Panaria's Flow Series Porcelain Stoneware Tile with Microban

Panaria's Flow Series Porcelain Stoneware Tile with MicrobanHere's a one-of-a-kind porcelain stoneware tile series that you will love! It's called Flow from Panaria USA and it's made with Microban.

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Panaria USA: Italian Tile Made in the USA

Let's start with Panaria.

Panaria Ceramica has been in business since 1974,  producing indoor and outdoor porcelain stoneware. Based in Italy, the company started producing tile in 2006 for the US market in their Lawrenceburg, Kentucky manufacturing facility. As you might imagine, that combination of Italian styling with local production makes for beautiful tile selections, readily available at Tile Outlets of America.

The series I'm describing to you is made with Microban® antimicrobial technology. Panaria began its collaboration with Microban in 2010.

Porcelain Stoneware Tile With Microban: The Flow Series

Before discussing Microban in detail, let me introduce you to the Flow Series by Panaria USA which retails for $2.49 per square foot. It's truly a stunning series.

Here's the official description:

"An Italian stone with enduring allure animates the heart of this functional and high-performance porcelain stoneware, capable of cloaking interiors in a timeless, yet entirely modern, elegance. Its beauty resides in the surface, crisscrossed by infinite tone-on-tone shades that turn each piece into a unique material."

The Flow porcelain tile series is available in the three following colors:

  • Ice 12x24 – SKU:  107433
  • Natural 12x24 – SKU:  107437
  • Ivory 12x24 – SKU:  107435

You'll find mosaics and bullnose available, too.

The image below captures the three colors and also the marvelous stonelike striations and changes in tonality.

Flow porcelain stoneware in three colors

What Is Microban?

Microban is a silver-based antimicrobial technology permanently integrated into the surface of the Flow series tile during the firing process at 1200 degrees Celsius. Permanent as in it will last for the lifetime of the product, regardless of wear and tear or even weather. It's completely embedded into the tile. There's no need to reapply anything over time.

It provides continuous antimicrobial protection, 24 hours per day, day and night, with and without sunlight. Unlike other technologies, it requires no UV lamp activation to display antimicrobial efficacy.

The end result provides an antimicrobial efficacy of up to a 99.9% kill rate using established international laboratory protocols even in hard-to-reach or access flooring areas.

Ideal for the home and commercial environments

In the home, such tile is ideal for bacterial hotspots such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

As it is for commercial environments - especially those calling for high hygiene and cleanability standards - such as restaurants, hospitals, gyms, and other spaces.

(By the way, if you're an architect or designer looking to meet LEED Building requirements, this tile series with Microban® technology entitles you to be awarded 1 point for the ID 1 Innovation in Design Credit (ref. NC, CI, CS and SCHOOLS LEED Rating Systems).)

The Flow Series with Natural veining

The Beauty of the Flow Series Porcelain Stoneware Tile

With all of this talk about Microban, it's easy to lose sight of the beauty of the Flow Series. This porcelain stoneware is truly stunning with its natural directional veining.

In the image below, you see how the series works well together with mosaics in the shower area and the large format floor tile.

Combine the beauty with the antimicrobial properties and you have an ideal solution for your home.

Combine the beauty with the antimicrobial properties with the Flow porcelain stoneware series and you have an ideal solution for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microban Technology

Given that the Microban technology isn't your run-of-the-mill tile enhancer, we thought we would address a few frequently asked questions.

1. What is silver-based antimicrobial technology?

Microban® is an active antimicrobial ‘ingredient’ and can be added to a wide range of consumer, industrial and medical products to prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface of the item. As it is integrated with the tile at the point of manufacture it offers a long-term solution to the prevention of bacterial growth, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The technology developed by Microban® and Panariagroup is silver-based.

When bacteria come in contact with the silver treated surface, Microban® technology acts by blocking their metabolism; in this way, it interrupts the life cycle of bacteria and its ability to spread.

2. Does the antimicrobial protection begin working immediately?

The integrated protection in the Flow tile series is always active. As soon as bacteria
and germs come into contact with the surface, the protection developed with Microban® immediately begins to prevent them from growing and interrupts the reproductive cycle.

Since they are unable to grow or reproduce - the tile surface stays cleaner for longer.

Flow porcelain stoneware with Microban technology

3. Does the Microban protection wear off the tile over time?

Microban® active ingredients are incorporated into the tile during the manufacturing process. Evenly distributed throughout the surface this technology actively protects the entire surface area throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

4.  Is Microban safe?

Microban® antimicrobial technology has a long history of safe use.

In addition, this technology is used in various industrial and consumer healthcare products, such as detergents, water filters, stationery and much more. The active Microban® antimicrobial protection used in the Flow series tile surfaces meets the European Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) No. 528/2012 and has undergone extensive independent laboratory testing.

5. Do you still need to clean your tile floors and surfaces?

Antimicrobial protection is not a substitute for a thorough cleaning routine. This silver-based technology provides an added level of hygiene protection that helps fight the growth of
harmful bacteria and prevent cross-contamination. You still need to clean your floors and surfaces.

Ready to See the Flow Series Porcelain Stoneware Tile?

We hope so as we'd love to show it to you when you next visit Tile Outlets of America. It's so beautiful that seeing is truly believing.

Thanks for exploring the Flow series with us!


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