Decorative Tile Ideas From Cevisama 2015

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What else did Warren Lampert and I notice during our visit to Cevisama 2015 in Spain? We came across marvelous decorative tile ideas to be used alone or to enhance more traditional tile installations.

Cevisama is where we got to experience the latest tile trends and ideas happening in Valencia, Spain, visiting with over 20 exhibitors in two days. If you missed the first article in the series, read Marble and Wood Look Tile: Top Tile Trends From Cevisama 2015 in Valencia, Spain.

In this article, I'll focus on several beautiful decorative tile products. More specifically,

  • Subway Tile Inspired Looks
  • Brick Wall TIle Looks
  • Fun Colors and Designs for Decorative Tile

What's really interesting about the first two decorative tile ideas is that they both focus on a similar rectangular shape - one glossy, the other more rustic in finish.

I'll also share with you the artistic side of Cevisama with hand-painted sinks!

Subway Tile Inspired Decorative Tile Looks

These decorative tiles take the subway tile idea and reimagine it. They also bring to mind the patchwork trend we described in Flooring and Tile Trends from Coverings 2014: Patchwork Tile and which you can find at Tile Outlets of America (see Ready For Patchwork Tile In Your Home?)

This first example does so in a stone subway tile look, available in 3x12, 6x6 and 3x6.

The tiles featured below are from Silvano – Nanda Tiles. They are double fired to create an old look with eased edges.  The colors are done in classic stone colors, and include stamped design pieces to use as accents.


Cevisama-stone-subway-tile-looks Silvano / Nanda stone look subway tiles


This next example applies true decorative patterns to subway tile. It's a 12x24 format featuring several 3x12 patterned subway tile looks. This is the Europe series from Ceramica Gomez and also features a solid 12x24 wall tile to complement the look.


Cevisama-subway-tile-look-Gomez Europe series decorative subway tile looks in a 12x24 format from Ceramica Gomez


In the image below, stamped decorative pieces are used to add detail and visual interest to a simple solid look.

Again, these are 12x24 tiles with the look of 3x12 subway tiles. Notice the combination of solid pieces along with stamped pieces to add character to your backsplash or wall.





Brick Wall Decorative Tile Looks

From subway tile, we take you to brick tile.

The look of bricks is becoming more popular in the tile market. You find these in single pieces and all different lengths along with larger size brick tile looks. You'll also find classic brick colors and white-washed colors to go with any décor.


Cevisama-brick-wall-tile From Dado Ceramica, Italy 3x12 brick look tile in 6 colors


The feature wall on the right was displayed at the Dado Ceramica, Italy booth. As you can see on the left above, this tile product comes in six colors all 3x12 in size. Corner pieces are available to wrap around walls or columns.

These brick look decorative tiles can be used outside or inside on the walls, allowing you to cover walls with style without having to worry about the weight of large traditional bricks.


Cevisama-Nanda-brick-subway-tile New York Brick Collection by Nanda Tiles


The Nanda factory also created a line of brick subway tiles.  Bricks are traditional and continue to be a popular building product.  Now you can use them as accent pieces inside or outside.  Featured above is the New York Brick Collection by Nanda Tiles; it's available in multiple colors and sizes.

Fun Decorative Tile Colors and Designs

If one trend was clear at Cevisama it was that decorative wall tiles allow you to bring color to design in fun, playful ways.

The next few examples are extreme, and not necessarily for the Florida residential market. However, they show you what's possible and how the Spanish tile market is interpreting current design trends.

Take the products in the photo below which will look different depending on how you grout them.  So if you use green grout (see the tile on top of the display) you will have a decorative tile piece with blue and green accents. The grout color simply covers the piece and applies itself to all the white you see in the tile and the blue dots will appear over the green grout.

These could be used for full backsplashes or as an accent strip down a bathroom wall. Lots of fun with colors and possibilities!





The example below demonstrates the range of colorful patterns and designs now possible on tile with inkjet technology.

I'm not sure who the character in the design represents, but it is very playful and colorful. Notice, too, the rectangular format.





In this next example, inkjet technology means creating a tile that actually looks as if water is running down the surface. The effect is such that you want to touch the tile and try to wipe away the condensation. And when you run your hand over the surface, you will encounter a raised feel for the water droplets. Wow! Yes, this is a wall tile in a vibrant blue color that would make taking a shower a totally different experience.





For our seaboard friends, we came across really cool nautical wall tiles that featured dimensional images. The colors are vivid and bring a little sand and sun into the room.





Let's not forget Mickey & Minnie.  Even in Spain these characters are very popular and wouldn’t your child just love a bathroom in Mickey Mouse symbols?   There are possibilities for everyone.





The Very Artistic Side of Cevisama: Hand-Painted Sinks

Along with decorative tile ideas, we came across the very artistic side of Cevisama. We were able to watch an artist hand paint sinks. Each one became an unique work of art.    Not everything has to be machine-produced and it was nice to see such artistic items displayed.




What's your reaction to these decorative tile ideas from Cevisama? Could you see incorporating them with an existing wall design? Do you like the subway tile shape? What about integrating patterns and textures with traditional tile surfaces?

We look forward to sharing with you more trends from Cevisama in this series celebrating the show.


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