you might integrate handmade Murano glass into different wall tile installations.

Here below you see a Murano Clear Festival 4x4 glass tile used as a backsplash accent in a horizontal linear pattern.


Murano Clear Festival 4x4 glass tile used as a backsplash accent



In the photo below, you see the Murano Frosted 4x4 Caffe glass tile used as a backsplash where the linear pattern alternates between a vertical and horizontal format. The end result is striking!


Murano Frosted 4x4 Caffe Glass tile



In the image below, the same effect looks completely different with the Murano Frosted Carbone 4x4 tile.


Murano Glass Tile in Frosted Carbone 4x4


And, in the image below, you see multiple layers of the Murano Clear Fonte 2x6 glass tile creating a strong yet whimsical horizontal statement.


Murano Clear Fonte 2x6 glass tile


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