Fall in Love With Tile During the Tile Outlets Spring Sale!

Fall in Love With Tile During the Tile Outlets Spring Sale!

Posted by Kate Spencer on Mar 18th 2021

The Tile Outlets Spring Sale happens from March 19 through April 5 at all three Tile Outlets stores. We think you are in for a treat. You see, it's officially Spring! and time for the Tile Outlets of America Spring Sale when you are sure to discover amazing tile finds!  

>> Check the website for store hours and directions.

Note that these products are all first-quality porcelain and ceramic tile, stone, mosaics, LVT and more available during the sale for up to 75% off regular prices, in-stock and ready to go.

Tile Outlets Spring Sale Highlights

When we have a sale event at Tile Outlets of America, we focus on bringing you the best possible deals. How? As a result of special buys made just for the sale because some products are incredibly popular and also to make room for new tile products.

Here are some of my favorites. I invite you to visit all three stores during the sale event to explore them more closely.

Featuring Large Formats 

You'll find these large format tiles available in all three stores. These are ideal for both floors and walls. However, because these are large format tiles, you'll need to make sure they are installed with proper setting materials and spacers.

Lira Natural Glossy White Body Ceramic

Lira Natural Glossy – SKU: 107915 is a white body ceramic with a glossy finish. The soft warm tones in this large format will look great on a floor or wall application. Since this is considered a large format, it should be installed with proper setting materials and spacers.

This product is Made in Spain and reminds me of the sand on the beach.

Here you will see this installed in a living room setting.

Pulse Beige 30x30 Porcelain Tile

Pulse Beige 30x30 – SKU: 107943 is a porcelain tile. This product is made in Spain and provides a nice warm tone. 

The installation below shows Pulse Beige tile installed on both the walls and floors. Nice touch to a room, don't you think?

DaVinci Perla 18x36 Porcelain Tile

Davinci Perla 18x36 – SKU: 108051 is a porcelain tile with a soft white/grey marble design. This is a product from Spain.

The room scene below is with Davinci Perla 18x36.

Modern Masonry Grey 24x24

Modern Masonry Grey – SKU: 108085 is a pebble industrial concrete stone look. This product is Made in the USA and would be a great tile for indoors or outside. The color is in the soft greys.

This porcelain tile has a slight terrazzo feel to it and would complement many different design styles.

Featuring Plank Tiles

Plank tiles continue to grow in sales. We are seeing more items that are in a plank format, but not a wood look. 

We are going to feature wood look planks and non-wood looking planks. This category will have ceramics and porcelains to choose from.

Etic Bronce 8x24 Ceramic Tile

Etic Bronce – SKU: 107921 is a ceramic wood look plank. This product is Made in Spain and has a nice warm tone to the color. The look is very clean and has a low shade variation.

Forward River 6x36 Porcelain

Forward River – SKU: 107949 is a porcelain plank which is one of our Great Value items. This is a Made in the USA item and has a large shade variation in the grey color tones. There is a slight texture to this product so it could be used outdoors as well.

Lignum Noce 12x48 Porcelain

Lignum Noce – SKU: 108005 is a large porcelain plank product. This product is Made in Italy and has a beautiful wood tone and rustic knots in the product. It is recommended that a leveling system be used for tiles that are this long in format while installing.

The warm brown tones are showcased below in the room scene.

Royal Harbor White Porcelain Tile 6x36

Royal Harbor White – SKU: 108137 is a plank size format, but the look is not a wood plank. This 6x36 porcelain plank is Made in the USA and has stone characteristics to the design. The picture is expanded so you could see more of the design in the format. Come in and check it out.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Just in time for the Spring sale, you'll find several luxury vinyl planks to consider for your home.

White Wash SPC

White Wash – SKU: 836543 is a 7x48 plank with a 5mm thickness and 12 ml wear layer. This is truly a white wash design on a wood plank.

The image shows more of the range of the product than the close up picture above. This has a real beachy look with that worn out wood look appearance.

Virgo SPC

Virgo – SKU: 836689 is a 6x48 grey plank look with a 5mm thickness and 12 mil wear layer. It is a rich grey color and rustic in design.

Cambridge Pubhouse SPC

Cambridge Pubhouse – SKU: 836623 is a 7x48 wood look plank in a 4.2mm thickness and 8 mil wear layer. This design is cherry in color and very rich in design. This is one of our great value items.   

Notice how warm it looks when installed.


You'll find a large variety of mosaics available at the stores and I encourage you to explore all that are featured. Here are just a few of the items to check out during the sale.

Hexagon Glass Mosaics

Ash Blend Ginger 2" Hexagon Glass Mosaic 11.7x10.2

Sand Blend Cappuccino 2" Hexagon Glass Mosaic 11.7x10.2

Pearl Blend 2" Hexagon Glass Mosaic 11.7x10.2

Fabric Look Glass Mosaics

Beige 2x6 Fabric Glass Mosaic 12x12

White 2x6 Fabric Glass Mosaic 12x12

Grey 2x6 Fabric Glass Mosaic 12x12

Zig Zag Marble

Wooden White/Athens Grey Zig Zag Polished Mosaic

Thassos White/Grey Zig Zag Polished Mosaic

Floor Tiles Featured

There are many floor tiles featured for the sales event and way too many to showcase all the options available, so we are going to highlight just a few here.

Geneseo Beige 12x24 Porcelain Tile

Geneseo Beige 12x24 is a nice soft beige marble with a soft texture that you can use on both floors and walls.

Look how beautiful this tile looks in this indoor/outdoor patio. Notice that it is used on both the floors and the walls.

Villa Medici Porcelain 20x20

Villa Medici – SKU: 107897 is a porcelain 20x20 tile which has unique characteristic in the design of the tile. Notice the random graphic pieces in the boxes to give this product character. This product is Made in the USA.

Look how beautiful the full effect is when installed.

Ready for the Tile Outlets Spring Sale?

I hope I've sufficiently intrigued you to come to visit Tile Outlets of America during the Spring Sale so you can see these products firsthand.

You can get a preview by visiting the Tile Outlets Sale Event page.

Let me know of questions and how you end up using these tile products in your home.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kate