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Beautiful stone and glass mosaic tile for your pool and spa Stone & Glass 5/8 x 5/8 Mosaic backsplash

If you're planning a swimming pool or spa, you should visit Tile Outlets of America where you'll find a beautiful selection of tile to choose from. If you need convincing, check out the pool and spa design ideas and tile products that I've gathered for you in this article.

Note that this article was originally published on July 17, 2014. I've updated it to reflect some of the new pool and spa tile selections available.

Each Tile Outlets store prominently features the Aquatica Pool & Spa Tile Collection display (see image below).  It includes an extensive selection of different types of tile for your pool and spa - tile for water lines, spa applications and back pool walls. You'll even find glow-in-the-dark options! The display is sure to inspire you with pool design ideas and possibilities.

Different Types of Tile For Your Pool

According to Swimming Pool Tiles: 5 Types, you'll generally have five different types of pool tile to choose from: porcelain tile, mosaic tile, glass pool and spa tile and brick swimming pool tile.  Not all tile can be used in a swimming pool. According to Installing Ceramic Tile in Swimming Pools, it's important to select the right tile for your pool and spa:

"While all ceramic tiles are suitable for wet areas like showers, not all ceramic tiles are suitable for pools because any cracks in the glaze can allow moisture to penetrate the tile body. Choose a tile for your pool installation that is either impervious or vitreous. This means the tile will not absorb water if the glaze were to craze or crack. Impervious tiles are best; they will only absorb 0.5 percent of any moisture they come in contact with. Vitreous tiles will absorb up to 3 percent."

Furthermore, according to Swimming Pool Tiles,

"Ceramic tiles designated for swimming pools are their own exclusive category. Because pools contain heavily treated water and are exposed to freezing temperatures, these tiles must be specially manufactured for this purpose."

Although we generally don't face freezing temperatures in Southwest Florida, it's still important to use tile designed for pools. Also, make sure your installer has experience installing tile in pools and spas:

"Failure is typically the result of cutting corners with grout. Heat during the day and cold nights with shrinking grout leaves cracks and crevices and water gets into the gaps. Eventually the water expands and the tile pops. You need epoxy grout which is much more expensive..."

What Kind of Tile Will You Find at Tile Outlets for Your Pool and Spa?

The Aquatica Pool & Spa Tile Collection display featured at all Tile Outlets of America locations focuses on tile for pools and spas. These pool tile products can be ordered to your specifications and delivered to the store within 3-5 business days based on availability.

Let's explore these pool and spa tile inspirations in more detail.


Pool tile display at Tile Outlets of America



Glass Tile For Your Pool and Spa

Glass tile is ideal around water given how it reflects light and adds dimension to a pool or spa. You'll find many different colors and patterns to choose from as you can see from this image of glass tile options for pools



Glass Tile For Your Pool and Spa


These glass tile options are all suitable for pool applications and can be submerged in water and subjected to pool chemicals.

Above, I mentioned glow-in-the-dark pool tile. Check out the Moon Glow series which actually glows in the dark.  Kids of all ages will love this idea! It brings a pool to life at night.


Luminescent mosaic tile for your pool and spa Moonglow Mosaics


Glass tile can be used as a water line application or installed on the entire floor of the pool.   The look of multiple uses of glass colors on the floor of a pool will make a beautiful statement.  The image below represents an entire pool done in 1x1 glass tile.  Isn't the glimmer from the sun hitting the glass stunning?


Reflections Provocative 1x1 Pool tile installation Reflections Provocative 1x1 Glass on pool floor


Tile Ideas for Your Pool

For another look, explore the Waterstone series below. Available in 6x6 tiles in cool pool colors,  you can add decorative pieces that coordinate with the field tile to create a design for the pool water line and and spa backsplash. The glass insert in the image below will add a shimmer along the waterline.


Waterline tile ideas for your pool

Stone & Glass Tile Pool Design Ideas

Stone and glass mosaics make a very nice water line in a pool.   These items can be used against the waterline and also as a pool feature wall.


Pool Image (650x271)


Here is a close up of that waterline glass pool tile:


151575 - CHIGLADS1212BL (650x648)


Although I've mentioned the water line several times, you don't need to stop there! Make sure you take your pool design up the back wall and into the water features as you see in the image below where a 1x1 glass and stone mosaic outlines the spa area and creates a nice rustic warm feel.

You can select a glass and stone mosaic such as Oceana Mix mosaic available online and which resembles the tile in the image below.


Stone and glass mosaic tile water feature Stone & Glass 1x1 Mosaic Water Feature


Pick From Many Colors of Tile For Your Pool and Spa

The color choices for pool tile range from blues, greens, tans and browns.   Although many people associate blues and aqua-greens with pool designs, the truth is you have a multitude of colors to choose from.  Explore them and pick colors that will enhance your entire backyard.


Pick From Many Colors of Tile For Your Pool and Spa


Find many beautiful tile ideas for your pool at Tile Outlets!

Natural Stone Ledgers and Interlocking Stone Tile For Pools and Spas

In addition to pool tile, Tile Outlets of America also offers a variety of natural stone ledger that can be used around a pool and patio application. These pieces will create a stone wall look to border a spa or a deck wall in any outdoor space.


Natural ledger stone display at Tile Outlets of America


Water feature in natural ledger stone Water feature done in natural ledger stone


Be sure to explore the ledger stone displays available in all Tile Outlets stores; you'll notice several color options available to use in your backyard design.  We currently stock three ledger stone colors in stock: California Gold, Golden White and Sierra Blue. Other colors are available to order and additional colors will be stocked in the future.

These ledger stones interlock with one another to create a continuous stone look.


interlocking ledger stone Interlocking Ledger Stone


You can also find at Tile Outlets of America split face Travertine Ledgers:

The Silver Travertine splitface ledger is featured in the image below:


Pool-Tile-Silver Trav Ledger


We like the ledgerstone look so much that we created an outdoor grill area using ledger stone in the Inspiration Area of the Fort Myers Tile Outlets location (see Four Patio Tile Trends from Coverings 2014).

> See Consider Stacked Stone Ledger Panels For A Textural Wall Look


Fort Myers Tile Outlets grill area in white ledger panel Fort Myers Inspiration Grill Area with Golden White Ledger Panel


Pool Tile Decking Selections

No pool or spa design can be complete without decking. Here, too, you'll find many tile options to consider. Imagine creating a pool deck with stone, tile or concrete decking to name a few.

Below, you'll find images of Travertine Stone pool tile decking to inspire you ...


Travertine Stone Pool Deck Travertine Stone Pool Deck
Royal Scabos Stone Patio Deck Royal Scabos Stone Patio Deck
Travertine Stone in a Versaille Pattern Patio Travertine Stone in a Versailles Pattern



Ready to Find Tile For Your Pool and Spa at Tile Outlets of America?

What did you think of these different pool and spa tile ideas? Are you starting to see your pool dream come to life? If yes, come visit one of the Tile Outlets stores.

And go get some pool toys to use in your backyard oasis!

~ Kate

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