Porcelain Tile With Mixed Look of Wood, Stone and Concrete From Marmomix

Jul 31st 2014

Marmomix Porcelain Tile in Taupe 12x24

Imagine a porcelain tile which mixes the look of wood, stone and concrete in one subtle and sophisticated pattern. We discovered this very thing in our Marmomix series.

The Marmomix Series of Porcelain Tile

We're excited about introducing you to the Marmomix porcelain tile series which you can find at all Tile Outlets of America Stores.

This is a product we discovered at Coverings and fell in love with because of its beauty and versatility. Produced by Sintesi Ceramiche in Italy, even the name "marmomix" tells a story. Marmomix is a mix of stone, wood and concrete looks all in one inkjet design. This porcelain tile product will give you the characteristics of all three looks in one tile so you don't have to decide which one you enjoy more.

Marmomix Sizes and Selections

The Marmomix series comes in three sizes and three colors - grey, taupe or white:

  • Marmomix 12"x24" porcelain tile
  • Marmomix 8"x24" porcelain tile
  • Marmomix random 8"x24" porcelain mosaic

The Marmomix products can be installed on the floor or the wall and the sizes can be combined together in a single room.

The picture below includes the 8x24 Marmomix on the walls with the 12x24 on the floors. Notice how the random mosaic has been incorporated as a decorative design on the wall.


Marmomix White 8x24, 12x24 and Random Mosaic

Marmomix Color Selections

The Marmomix Series is available in three colors:

We are going to feature all three colors so you can see why we had a hard time figuring out which one was better. Each has its own unique look and feel.

Experience Marmomix Taupe!


Marmomix Taupe 12x24 porcelain tile with the Random Mosaic featured on the wall

Marmomix Taupe creates a beautiful, warm feeling in a home. It brings in those soft tan/taupe colors that are both neutral and very rich.

Look how visually interesting the random mosaic is when added to the walls! It creates a beautiful decorative wall piece above the fireplace and also along the wall in the kitchen.

Experience Marmomix Grey!

Marmomix Grey is a soothing color perfect for any room.


Marmomix Grey porcelain tile 12x24, 8x24 and Random Mosaic

As you can see in the image above, the Grey Marmomix color allows you to incorporate Cararra colors as well as pops of color to make the overall effect really stand out.

Also, all sizes of Marmomix have been used in this tile design. You can use one size on the walls and another size on the floor and outline the room with the random mosaic.

Explore Marmomix White!

Marmomix white is definitely a Florida color and makes for clean lines in any room. The mix of wood, concrete and stone looks breaks up what might otherwise be blindingly white. As you can see from the photo below, Marmomix white is a beauty.

Marmomix White 8x24, 12x24 and Random Mosaic

In the image above, Marmomix White 12x24 tile was installed up the walls in a vertical line.

The random Marmomix mosaic tile on the floor breaks up areas by creating a visual division between spaces. Isn't the white classy and clean?

Random Marmomix Mosaic

The Random Marmomix mosaic is available in all three colors. The mosaic measures 8x24 and each piece interlocks. The mosaic is mounted on a mesh backing that can be cut to size as needed.

Marmomix White Random Mosaic

As you see in the images above, the Marmomix random mosaic can be used to accent a wall, create a decorative border or make a room separation with a strip of mosaics. It can be incorporated into any design

Please take time to stop by any of the Tile Outlets of America locations in Fort Myers, Sarasota and Tampa to see this beautiful porcelain tile design in person.

Look forward to your feedback on the Marmomix Series.