How To Design With White Tile: Inspiration From Fort Myers

Apr 24th 2014

I suspect that most people who walk into a tile and stone showroom for the first time are overwhelmed with all the different product selections to pick from even if they walk in looking to design with white tile - a relatively simple concept.

Let's face it, most people only have to make this trip a couple times in their lifetime. Unless you thrive on changing things up with the trends - (that would be me!) - and you find yourself looking for any excuse to try new tile designs and patterns and don't think twice about adding multiple layers of tile to your floors just to try new ideas, you may find the range of white tile and stone options dizzy-ing... Especially if you're looking to create something special with your white tile idea.

Create White Tile Designs with Tile Outlets' Design Experts!

That is why Tile Outlets of America has so many experts on our team to help you with these decisions. They are all experienced in designing with tile and want to make sure you are making your forever home something you will admire for a long time.

Our sales associates all have their CTS (Ceramic Tile Specialist) certification. The CTS course teaches them about the tile and stone industry, types of ceramic tile products, methods of installation, and maintenance. They learn how to research and obtain answers to tile and stone questions so they can truly be trusted guides to anyone visiting Tile Outlets of America, and looking for just the right tile to create a dream space.

They also have a passion for design and for helping you find just the right combination of tile and stone to create the design you've been dreaming of!

To inspire you with possibilities for designing with white tile, we showcase here below three tile concept boards created by associates in the Tile Outlets Fort Myers store. The theme of these boards is White Tile.

White Marble Tile Design Recipe

Kendra Price, Tile Outlets in Fort Myers

Add a touch of color to white marble tile!

This first tile design board was designed by Kendra Price who has been a sales associate with Tile Outlets of America since October 2005.

Kendra combined a Pearl White Tumbled Marble in a 3x6 (SKU: 305161) and paired with a pop of color with the new Rainbow Squares 1x1 Glass Mosaic (SKU: 150133).

The board was completed with a white sanded grout (sanded grout is generally used with tumbled stone because of the irregular joints). This is like adding jewels to a classy outfit.

Don't be afraid to add other colors with this Pearl White Marble to dress up a room.

Thank you, Kendra, for bringing just the right touch of 'bling' to this design.

White Travertine Tile Design Recipe

This next design board is from Sam Scardina who has been with Tile Outlets of America in Fort Myers, FL, since July 2011.

Sam Scardina, Tile Outlets Fort Myers FL

Sam created a design concept using the Cascade White Tumbled Travertine 4x4 (SKU: 304873) and dropped in the Bamboo Glass Mosaic (SKU: 150897) and completed the look with the Antique Sanded Grout.

These glass mosaic pieces come in a 12x12 sheet; you simply take a 4x4 section of the mosaic to create this design.

Here's what I love: Just changing the layout of the tile to a diagonal and adding glass gives this a totally new dimension.

Using like colors in the neutral family and adding neutral colored glass makes the overall design shine each time.

Who says the guys can't design? Great job, Sam!

White Ceramic Tile Design Recipe

Tanya Price, Tile Outlets Fort Myers

This third white tile design board comes from Tanya Price; she has been in the Fort Myers, FL location since May, 2005.

Tanya took a White Ice Ceramic 3x6 tile (SKU: 203589) and paired it with the Artisan Caryle 1x1 mosaic (SKU: 151067) and completed the look with matching Artisan Caryle 1x4 linear tile (SKU: 151069), framed it with a pencil molding and finished the board with a White Unsanded Grout.

The 1x1 and 1x4 glass inserts come in 12x12 sheets; you can cut them to make different designs.

Tanya used the 1x1 to make a 8x8 insert and took the 1x4 mosaic and cut this piece in 4s to make the listello liner.

This concept board pairs a ceramic tile with a glass decorative. The Artisan glass pieces have a lot of different dimension to them and offer many different color combinations.

Well done, Tanya, on making a basic white come alive!

Three Different White Tile Design Boards!

So there you have three different white tile concept boards:

  • One in white marble tile
  • One in white travertine and
  • One in white ceramic tile.

Take one concept - white marble, travertine or ceramic tile - and create a design with it by adding another tile.

Let our expert Tile Outlets sales associates share with you some of their own tile design concept board ideas that they've created. They love to share their love for tile and stone to help you come up with just the right design for your home.

When you next visit Tile Outlets of America in Fort Myers, be sure to look for Kendra, Sam and Tanya and ask them about their latest tile design concept boards.