Kate's Sale Picks for the January Sale Event

Kate's Sale Picks for the January Sale Event

Happy New Year! It's time for the Tile Outlets of America January Sale Event when you are sure to discover amazing tile finds!

This sale event takes place Friday, January 12th through Monday, January 22nd at all three Tile Outlets stores. Here's a preview of a few of the products featured...

Note that these products are all first-quality porcelain and ceramic tile, stone, mosaics and more available during the sale for up to 90% off regular prices, in-stock and ready to go.

Here Are Kate's Picks for the Tile Outlets January Sale Event!

This sale is going to promote both existing and new items. Here are some of my favorites. I invite you to visit all three stores during the sale event to explore them more closely.

Featuring 12x24 Formats in Ceramic and Porcelain

I love the versatility of the 12x24 tiles we've included in the Anniversary Sale.  These items are great for walls and floors. Here they are organized by ceramic and porcelain tile.

12x24 Ceramic Tiles

Price points for 12x24 ceramic tile sale items start at $.78 per sqft. These items are great for a low budget renovation or even for flipping a property.

We are featuring two items at this special $.78 per sqft price. Both can be used on walls, too:

I love white tile and how versatile Napoli White 12x24 is:

Napoli White 12x24 ceramic tile

Linho Dark Gray 12x24 features a subtle linen-like pattern. Imagine it combined with a pop of color:

Linho Dark Grey 12x24 ceramic tile

12x24 Porcelain Tiles

In the 12x24 porcelain tile category, I'll feature stone and concrete looks that are on sale during the event.  These are trending looks and, at these price points, sure to inspire you to start that project.

Stone Looks

We are featuring three stone looks in porcelain. These products are made in Italy and available at very special prices.

Stone Studio Sabbia 12x24 features a realistic light-colored stone look at $1.79 per sqft.

Stone Collection Dark Grey 12x24, as you can see in the image below, captures the look of dark grey stone, complete with striations. It is available at $1.90 per sqft.

Stone Collection Dark Grey 12x24

This last porcelain stone look captures a white stone look. Stone Collection White 12x24  is available at $1.90 per sqft.

Stone Collection White 12x24

Concrete Looks

Concrete looks continue to generate a lot of interest. This is a look that can look classic while also looking intensely contemporary.

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You'll find two concrete looks featured during the January Sale Event, starting at $1.04 per sqft.

Brasilia Concreto Cinza 12x24 is a porcelain tile available at $1.04 per sqft.

Brasilia Concreto Cinza Brasilia Concreto Cinza

Portland Stone Ash 12x24, as you see below, is available at $1.35 per sqft. Notice the detail in the pattern.

Portland Stone Ash 12x24

Outdoor Patio Tile

In this category, you'll find porcelain tile as low as $1.18 per sqft. What I love most about these outdoor patio tile selections is that they come in multiple sizes and looks. Although you can use any porcelain tile for your outdoor project, what makes these particularly ideal for the outdoors is that they come with slip resistant grip to give you the texture you need outdoors.

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For the January Sale Event, we are featuring these three products:

Truss White 6x26 at $1.59 per sqft is a wood plank tile with the realistic look and feel of real wood. You can see the texture in the image below.Truss White 6x26 Outdoor Patio Tile

Portland Stone Ash Grip 12x24 comes at 1.35 per sqft. Note that this product style comes in a non-grip format which we featured above.

I love the warmth of the Antiche Abbazie Senanque Grip 12x12. It is available at $1.18 per sqft.

Antiche Abbazie Senanque Grip 12x12 outdoor tile

Polished Tile

We love the look of polished tile floors. If you do, too, you're in luck! You'll find many polished tile formats available at the January sales event.

Polished or high gloss tiles are great for any residential space on the floors and walls, making the spaces look very elegant. That's why some of the finest hotels in the country have polished floors throughout their hotel space.

We want to feature just a few for you in different formats and sizes.

