How to Use Pebbles and Penny Mosaics, Patterns and Ledger Panels in Your Home

How to Use Pebbles and Penny Mosaics, Patterns and Ledger Panels in Your Home

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Dec 7th 2023

Are you intrigued with pebbles and penny mosaics, not to mention patterns and ledger panels?

Here's a treasure trove of images and ideas to share with you and inspire your next bathroom, kitchen or home remodel from Michele Hoover.

Ideas for Using Pebbles and Penny Mosaics, Patterns and Ledger Panels in Your Home

We enjoyed the Parade of Homes tour we took so much that we decided to check out the Summer Stroll of Homes.

Since we visited homes in the Fort Myers area during the Parade, this time we headed west to Cape Coral. The beautifully decorated homes once again completely impressed us! Of course, our eyes were immediately drawn to the tile and stone. It’s so much fun to see how creative others are in designing with those items. The different uses and product combinations definitely inspired us.

We noticed several products that were used multiple ways in multiple homes: Pebbles, Pennies, Patterns, and Ledger Panels. We're going to focus on these items in this article. 

Pebbles for Your Shower Walls and Floors

Let’s start with the pebbles.

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We saw multi-color round pebbles used as the shower floor in an absolutely stunning walk-in master shower!

This shower also showcased large, natural rock along with a vertically set 12x24 porcelain tile.

Look at the pebbles used in this creative poolside shower.

This shower, in addition to the super cool surfboard, featured a black round pebble mosaic.

We saw round yellow pebble mosaics used to wrap a tub surround.

By the way, this is the same pebble used in the Fort Myers women's bathroom as you can see in the image below.

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Pebble mosaics in the Tile Outlets of America women's bathroom.

And last, but certainly not least, a multi-color flat or sliced pebble was used as a decorative stripe along with a 12x24 tile in another shower.

This look is similar to one we created in the Tile Outlets Inspiration area in a travertine shower/tub installation as you can see in the image below.


Penny Mosaics as Decorative Elements

The next item that caught our attention was penny mosaics.

These penny mosaics come in glass, tile, metal and stone in many different colors and finishes. They are commonly referred to as “pennies” because they are circular in shape and approximately the same size as an actual penny. 

To give you a sense of the range of possibilities, here are examples available at Tile Outlets of America.

We admired the use of the penny mosaics to wrap a hot tub and water line of one of the pools.

Here's a similar use of pennies - in this case copper penny mosaic and white penny mosaic - as a backsplash in a cabinetry display.

Below is an image of the copper penny installation.


Pattern Travertine for Your Floors and Also Your Walls!

Pattern travertine is another item we stock that is very popular among our customers. Customers like that it features four different sizes of travertine that are set in a repetitive pattern. It gives the floor dimension and creates a classic regal look.

We viewed a gorgeous pattern that was used throughout the floors in one of the models.

In this home, the travertine pattern was used in the traditional way on the floors.

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However, it was used non-traditionally on the walls of a large walk through shower shown below.

We both enjoyed seeing the installer mix this up! It was lined up by size.

There was a vertical row of 8x8s, then a row of 8x16s, a row 16x24s and finally a row of 16x16s before the pattern repeated.

It made for a visually appealing effect on the walls and also created differentiation from the floors while still using the same item.

Ledger Panels Outdoors and Inside, Too

Finally, we finish with the ledger panels.

Ledger panels are generally comprised of layered stone. They have a rustic look with extreme dimension and come in assorted colors and styles.

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They are often used outdoors to wrap columns or to add a focal band around the front facade of a house.

They are also commonly used in outdoor kitchens as we saw in one of the models.

Ledger panels look wonderful as a backsplash as well as under an outdoor grill area.


Imagine, though, taking ledger panels inside the home!

In one of our favorite model homes, we saw ledger panels sensationally used as a backsplash in a bar area.

And throughout the entire kitchen, making quite a statement!

The use of the ledger panel in this kitchen was breathtaking! We couldn't stop admiring how spectacular this looked in this kitchen.

Here are a few of the ledgers available in stock at Tile Outlets so you can create the same look in your kitchen:

How Will You Use Pebbles, Penny Mosaics, Patterns and Ledger Panels in Your Home?

Once again we had a great time strolling through these model homes. Even if you aren’t in the market for a new home, visiting model homes will help spur some creative ideas for future remodel projects. We highly recommend it!

Of these ideas detailed above, which do you like most? We'd love to hear.

Thanks for reading.