Waterline Pool Tile

Explore Ceramic Waterline Pool Tiles
In the Aquatica Pool & Spa Collection, you'll find many possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind waterline design for your swimming pool.

More specifically, you'll find ceramic tiles in distinct geometric designs which, when grouped together in a 6"x6" format, create the look of a solid line, a wave, mosaic patterns and can even include images of water animals in a variety of colors.

These waterline pool tiles can also complement a backsplash area around a spa.

Waterline Tiles Add Whimsy to Pools and Spas

Ceramic pool tiles are installed and grouted along the waterline. They are designed to withstand chemical treatment in swimming pools.Be assured that if you are repairing an existing pool you should be able to find a ceramic tile piece that will work.

As you explore these ceramic pool tiles which are designed specifically for pool waterline applications, imagine how these unique shapes and designs can add whimsy and beauty to your outdoor water oasis.  The most popular color choices for waterline tile are in the blue ~ green ~ turquoise pool color family, as you can see from the images below. 

To those blue ~ green ~ turquoise color families, notice the touches of bold and ochre which add a shimer to the tile glaze.  

We invite you to visit Tile Outlets of America to explore the Aquatica Pool and Spa Collection and be inspired by the ceramic waterline tile sections you can order for your swimming pool.