Five New Porcelain and Ceramic Patio Tile Series From Ceramica Gomez

Aug 7th 2014

Available at Tile Outlets of America are five new porcelain and ceramic patio tile series from Ceramica Gomez in Spain which can be used inside or out, depending on the design look you want to create in your home.

New Product Update: Porcelain and Ceramic Patio Tile From Ceramica Gomez

I think you'll really love these five new porcelain and ceramic patio tile products from Ceramica Gomez! They consist of:

You'll notice that Estepa, Elba and Gante bring to mind the patchwork tile trend I explored with you in Flooring and Tile Trends from Coverings 2014: Patchwork Tile. Even better, each of these tiles is manufactured utilizing digital inkjet printing technology which provides a more realistic and random stone pattern just like actual stone.

Let's explore each one in more detail.

Estepa: 12"x12" Porcelain Patio Tile

The Estepa series consists of porcelain patio tile which can be used on floors or walls.

The tiles are 12x12 and have an interlocking edging that gives the impression of a patio stone installation when you place the tiles together. Notice in the image below how the grout lines within the patio tile pattern blend with the actual tile grout lines to create a continuous design.


Estepa Rustico 12x12 porcelain patio tile

Estepa Beige 12x12

Estepa Rustico 12x12

This series is available in two colors: Estepa Beige and Estepa Rustico. The color featured above is Estepa Rustico.

Both colors will look fantastic in any outdoor installation. Remember, too, that this porcelain patio tile can be installed on the walls as well as the floors of your outdoor space. Be sure to explore which areas of your home this tile will complement!

Elba: 17"x17" Porcelain Patio Tile

The Elba series is a porcelain patio tile in a 17x17 format. This patio tile creates the appearance of multiple types of cut stone surrounded by a grout line on the patio floor.

Elba Rustico 17x17 porcelain patio tile

Elba Rodeno 17x17

Elba Rustico 17x17

Elba is available in two color selections: Elba Rodeno and Elba Rustico.

The Rustico color is featured in the image above; the Rodena color is lighter in its stone contrasts.

Can you imagine how Elba might look in your home?

Magma: 12"x12" and 17"x17" Porcelain Tile

The Magma series of porcelain tile is available in 12x12 and 17x17. The Magma series gives you a rustic look with depth which comes from the texture in the design.

Magma Arena porcelain tile for use inside or outside, on the floor or walls

The Magma series is available in one color - Magma Arena - and can be used in a residential or commercial application. These tiles can be used inside or outside and on the floors or walls as pictured above.

Gante: 20"x20" Ceramic Terra Cotta Pattern Tile - Available in Tampa

The Gante series is a ceramic pattern tile available in a 20x20 size. You'll find it available at Tile Outlets of America in Tampa.

This unique tile pattern gives you the impression of multiple types of stones set individually and grouted.

Gante Rustico 20x20 and Rustico Decor 20x20

Gante Rustico 20x20

Gante Rustico Décor 20x20

Gante Caldero 20x20

The Gante series is available in two colors: Rustico and Caldero. Gante Rustico is featured in the room scene image above. Gante Caldero is a terracotta color.

Gante Rustico is also available as Gante Rustico Decor with a decorative center piece to incorporate into the overall design. These tiles can be installed using the solid center pieces only or alternating the Rustico Décor with the Rustico solid tiles as pictured above. The Gante Rustico Decor includes five different center decorative designs.

Teak: 12"x24" Porcelain Outdoor Pool and Deck Tile

The Teak series consists of porcelain 12x24 interlocking patio tile with a slip-resistant feature every three inches. (You can read more about this in Find Tile For Your Pool and Spa at Tile Outlets of America!)

Teak Light 12x24

Teak Light 12x24

Teak Dark 12x24

The Teak Series is available in two colors: Light and Dark.

Each Teak tile piece interlocks to give the appearance of continuous planks.

This series is designed to go around a pool deck or for an outdoor patio and looks stunning! Imagine being able to enjoy the look of teak without all the maintenance and upkeep...

I hope you enjoy these five new porcelain and ceramic patio tile designs from Ceramica Gomez. Let me know which one you like most and where you might install it.

Don't forget to stop by all Tile Outlets of America stores to explore these patio tiles in person!