Here's Palace Calacata Polished 11x23 available at $3.28 per sqft.

Palace Calacata Polished 11x23

With Progress Bone Polished 20x20, you get a large format look. It's available at $1.93 per sqft.

Alpine Cream 12x24 at $1.48 per sqft and Alpine Cream 24x24 at $1.58 per sqft feature a warm classic polished look.

Alpine Cream 24x24 polished porcelain tile

If you like the look of polished wood, you'll love Natura Chestnut Polished 8x47. It's available at $2.83 per sqft.

Finally, Silver Travertine Polished 8x12 is a classically beautiful tile with all of the gorgeous lines associated with silver Travertine. You'll find it a $3.65 per sqft during the January Sale Event.

Murano Glass

The Murano Glass pieces available during the January Sale are all hand-cut and individually fused creating a one-of-a-kind look as you can see in the image below.

Examples of Murano Glass

The incredible Murano glass aesthetic transforms every wall or backsplash installation into a work of art whether you combine the glass pieces with other tile and stone or use it alone to create a textural pattern.

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The Murano glass collection is discounted up to 90% for the January sale event. You'll find many designs and selections to choose from in 2x2, 2x6 and 4x4.  Here is a breakdown of the pricing:

  • 2x2 – 4 pack - $.30
  • 2x6 – 4 pack - $.50
  • 4x4 – 2 pack - $.35

If you are looking for that design element the Murano glass could be the answer. Check out some of the designs to choose from:

Murano Clear Diamond Glass 2x2 (4 pk) - $.30

Murano Clear Earth Glass 4x4 (2 pk) at $.35

Murano Frosted Ciano Glass 2x6 (2 pk) at $.50

Murano Frosted Ciano Glass 2x6


I absolutely love how gem-like mosaics are! You'll find so many great ones to select from! During the sale, you'll find discounts as high as 90% of some items.  Sizes range from 1x1s, 1x2s to 2x2s, in ceramic, glass and Travertine.

Here are some of the great buys while supplies last:

Natural Stone Skiathos Glossy Rombo Mosaic 12x12 at $1.24 each.

Natural Stone Skiathos Glossy Rombo Mosaic 12x12

Iridescent Glass 6012 5/8 Mosaic 12x12 at $1.99 each

Rounded Pebble Stone Mosaic Yellow 11x11 at $2.49 each

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Beige & Blue Glass 1x1 Mosaic 12x12 at $4.99 each

Beige & Blue Glass 1x1 Mosaic 12x12


Listello or border pieces are generally 2” to 3” wide and 12” in length.  You can use these to accent a wall with your feature tile. Here are just a few great buys:

Chiaro Trav Brick LIstello 3x12 at $.74 each

Chiaro Travertine Brick LIstello 3x12

Brick Noce/Clear Listello 3x12 at $1.99 each

Light/Noce Travertine Listello 2x12 at $.74 each

Trav Border Noce/Classic 3x12 at $1.24 each

Trav Border Noce/Classic 3x12

There are many more to choose from so please come in to check out the other options available that may fit your listello/border needs.

Classic Travertine and Marble

Travertine and marble remain classic favorites. For the sale, we have a Great Value Travertine tile pattern available at $1.98 per sqft. It's the Quarry Mix Travertine Roman Pattern Unfilled, Brushed Face, Chiseled Edge.

Quarry Mix Travertine Roman Pattern Unfilled, Brushed Face, Chiseled Edge

If you prefer a more traditional 18x18 Travertine selection, we have the Classic Travertine Commercial Honed and Filled 18x18.

Classic Travertine Commercial Honed and Filled 18x18

Each store has different selections so be sure to check them all out.

Ready for the Tile Outlets January Sale Event?

I hope I've sufficiently intrigued you to come visit Tile Outlets of America during the January Sale  Event so you can see these products firsthand.

You can get a preview by visiting the Tile Outlets Sale Event page.

Let me know of questions and how you end up using these tile products in your home.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kate

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