Shades of White Porcelain and Ceramic Tile From Grespania, Spain

Aug 28th 2014

White tile can be breathtakingly beautiful in its simplicity as you will discover in this article about new white porcelain and ceramic tile introductions.

We have three exciting new porcelain and ceramic tile products from Grespania in Spain to share with you! Available at all Tile Outlets of America stores, they bring new meaningto classic white tile.

New Product Update: White Porcelain and Ceramic Tile from Grespania, Spain

The following new products from Grespania in Spain have been added to the Tile Outlets of America Collection:

Let's explore each in more detail.

Atlas Blanco: 12"x24" and 18"x36" Porcelain Floor Tile

The Atlas Blanco porcelain tile series is available in 12x24 and 18x36 in a white color evocative of wind-swept stone. Grespania describes the Atlas Blanco as "The wild beauty of the desert, its endless horizons and the force of the naked stone all inspire the Atlas series in each and every one of its pieces, finishes and formats."

Atlas Blanco has a PEI (Porcelain and Enamel Institute) rating of IV which means that the tile will withstand moderate to heavy traffic. According to Your Floor: How to Shop for Tile on Houzz,

"PEI rates a glazed tile's ability to resist abrasion and its suitability as a floor tile. Only glazed tiles get a a PEI rating."

Atlas Blanco 18x36

The image above shows an installation of Atlas Blanco 18"x36" combined with a 8.8"x36" plank (currently not available at Tile Outlets).

This series is suitable for residential and light commercial flooring applications.

Boston Series: 10"x16" Ceramic Wall Tile Collection

The Boston Series is a 10x16 ceramic wall tile that comes in three colors: Blanco, Beige and Gris. Within each color, you'll find three styles - Wall, Newton and Clio. Grespania describes the Boston Series as follows:

"The Boston series, just like the city itself, is full of vitality and urban colors characterized by the wear and tear materials endure over time due to intense city activity. Its selection of formats help create both public and private spaces boasting modern, metropolitan elegance."


Boston Blanco Wall with the Boston Blanco Newton

The image above features the Boston Blanco Wall tile and the Boston Blanco Newton as wainscoting.

Boston Blanco Wall


Boston Blanco Newton


Boston Blanco Clio

All three Boston Blanco feature items come in the same 10x16 format.

They can be used together to create an urban look or separately.

The Clio deco looks like it has grout lines in the tile, creating the look of a mosaic sheet in a 10x16 wall tile.


Boston Beige Wall


Boston Beige Newton


Boston Beige Clio

The Boston Beige color is warm.


Boston Gris Wall


Boston Gris Newton


Boston Gris Clio

The final color to complete the Boston Series is the Boston Gris aka Grey.

The gris color is truly an urban metropolitan color.

The Boston Series of ceramic tile is intended for wall installation.

There will soon be available a bullnose for all three colors to complement and finish the Boston series.

Be sure to explore Tile Outlets of America's broad selection of glass mosaics and listellos which will pull this modern design look together beautifully!

Mito Blanco: Classic White 12"x24" Wall Tile

Mito Blanco is a solid white ceramic wall tile in a 12"x24" format. Talk about a clean and classic white look for a bathroom application!


Mito Blanco ceramic 12x24 wall tile

What's particularly exciting about this solid white tile is how well it works with any number of color possibilities. As you can see from the picture above, Mito Blanco has been installed with a nice purple accent to bring this room to life.

To help you incorporate a design element, we recommend the Eneas Blanco Deco ceramic wall tile which has a raised feature on the face of the tile, creating depth and texture.


Eneas Blanco 12x24

The Eneas Blanco 12x24 Deco can be used together with the Mito series or installed solo as a feature wall in any room.


Eneas Blanco 12x24

Let us know what you think of these porcelain and ceramic tile products in lovely shades of white in a range of textures, and where you see using them in your home.

Be sure to visit Tile Outlets of America to experience these new white porcelain and ceramic tile items in person.

~ Kate