Decorative Graphic Tile Designs in Porcelain from Tile Outlets of America

Decorative Graphic Tile Designs in Porcelain from Tile Outlets of America

Posted by Kate Spencer on Aug 10th 2017

There's a new tile look that's been building momentum. It features decorative graphic tile designs in an 8x8 inch format.

You'll find it on Pinterest, described on sites such as Design Sponge, highlighted on shows such as HGTV and showcased in magazines.

The Spring 2017 edition of the Contemporary Stone & Tile Design featured similar looks on the front cover. The article about these decorative graphic tile designs, titled "Keeping it contemporary," mentions,

“When you enter the café, your eyes are immediately drawn to the floors, which feature black and white patterned 8x8 cement tiles.”

Stunning Graphic Tile Patterns and Designs!

Whether in a café or in a home, the look is decorative, graphic and stunning. It can look contemporary or traditional. No wonder the trend has been getting stronger!

These vibrant patterns, mostly in two tones, are a natural for floors and for creating tile rugs.

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If you watch HGTV and other shows about home remodels, you'll not only notice graphic tile patterns used on the entire floor, but also on walls and as backsplashes, in combination with solid field tiles or without. Regardless, the look is unique and you can count on your friends and family definitely noticing it.

In many of the installations featured on TV and in magazines, the product featured is an 8x8 inch cement tile, a product you can special order from Tile Outlets of America.

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Another option, though, for the same look is in porcelain.

I'm particularly excited to share with you that this 8x8 decorative graphic tile is now available at Tile Outlets of America in porcelain, making this look even more practical, durable and versatile.

Decorative Graphic Tile Designs in Porcelain Available at Tile Outlets of America

Now available in stock at Tile Outlets are the following porcelain graphic tiles:

  • Patchwork Gris/Plomb 8x8
  • Graphite 8x8
  • Decor Classic Graphite B
  • Decor Classic Noir A
  • Decor Lis Ciel N
  • Decor Fleur Champagne N
  • Decor Fleur Ciel N

Other styles are available, too, via special order. Be sure to ask a sales associate for more details.

Let's explore each of these 7 products in more detail.

Patchwork Gris/Plomb 8x8 Porcelain Tile

Patchwork Gris/Plomb 8x8 (SKU 107327) is a vibrant patchwork in the grey family.

These tiles come mixed in the box so you can create a patchwork design such as what you see in the image above. You can also coordinate this design with a solid grey 8x8 to make a border or create a tile rug.

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Graphite 8x8

For example, you could take this next product - Graphite 8x8 (SKU 107323) which is a solid color porcelain field tile to complement the patchwork or some of the patterns featured below.

Graphite is a warm grey color.

Décor Classic Graphite B

When it comes to decorative graphic tiles, nothing compares with the patterns we selected!

Décor Classic Graphite B (SKU 107321) is an 8x8 design in grey and white.

As you can see in the image above, an X features prominently. However, when you assemble several of these tiles together, you notice the beautiful four-leaf pattern in a basketweave frame that you see in the two images below.

This tile also can coordinate with the solid Graphite 8x8 that is available.

Décor Classic A Noir 8x8 Porcelain Tile

Décor Classic A Noir (SKU 107325) is a black and white 8x8 decorative pattern.

This pattern can create multiple design patterns depending on which way to assemble the tiles.

In the image below, the tile forms a traditional medallion motif which works beautifully with a double solid border.

In the image below, the decorative graphic tile pattern forms a more abstract pattern.

Notice how well the tile looks as a counter surface as well as for a wall.

In the image below, notice how well the pattern looks in a checkboard with a black field tile.

Decor Lis Ciel N

Lis Ciel N (SKU 107329) represents a stylized lily pattern in a sky blue and white.

This 8x8 porcelain decorative tile creates a circular pattern when joined together as you see in the image below.

Décor Fleur Champagne N 8x8

Décor Fleur Champagne N 8x8 (SKU 107331) comes in a floral champagne or beige and white color combination.

It is soft and elegant and ideal for any space. Notice how well it accessorizes with a pop of color as you see in the image below.

Decor Fleur Ciel N

Decor Fleur Ciel N (SKU 107333) takes the same floral design in a sky blue and white color instead.

This color combination offers more contrast than the champagne.

The look is similarly elegant, especially in a white bathroom as you can see in the image. You could imagine creating a niche for the shower wall with this pattern for contrast.

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If you are looking to add an accent wall or a backsplash to finish off a room, this graphic pattern would be a nice complement as you see in the image below where the floor features a solid field tile and the patterns shine on the walls.

Ready to Explore Decorative Graphic Tile Designs in Porcelain Available at Tile Outlets of America?

We would love to show you these new graphic tile designs when you next visit Tile Outlets of America. Please stop by and ask us about them.

Thanks for reading!