Four Patio Tile Trends from Coverings 2014

Jul 3rd 2014

Teak looking patio tile decking

Tile trends from Coverings 2014 continue with patio tile. We noticed four trends to share with you.

This is the sixth and last article in the series about tile trends from Coverings 2014 which took place April 29 through May 2, 2014 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. I started with Patchwork Tile, then Hexagon Tile Trends, 9 Glass Mosaic Tile Trends, Thin Tiles for Floors and Walls, and Four Wood Plank Tile Trends. Time now to take these trends to the patio!

Here's what the Coverings 2014 Post-Show press release (see Coverings 2014 Exhibitors Wow Attendees with Innovative Show-Stopping Tile Trends) observed about patio tile:

"Added Dimension and Texture Tile continued to jump off the walls with the evolution of 3-D design. From highly texturized materials and reliefs to tile that emanates the look of stacked stone this trend continues to flourish... "

What you'll notice from the four tile trends we highlight here for patios is that texture is big.

1. Interlocking Patio Tile Trends

The patio is such an important part of the home. This is where you go to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or meet the family for dinner. It's especially instrumental to a Florida home, so why not make it as beautiful as the rest of the home with really cool patio tile trends?

You can let your backyard space become a place that you want to spend time in, especially when you transform it using tile. You can create a multitude of looks starting with interlocking patio tile as I show you in the photo below.

These are interlocking patio stones from Spain. There are four colors featured here, but this image shows you how you can interlock these stones and have a small grout joint and it will look like one solid floor.

These can be used on the floor or in a wall application.

The image above is a look from Ceramica Gomez in Spain called Gante Rustico in a 20x20 ceramic format. You can achieve this look with or without the decorative center pieces which are sold separately. The overall effect combines that cotto tile look with some concrete feel as well. It's visually interesting (there's an element of the patchwork tile trend to it) and will definitely lead your guests to think you created this design yourself with a multitude of smaller pieces. This item will debut in our Tampa location in July.

2. Pool Patio Decking With Wood Tile Planks

Now here is an impressive look that I can't wait to put down around my pool deck: it brings the wood tile trend look outdoors.

This item is called Ipe and is featured by Ceramica Gomez from Spain. It is a porcelain interlocking patio tile with a grip effect every 3" on the tile. Are you excited yet?

This patio tile comes in two colors to give you that look of a teak pool deck.

The tiles are 12x24 in size and interlock to create the look of an endless run of planks. Trust me, your guests will want to touch it to see if it is real wood! I love the look of teak wood without all of the maintenance.

Come check this new product out in the Tile Outlets of America showrooms in mid-July - we will call it the TEAK series.


Teak (Ipe) patio decking

3. Hexagon Tile Shapes for the Deck and Patio

Why not try a fun hexagon tile for the pool deck? These patio tiles look just like brick stones.

These were meant to resemble Chicago bricks. Again, it is hard to believe these are porcelain tiles designed to look like stones. Amazing what digital technology can create. These piece are all individual hexagons that are set to interlock as you install them.


Chicago Brick Hexagon

This unique hexagon patio tile design below is one piece of tile that has the stamped look of a patio stone in the design. These full pieces also interlock to give you a continued pattern on your deck.


Interlocking Patio Stone

4. No Patio Tile Is Complete Without a Grill

As you start to prepare your patio area for the summer, we thought it would be fun to share with you that each of the Tile Outlets of America store locations offers an Inspiration grill area so you can dream about how to install that new grill and cooker.

Don't forget the stone or tile that you are going to decorate this area with! The grill area in the image below is featured in our Tampa location; the equipment was provided by Cookin Outdoors and the stone counter tops that complement this design were fabricated by StoneCrete USA.

Be sure to check out all the possibilities for your inspired grill area when you visit the Tile Outlets stores.


Tampa Grill Inspiration Area

If you visit our stores in Fort Myers and Sarasota you will get to see an amazing grill inspiration area as well. Each store is supported by a local vendor with grill equipment. All stone and glass featured in these installations come from Tile Outlets of America and represent installation ideas you might create in your own patio or backyard area.


Fort Myers Grill Area

As you can see there are a multitude of varying design choices to choose from for any patio look - from patchwork, to hexagon tile to teak wood planks. Tile Outlets also sells ledger stone panels for your outside walls.

Remember that it is advised to use porcelain tiles or natural stone on any patio that is exposed to the weather. Ceramic patio tiles are just fine to use on any covered patio area or in areas not subject to seasonal frost.

For more patio tile trend ideas, check out Outdoor Tile on Pinterest from Coverings.

Hoping you all have a safe Fourth of July celebration. Enjoy your patio and pool deck this summer and explore all the fun possibilities that tile and stone can create for a memorable outdoor space. Now go outside and play!