Tile Design Inspiration from Tile Outlets Sarasota

Oct 9th 2014

In honor of Tile Outlets of America's twelve year anniversary, I thought we would check in with each store and ask the associates to share with us their favorite tile and stone products as well as their favorite design inspiration vignettes.

Here follows what Tile Outlets sales associates in Sarasota currently find most inspiring in-store.

Favorite Tile Design Inspiration Vignettes in Tile Outlets Sarasota

Donna Kern likes:

  • The Pearl White Marble Shower in our inspiration area. Why, because it is classic, just like white carrara marble.
  • The Silver Travertine Shower because it's one of my personal favorites.
  • The Tumbled Classic Travertine 12" with the 3x6 noce is a favorite bathroom with many of our customers.
  • The Outdoor BBQ Vignette with classic 3x6 tumbled with Emporio Medallion and our golden white ledgers. This is a favorite with contractors and customers alike.


From left to right: Donna Kern, Bob Stangs, Stephanie Blanco and Rick Horton from Tile Outlets of America in Sarasota

Bob Stangs explains his favorites as follows:

1. The Silver Travertine Shower - I call this the man cave, all it needs is a flat screen TV and a beer tap and we are good to go. It is good to show how an 18x18 can be applied to the walls with no problem or concern. It also shows a tight grout joint which customers love.

2. The Outdoor Barbecue - The split face ledgers really set this off. The granite 12x12 counter-top is also an added value to the area without having to spend the additional cost of slabs.

3. Romina Grey Shower - This is a great display that gives the customer different options for using mosaics as a feature. The matching mosaic for the floor brings the shower together. Great value for the customer at a price point that is reasonable for all.

4. Corner Classic Travertine Shower - This piece allows the customer to see how to use different sizes of the same material to bring the shower to life.

Stephanie Blanco likes the following tile installations in the Sarasota store:

  • The 18X18 Silver Travertine Shower Display. This is one of my favorite combinations.
  • The Outdoor Kitchen made of Golden White Ledger Panels and the Black Galaxy 12x12 - it shows the dream of a BBQ station that everyone wants to have in a home.
  • 12X12 Classic Travertine and 3X6 Noce Travertine Tumbled Shower is one of my customers' favorite inspirations. It's a masterpiece!
  • Scabos Travertine Tumbled Pattern on the floor of the Inspiration Area. It has great color contrast.

Rick Horton says he also likes the Silver Travertine Shower Display.


Outdoor BBQ grill with ledger stone and granite countertop in Sarasota.

Favorite Tile and Stone Products in Tile Outlets Sarasota

We asked the Sarasota Tile Outlets sales associates what their favorite go-to products were. Here's what they shared:

Stephanie Blanco says her favorite tile and stone items are:

  • Icaria Beige 18X18 and 12x24 and Icaria Blanco 18x18 and 12x24. I love the look and the texture.
  • Silk Light and Silk Dark - modern look at a good price.
  • Beige Marble 12x18 - I really love the color and variation in this product.
  • Varenna Silver 20X20 porcelain tile - This is one of my favorite tiles in the whole store! I love the pattern in it. I think it is a very elegant piece. The same is true for the rest of the Varenna family which includes Varenna Beige 20X20, Varenna Silver 16X31 and Varenna Beige 16X31
  • Osso 20X20 - It's a rectified porcelain tile with great color contrast. It's also a very neutral color that will allow you to match it with almost anything.

Rick Horton says about his favorite products,

I frequently recommend 3x6 Cappuccino Marble for backsplashes. Even though It's polished it often won't be too busy for a granite counter top.

I like to show Newslate Porcelain Tile because of its boldness and texture.

I show Rovere Blanchis 6x24 Porcelain Tile for beach homes. I invite the prospect to envision late day sun falling on the bleached white planks while a ceiling fan slowly turns.

Limestone Lite 20x20 Porcelain Tile is great for a classy field tile. Imagine it with a beautiful area rug.

Antiche Abbizie 12x12 Porcelain Tile has the classic look of Mexican tile, but with the density and durability of porcelain.


From left to right: Rounded Yellow Stone with Ocean Honey Stone and Alpine Cream Shower, Creme Glass Shower, Romina Grey Shower, Pearl White Marble Shower

Bob Stangs' favorite products include:

1. Varenna Porcelain Tile Series 16x31, 20x20. It's the best value in the store at this time. People like the large 16x31 size and the design of the tile.

2. Beige Marble 12x18 has a warm look yet it's very neutral for the consumer who wants a polished finish in their shower. It is also a great value for the floor.

3. Imperial Champagne 24x24 Porcelain Tile - This a great large porcelain tile for the customer who wants that polished floor at a reasonable price.

4. Pietra Calacatta 12x24. Another fine polished porcelain that can be used on the floor or in a shower.

5. Napa Almond 12x24 and 24x24 porcelain tile is an alternative tile to the Pietra series. Great price, great look.

6. Botanica Teak 6x24 - Yes, I am partial to this tile since it is in my home. It's very affordable and the deep rich color enhances the rooms. Most people who come in ask if they need to remove their shoes because they truly believe it is wood.

7. Silver Travertine polished/filled 8x12 This is a great wall tile for the bath. Tight grout joints makes this product very appealing to the consumer.

8. Ceramic Mosaic 3x3 tile 150047 (wheat),150053 (cotto) 150057 (white) are great for shower floors and inexpensive which allows customers to spend more on listellos or other feature pieces and create a one-of-a-kind tile design.

9. Icaria Series in 3 sizes and 3 shades. This tile is made in Spain and is a great value.

10. Silk light/dark 12 x 24 - It is priced to sell and works really well for floors and walls.

11. Brezo Porcelain Tile Series in 2 shades and 2 sizes. This is a terrific outdoor tile for the lanai or pool cage. It has a great texture for that non slip feature.

12. Delhi Natural Grip 18x18 Porcelain Tile - Like the Brezo series, it is a great outdoor tile. The deeper shade will not show the dirt.


12X12 Classic Travertine and 3X6 Noce Travertine Tumbled Shower Display

Donna Kern's favorite tile and stone items include:

1- Granito Grigio 12x24 Porcelain Tile because it is great for feature walls in living areas such as living rooms or bathrooms and of course outdoor lanais and kitchens.

2- Silk light and dark are very popular in contemporary and modern homes.

3- Augusta series of Porcelain Tile because it looks like marble, without the maintenance.

4- White Carrara Marble because it should be in at least one room in everybody's home.

5- Multi Light and Dark Porcelain Slate is a very popular go to item.

6- The Basic Shower Ceramic Floors 3x3 Wheat, Sand, White etc. at great price points.

7- The Basic White 3x6 Ceramic Tile is available at a great price point.

8- Varenna Porcelain Tile Series because it looks like marble and has great components such as the matching 2" shower floor and the decorative linear random mosaic. It is also at a great price point.

9- Artic Glass and Snow White Glass seem to be a very popular go to items for kitchen backsplashes.

10- Wood plank flooring such as Rovere Blanchis and the tumbled white marble I go to a lot if customers ask for the beach cottage look.

11- Osso 501 20x20 Porcelain Tile because it looks like a travertine floor.

12- Icaria Series is one of our top sellers. Customers love it!


Closeup of the Silver Travertine Shower Installation


Closeup of the Silver Travertine Shower Installation

Thank you, Stephanie, Rick, Bob and Donna!

Have you visited the Sarasota Tile Outlets of America store? Which were your favorite Tile Design Inspiration vignettes? What about favorite tile and stone products?

We hope you'll help us celebrate Tile Outlets of America's Twelve Year Anniversary Event and Sale by visiting the store during October!