Buckets, Spacers, Misc Tools


Don't Forget: Buckets, Spacers, Leveling Systems and Other Miscellaneous Tools

Tile Outlets of America carries in all of its stores a range of porcelain and ceramic tile and stone installation tools and materials. In this section, we'll detail the miscellaneous tools, including leveling systems, you can be sure to find in-store!

Buckets, Spacers and Tile Leveling Systems


  • White 5 gallon buckets
  • Tile Installation Bucket Kit


  • Troxell "Leave In" Spacers, Regular and "T" in 1/16", 1/8", and 3/16"
  • Tavy Tile Spacers 1/16" in Green
  • Tavy Tile Spacers 1/32" in Yellow
  • Tavy Tile Spacers 1/4" in Orange
  • Tavy Tile Spacers 1/8" in White
  • Tavy Tile Spacers 3/16" in Blue
  • Tavy Tile Spacers 3/8" in Gray
  • Tavy "T" Spacers
  • Floor Spacers Soft in 1/4", 3/16" and 3/8"
  • Wall Spacers Soft in 1/8" and 1/16"
  • Wedge Spacers
  • Smart Spacers Small

Tile Leveling Systems

  • Pearl Tuscan Clips System
  • Pearl Tuscan Strap System
  • QEP LASH System
  • Progress Profile Leveling System

Miscellaneous Tile and Stone Installation Tools:

Chalk and Markers:
  • Black and Red China Marker
  • Chalk Line Reel 100'
  • Refill Chalk - Red
Grout Related:
  • Deluxe Grout System
  • Grout Bag with Reinforced Tip
  • Grout Gloves XL, Heavy Duty, Orange
  • Tile Grout Cleaner R-TEEZ
  • Grout Sealer Applicator
  • Sealer Application Kit
Mixers and Polishers:
  • Cortag Electric Mixer
  • Super Mixer, Chrome-Plated
  • Thinset Mixer 24"
  • Premium Dry/Wet Grit Polishing Pads
  • Stone Polishing Kit 4"
  • Variable Speed Wet Polisher
Knee Protection:
  • Assorted Knee Pads 
Other Miscellaneous Tile and Stone Tools:
  • Troxell Drain Extenders
  • Mesh Drywall Tape - 36' and 75'
  • Wax Bowl Ring Kit with Bolts
  • Replacement Cutter Wheels for 10900 Cutter, Big Clinker, Titanium, Brutus
  • Suction Cup (holds in excess of 12 lbs)

We hope you'll come visit and see for yourself the range of miscellaneous tools we have available for the installation of tile and stone.

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