Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Marble: The Varenna Series from Italy

Jul 1st 2014

Available at Tile Outlets of America stores is the Varenna Series from Italy. It's a porcelain tile that looks just like marble and I think you'll love it!

New Product Update: Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Marble

The best part about keeping track of tile trends is that it helps me be on the lookout for the best possible new tile products to bring into Tile Outlets of America stores. Ones that I believe will wow you and inspire you to make that renovation dream a reality because you can learn about them in this Blog About Tile & More and - more importantly - find them in our stores.

The Varenna Series porcelain tile is available at Tile Outlets of America in two colors - Beige and Silver in the following sizes:

  • 16x31" tile
  • 20x20" tile
  • Coordinating 2x2 and random linear mosaics

The Varenna porcelain tile captures the classic look of marble using an extraordinary technology and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. It is manufactured by Gardenia Orchidea in Italy.

Here is how the Varenna Series brochure describes the collection:

"The natural shades and the perfectly balanced veining of the slabs, reflect the prestige and noble soul of splendid Italian locations such as Varenna, with its enchanting natural landscapes. It is the history and architecture of these places that inspired the Gardenia research laboratory to create a material in which the expressive power of stone is so superbly conveyed."

In the image below, you see the 2x2 Varenna Mosaic tile sheets which can be used for wall coverings as well as outdoor walls and columns and traditional shower floors. It's quite versatile, whether for a large setting or a smaller one.


Varenna Beige 2x2 Mosaics on Wall Varenna Beige 16x31 on Floor

It is amazing how much like marble these porcelain tiles look.

The Varenna Series also comes with a random linear mosaic that can be as versatile as the 2x2 mosaic. This linear mosaic is available in a 13x13 sheet with multiple sizes of tile on a sheet. You have so many possibilities to explore with the Varenna Series of porcelain tile! Whether it's using it on a wall or a backsplash, I think you'll find that it will really enhance a room with the look of natural stone.


Varenna Silver Random Mosaic

Aren't these images of the Varenna Series spectacular? I have trouble believing that I'm looking at porcelain tile rather than real marble!


Varenna Beige 16x31


Varenna Silver 16x31 shown with 8x31 size (not available)

Although we have focused on the Varenna Series as floor tile, it is also a top-of-the-range technical product that can be used on walls as well, in both residential and commercial settings.

These tiles are easy to lay and require no extraordinary maintenance as compared to a natural stone product. These tiles are made using innovative inkjet digital printing technology, making it possible to reproduce a wide variation of stone look facings.

Are you as excited as I am about this line of porcelain tile that looks like marble? How might you use it? I'd love to know.

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