Add Sparkle and Color to Your Grout With Litokol Starlike Crystal Glitter Grout

Add Sparkle and Color to Your Grout With Litokol Starlike Crystal Glitter Grout

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Aug 30th 2018

There's a trend we're hearing and seeing more of and that's colored and sparkly glitter grout. It has nothing to do with white, putty or beige. Rather, it accentuates the tile or creates interesting contrast for a one-of-a-kind design effect.

This trend celebrates grout with color as well as grout with glitter.

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The Sparkle of Colorful Glitter Grouts

Let's start with glitter grout. Then, we'll discuss how to use it. Finally, we'll share with you colored grout inspiration.

What is Glitter Grout?

In this particular article, glitter grout refers to adding a metallic glitter and/or colorant to the Litokol Starlike Crystal Grout which is an epoxy grout that can be used in a wet or dry environment.

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Different Types of Glitter Grouts to Choose From

When you combine color and glitter to the clear epoxy grout, you wind up with many colorful grout choices to choose from.

And, we're not just talking one kind of glitter! In the image below, you'll notice spotlight, galaxy, and gold glitter finishes. Depending on the tile you are grouting, you'll be able to achieve truly incredible effects that have little to do with bland neutral grout colors.

Glitter Grout Benefits

By the way, in addition to the wide variety of finishes, glitter grout is chemical and water-resistant, which means that glitter grout can be used anywhere that regular/standard grout can be used.

If you would like to create a dazzling glitter grout backsplash in a kitchen, bathroom, wall space, or pool, glitter grout is the perfect product. Not only will it look beautiful - check out the image below which highlights how beautifully colored glitter grout harmonizes with the surrounding tile - but it will also resist sunlight, water and pool chemicals.

Starlike Crystal Glitter Grout adds color, style, and longevity to any tiled surface whether in a residential or a commercial setting, and especially where moisture, dirt, and grease are present. This will keep the grout from staining and fading.

How Does Glitter Grout Work?

Glitter for this epoxy grout is sold separately and can be added to the Litokol Starlike Crystal grout.

It can be used on ceramic, porcelain, glass and natural stone. As mentioned above, the glitter will not fade, and can also be completely submerged under water when properly mixed with the Starlike Crystal grout.

What Are Best Practices for Using Glitter Grout?

As we mentioned above, Litokol Starlike Crystal grout is an epoxy grout. That means that you'll need to mix two products together so the epoxy reaction takes place.

Best Practices for Mixing Glitter Grout

Here are mixing recommendations of Tile Outlets of America's product expert, Gary Tuhro:

  • Add the catalyst to the crystals and mix with a drill in the bucket the product comes in.
  • Once the crystals and catalyst have been mixed, then add the glitter, and/or color with the epoxy. These come in packets. Again, mix the product with a drill in the same bucket.

In terms of proportions, keep in mind the following:

  • One pouch of glitter and/or color to a 5.5 lb. bucket of Crystal Grout.
  • Two pouches of glitter to an 11 lb. bucket of Crystal Grout.

Best Practices for Grouting with Glitter Grout

As with any epoxy product, you will have a window for using the product.

  • From the time the material has been mixed, you will have (1) hour of pot time to use the product. After this period of time, the product may become too hard to spread.
  • It is best to spread a small manageable area at a time. Then use a soft white nylon scrub pad to loosen the grout. Finally, rinse with a clean grout sponge and water.
  • For larger projects, it may be best to have (2) individuals grouting. One to apply the grout, the other to lightly scrub with white nylon scrub pad to loosen the grout. Then rinse with clean grout sponge and water. This will prevent the grout from sticking and/or hardening to the material.
  • If the epoxy dries on glass it is best to remove it with Stainmaster: Grout Haze Remover. This will remove any streaks or haze remaining on the tile surface.

Glitter Grout Watch Out!

Keep in mind that the colorant and glitter packets are not to be used as an adhesive for the project.

Rather, they are designed for the grout joint(s). Only the Starlike Crystal Grout (alone without the metallic glitter or additional coloring) can be used as both adhesive and grout.

Examples of Colored Grout to Inspire Your Next Projects

Now's the fun part... seeing inspiring examples of colored grout and how it transforms a tile installation project.

These next two images come from the yearly Coverings show, the largest tile and stone show in North America with 9 miles of the latest trends and exhibitors from over 40 countries. There, you see the latest trends.

What stood out this year were the number of installations with colored grout.

Here you see an installation with yellow grout.

Next, you see an installation with teal grout.

Dark or grey grout with light-colored tile remains strong, however, color seems to be popping everywhere!

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And, glitter, too!

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Looking for Glitter Grout at Tile Outlets of America?

When you visit Tile Outlets of America, you'll notice these large signs that include grout channels with actual grout in them. They detail the grout colors and glitters available in Litokol Starlike Crystal grout.

Whatever isn't readily available in-store can be easily special ordered for you.

Are you as excited about colorful and glittery grouts as we are? We'd love to hear more. Be sure to visit Tile Outlets and don't hesitate to ask about these grout products.