Fall in Love With Tile During the Tile Outlets Spring Sale!

Fall in Love With Tile During the Tile Outlets Spring Sale!

Posted by Kate Spencer on Mar 21st 2024

The Tile Outlets Spring Sale happens from March 22 through April 8 at all three Tile Outlets of America stores. 

We think you are in for a treat. You see, it's officially Spring! and time for the Tile Outlets of America Spring Sale when you are sure to discover amazing tile finds!  

>>  Check the website for store hours and directions.

Note that these products are all first-quality porcelain and ceramic tile, mosaics, LVT and more available during the sale for up to 50% off regular prices, in-stock and ready to go.

Tile Outlets Spring Sale Highlights

When we have a sale event at Tile Outlets of America, we focus on bringing you the best possible deals. How? As a result of special buys made just for the sale because some products are incredibly popular and to make room for new tile products.

Here are some of my favorites. I invite you to visit all three stores during the sale event to explore them more closely.

Featuring Large Formats 

You'll find these large format tiles available in all three stores. These are ideal for both floors and walls. However, because these are large format tiles, you'll need to make sure they are installed with proper setting materials and spacers.

Sediment Series

The Sediment series 18x36 is a porcelain product made in the USA and available in matte and polished: Sediment Taupe in Matte – SKU: 108599 and polished – SKU: 108601.

You can use this product on the floors or walls. 

Winter Stone Ice White 18x36

The Winter Stone Ice White 18x36 – SKU: 108811 is a porcelain tile Made in USA. 

This is a warm blanco/beige tone. The design is a marble look, and it can be installed on the walls and floors to complete the look.

The image below shows you how stunning the effect is using Winter Stone Ice White on the floors and then as a backsplash in this kitchen scene.

The Rock Macaub

The Rock Macaub 24x48 is Made in Italy. This marble design has warm beige tones with a hint of blue/grey veining. This is a matte finish.

You can see below how the tile was installed on the walls and floors to create this rich marble feel.

Featuring Plank Tiles

Plank tiles continue to grow in sales. 

Illusion White Matte 8x36 is a great floor plank porcelain floor tile as well as a wall tile. 

Notice in the room scene below how you can use this plank as a backsplash on the walls in a kitchen for example. It looks like a subway tile demonstrating how versatile plank tiles are.

Brixton White 8x32

The Brixton White 8x32 – SKU: 108805 is another white washed wood plank porcelain tile. The warm tones in this tile will complement many different styles. 

You can see the chatter marks on the tile to make it look like it was real cut wood, and a little worn.


The Nordica series is a porcelain tile in 8x48 rectified format. 

This porcelain tile has warm and cool tones in the wood design. The room scene below allows you to appreciate the richness of this highly variated plank with its dark to light tones. 

Samara Wood 6x36 Porcelain

The Samara Wood is a 6x36 wood look porcelain plank that is Made in the USA.

Samara Tan 6x36 – SKU: 108351

Linewood Beige 8x48

The Linewood Beige 8x48 – SKU: 108691 is a porcelain wood look plank. This is a very neutral brown with little variation in the planks. More of a modern design with very few knots.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Just in time for the Spring sale, you'll find several luxury vinyl planks to consider for your home.

Driftwood Dune

Driftwood Dune – SKU: 836719 is a 7x48 SPC with a 5mm thickness and 12 mil wear layer. This is a multi color beachy tones look. It has soft light tones and a darker tone pieces in the design. 

See the room scene to get a full range of this design.

Clay SPC

Clay – SKU: 836791 is a 12x24 grey SPC tile with a 6mm thickness and 20 mil wear layer. It is a rich grey color and industrial in design. 

These products have an attached pad to the back.

Lunar Surface SPC

The Lunar Surface – SKU: 836795 is 6mm thick with a 20 mil wear layer. This is a 12x24 tile format. 

This SPC tile is more neutral in color and has a stone/marble look to the design. Great item for any room in the house.


You'll find a large variety of mosaics available at the stores and I encourage you to explore all that are featured. Here are just a few of the items to check out during the sale.

Check out some White mosaic designs to compliment your design. If you are looking for something more colorful, these options are available too.

White Ceramic Mosaics

White Matte Half Octagon Mosaic 12x12 – SKU: 152485

Alps Bianco Matte Picket Mosaic 11x18 – SKU: 152545

Opalesque Glass & Metal Star Mosaic 12x12 – SKU: 152531

Yugoslavia White Bardiglio Grey Marble Mosaic 10x12 – SKU: 30606

Carrara Square & Glass Frame Mosaic 12x12 – sku: 306835

Floor Tiles Featured

There are many floor tiles featured for the sales event and way too many to showcase all the options available, so we are going to highlight just a few here.

Rapalano Marble White 12x24 – SKU: 108687

Nara Wood Petrified Grey 12x24 – sku: 113107

Urano Beige Polished 24x48 – SKU: 108363

Izmir Lt Grey Polished 24x24 – SKU: 108681

Ready for the Tile Outlets Spring Sale?

I hope I've sufficiently intrigued you to come to visit Tile Outlets of America during the Spring Sale so you can see these products firsthand.

You can get a preview by visiting the Tile Outlets Sale Event page.

Let me know of questions and how you end up using these tile products in your home.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kate