How Wall and Floor Medallions Can Transform a Space

How Wall and Floor Medallions Can Transform a Space

Have you wondered how to add a strong design element to your tile floor or kitchen backsplash? If yes, you'll want to consider wall or floor medallions.

Tile medallions are used to transform a space. They easily accent a room with a strong centerpiece visual element.

In this article, we'll feature the more popular medallion styles which range in design from compass to flower to star and round formats as well as new medallion arrivals.

Come visit Tile Outlets of America to explore these designs and formats in person!

What's Special About Tile Wall and Floor Medallions?

What's wonderful about medallions is that you can use them on the floor, on walls, over a fireplace, on the foyer floor, in the shower, not to mention for an outdoor patio wall or floor.

Medallions are infinitely versatile. I have a medallion on my front porch before you enter my home, and I've surrounded it with porcelain tile.

When you visit the Tile Outlets stores, you'll notice several wall and floor medallions in the inspiration areas so you can see how they can be used.

For example, the Travertine Medallion Gold/Classic/Noce 36x36 in the grill area picture featured above in this article. It's a backsplash to the grill.

The image below comes from the Tile Outlets Inspiration Area in Fort Myers and features a 16x16 medallion outlined with a Travertine pencil and 1x1 red glass mosaic pieces to accent the design.

You, too, could create such a frame using other types of tile to emphasize the design of a medallion.

Emporio-Medallion 16x16 Medallion framed with a pencil and glass mosaic tile.

Tile Medallions Come in a Variety of Sizes

Tile medallions are offered in many varieties of sizes ranging from 8”x8” to 36”x36”. This allows you to make smaller or bigger design statements.

At Tile Outlets of America, you'll find a selection of stunning 24x24 and 36x36 medallions, all detailed in this article.

Medallions Created from Combined Elements

What makes medallions so beautiful and unique is the combination of elements used to create each design.

These medallions feature tumbled stones, polished stones and cut stones. Each piece is hand made and similar in looks, but unique in character.

Combine that with how you might install the medallion, adding other tile and stone elements - such as mosaics or liners - for added richness.

Six New 36x36 Wall and Floor Medallions

I'm excited to share with you details on six new 36x36 medallions.  Three feature tumbled square options and three polished square options in stone or marble.

Each one is unique and will transform a space. You can easily enhance the design by adding porcelain or stone around your medallion. The choice is yours.

By the way, you may notice a theme in the names of four of the medallions...

Tile Medallions With a Compass Motif

The compass motif works really well in a medallion. No surprise, then, that we have three beautiful ones for you to choose from.

Aruba 1205 Tumbled 36x36

The Aruba 36x36 medallion is made from tumbled stone.

Notice the small compass center and the circular feature around the center surrounded by another circular braided detail.

The stones used in this medallion are gold travertine, white travertine and noce travertine.   This medallion will complement many colors of stone and tiles.

Aruba 1205 Tumbled 36x36 Wall and Floor Medallion

Compass Star 5759 Polished 36x36

The medallion Compass Star 36x36 is made from polished stone, using Botticino, Nero and Cinderalla Grey marble to create this look.

The compass consists of a two dimensional star in the middle of the medallion.  It is square in format but circles out from small to large in chip sizes.

Compass Star 5759 Polished 36x36 Medallion

Compass Star 5761 Tumbled 36x36

Compass Star 5761 is a tumbled intricate medallion. The pieces are really small, yet the look is very large.   The compass/star in the middle is like a starburst.

The stones used are dark Emperador, light Emperador and cream marfil.

Notice the diamond features on all four sides representing North, East, South and West on the medallion.Compass Star 5761 Tumbled 36x36 Medallion

Tile Medallions With a Flower Motif

In addition to the compass motif, you'll find tile medallions in a flower motif.

Curacao 5752 Polished 36x36

The Curacao medallion is a polished 36x36 in a flower motif created with Dark Emperador, Light Emperador, and cream marfil.

Notice the small compass star at the center and how the center trails out into the diamond pattern wheel.

Trinidad 5753 Tumbled 36x36 Medallion

Tile Medallions With a Star Motif

Perhaps the strongest visual option in a tile medallion is the star formation. Although very similar to the compass star, what distinguishes the star from the compass is that all of the star points are of the same size and have little contrast between one and the other.

Tile Outlets of America has several wonderful star inspired motifs for you to choose from.

Bonaire 5751 Polished 36x36

The 36x36 Bonaire medallion is made from polished stone. It shares a family resemblance with the Aruba medallion.

The stones used are dark Emperador, light Emperador and cream marfil.

The center motif is a star in dark Emperador and the braided circular pattern around the center is done in both dark emperador and cream marfil. The medallion is square in format.Bonaire 5751 Polished 36x36 Medallion

Trinidad 5753 Tumbled 36x36

The Trinidad medallion is made from tumbled stone. The stones used are cream marfil, dark Emperador and light Emperador.

The flower center is done in the two Emperador colors and intertwines nicely.  The medallion is square in format.

Curacao 5752 Polished 36x36 Medallion

By now, you may have figured out the naming sequence for four of these medallions. It has to do with ABC islands and a few more great islands in the Caribbean where you often need those compasses to get around those islands.

Round Wall and Floor Medallions

The circular medallion shape is another classic which integrates well with more traditional tile installation shapes and formats.

Below is a classic medallion, the Travertine Medallion Classic/Noce 36" Round, created with cut pieces of noce and chiaro tumbled stones. There's only one left. We've included it in this article so you can see how a circular medallion format looks.

Don't you think it makes a bold statement?

Travertine Medallion Classic/Noce 36" Round

24x24 Wall and Floor Medallions

Finally, don't forget to ask about the selection of 24x24 medallions when you next visit Tile Outlets of America.

As you can see from the examples below, there's a lot to be excited and inspired by when it comes to tile medallions!

They are available in limited supply and definitely need to be selected in person as the designs vary.

24x24 Wall and Floor Medallions 24x24 tile medallions available at Tile Outlets of America

Except for the square-formatted medallion above, these tile medallion products are all available:

Don't Forget to Seal your Medallion

Remember that medallions can be used on the floor, walls and outdoors and will stand up to the beauty of the stones they are made from.  We do, though, recommend that you seal your medallions to maintain their beauty.

Our store associates will be happy to help you select the proper product to seal your medallion.

Ready to Add Wall and Floor Medallions to your Home?

Are you ready to create your own wall or floor medallion centerpiece?

Which of these tile medallions do you find most interesting for your home? Let me know in the comments.

We look forward to seeing you at Tile Outlets of America and helping you select the right centerpiece for the room design of your dreams.


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Note: this article was originally published on Feb. 26, 2015 and has been updated.