​Tile in Outdoor Spaces: Find Florida Inspiration at the Tampa Store!

​Tile in Outdoor Spaces: Find Florida Inspiration at the Tampa Store!

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Feb 29th 2024

Look no further than Tile Outlets of America in Tampa for outdoor tile inspiration! You'll find perfect Florida ideas.

Tile For Outdoor Spaces as Seen in Tampa

When you next visit the Tampa location, you'll find a newly remodeled outdoor grill area with a strong Florida tropical look. The design was inspired by the black smoker and silver ledger stones, and we think you'll like it.

In this article, you'll find information about all of the tile items selected to create this space, even the grill accessories if you are interested in ordering these. 

Tropical Florida Palm Designs

Palma 24x48 Porcelain Tile

The Palm design is a real Florida tropical look.

This wall feature is the new Palma 24x48 – SKU: 207335 porcelain tile from Italy. This wallpaper decorative tile has green, cream and black as its main colors. The tiles are designed to match up and create a continuous design on the wall.

This look can be used outside or inside on a feature wall as shown below. This porcelain tile is recommended for wall use only.

Blue Palma Porcelain Tile

This series also has a similar look in blue that can be special ordered from Italy. See this featured wallpaper decorative tile below.

Jungle Wallpaper Design Tile

If you are looking for other wallpaper designs we have Jungle 24x48 – SKU: 113015 which is also a porcelain tile in stock. This item can be used on floors and walls.

This also is a great backsplash and feature wall. This series comes with three faces and the design lines up to create a seamless look.

Used in a bathroom environment makes the space feel tropical. 

You can see in the picture below how the design is continuous. Have fun exploring all these looks for your indoor or outdoor space.

Subway Tile For an Outdoor Grill Area

Next, you'll notice the subway feature in the outdoor grill area. 

Many items could pull this design idea together, but we thought the Village series in multiple colors were great compliments to the Palm design. Let’s explore the Village Subway series:

Village 4x16 Series

The Village series comes in 4x16 ceramic subways. 

There are four colors in the Village series and several would work with this design. The item selected for this inspiration was the Village Carbon 4x16 – SKU: 204341

The Carbon is close to a black or dark gray. There is some variation in the tiles, so you can see light to darker color tones in the product.

The Off white 4x16 – SKU: 204343 would have been another great option to complete this look. 

The off white color matches the background in the Palma wallpaper tile and would have been a great compliment to this design. 

This color would lighten up the design and the off white would have coordinated with the countertop and silver ledger nicely.

If you wanted to pull in the color green, you could use the Village Hijau 4x16 – sku: 204339. The Hijau color seemed slightly too light for this design. But with the variation in the green tones in this item, it could have coordinated to pull in more green tones to the design. 

I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these three color subway tiles featured.

The other color of the Village series includes a blue called Village Marine 4x16 – sku: 204337. Explore this color and look on the website. The Blue subway series would have coordinated with the Palm Blue Wallpaper design also shown in the article.

Silver Ledgers in an Outdoor Grill Area

The Tampa grill area facing is the Silver Travertine Splitface Ledger Panels in 6x24, SKU: 305877

This is a natural travertine splitface ledger stone that you can use on wall indoors or outside. You'll notice a variation of warm tones in this material. This selection coordinated with the countertop, grill accessories, flooring and walls featured. The ledger stones interlock to create a continuous design element.

You can use ledger panels for outdoor facades or inside fireplaces. There are many applications to explore with ledger panels. 

>> Come explore all the different ledger selections available in the store

Flooring for the Tampa Outdoor Grill Area Installation

Let’s talk about the flooring for your outdoor grill area. You'll find many floor tile products to select from at Tile Outlets of America. 

Slate Series 12x24

We wanted to coordinate with this design and selected a New Arrival in the Slate series. The flooring could pull in colors from the wall design, or even the ledgers. The floor could be the feature as well. 

When selecting your outdoor flooring, please make sure the floor has an outdoor rating to avoid being too slippery when exposed to the weather. There are items available that will show you IN/OUT capabilities. This allows the product to be used for both installations.

The floor in front of the grill area features the Slate Series, and more specifically the Slate Bianco 12x24 – SKU: 113017. The nice warm tones complement this look. 

The slate look has movement to resemble real slate. The variation shows some clefting design elements. This tile can be used inside or outside.

The Slate series is available in two colors. There is also a Slate Multicolor 12x24 – SKU: 113019 in this series that would also make a great outdoor look. This color is more gray and is a true slate look.

Outdoor Grill Accessories Used in the Tampa Store Installation

If you are trying to achieve this outdoor look, the accessories displayed are available from one of our vendors Cooking Outdoors

All of the items displayed can be ordered directly from them. Here are the featured items:

>> TrueFlame 32" 4 Burner Gas Grill (TF32-LP) with TrueFlame 33” Double Access Door (TF-DD-33-A) underneath grill

>> TrueFlame 24" 5.1cf Outdoor Rated Fridge (TF-RFR-24S-A)

>> Primo Junior Ceramic Grill and Smoker (PGCJRH)

Tile For Outdoor Spaces as Seen in Tampa

Look no further than Tile Outlets of America in Tampa for outdoor tile inspiration! We invite you to come check out the new Grill Area in our Inspiration Area.

The Tampa store is located at 4340 West Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa. 

We are open 7 days a week. Check our website for our store hours.

Thanks for reading!

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