Geometric Mosaics Backsplash Design Ideas

Imagine Adding Geometric Mosaics to Your Backsplash!
Geometrics take mosaics one step further by adding shape and sometimes texture to the mix. Shapes can range from Lanterns, Herringbones, Diamonds, Hexagons, Puzzles and more. They can be smooth or textural, monochromatic or contrasting.

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Regardless, they make for one-of-a-kind designs that will delight you.

In the gallery below, we've gathered images of the following geometric mosaics to inspire your backsplash designs:
Ceramic star with black circle mosaic
Ceramic Star with Black Circle
Scale mosaics
Polished Marble shapes on wall
Polished Marble
Glass teardrop mosaics
Glass Tear Drops
Hexagon backsplash
Large porcelain hexagons
Large Porcelain Hexagons
Stunning hexagons underfoot
Stunning Hexagons Underfoot
Elongated Hexagons closeup
Elongated Hexagons
Elongated Hexagons
Elongated Hexagons