Large Format Porcelain Tile For Outdoor or Indoor Use: The Element Series

Oct 30th 2014

As you learned from reading Find Tile For Your Pool and Spa at Tile Outlets of America!, you will find many porcelain tile products at Tile Outlets that you can use outdoors as well as indoors. In this article, I introduce you to another one of those products: a large format porcelain tile.

New Product: The Element Series, a Large Format Porcelain Tile

The Element Series by Ceramica Portinari in Brazil consists of a 17x35 porcelain tile. This size is considered 'large format' for tile.

To get a sense of the effect of this large sized tile, imagine walking into a grand foyer. The large size transforms the space; it adds a WOW factor combined with peaceful serenity to the room. It also means more tile and fewer grout lines for the eye to see.

This 17x35 porcelain tile series is available in two colors: Gold and White

Element large format porcelain tile can be used outdoors as well as indoors.


Element Gold 17x35 large format porcelain tile

As you can see in the image above, the large format works really well in installations with strong lines and architectural elements. Element Gold looks incredible on a patio deck.

Element Large Format Porcelain Tile is Slip Resistant!

There's another aspect to the Element series that makes it ideal for use outdoors around pools and patios: the texture on the tile surface creates slip resistance. It is perfect for areas around water where you don't want people to lose their footing.

The texture, though, is sufficiently subtle that it works equally well indoors. This tile is suitable for any room and will surely make a statement! The large format works in the main living space, master bedroom and, let's not forget, the walls.

As I mentioned earlier, using a large format tile greatly reduces the amount of grout you see in a room especially compared to installing a smaller tile format. When you see the Element large format porcelain tile laid out in a room, it looks very elegant.


Element White 17x35 large format porcelain tile

The slip resistant design you find on the surface of the Element large format porcelain tile series gives the impression of depth and movement to the tile.

Both colors of Element - Gold and White - will complement any indoor or outdoor design element.


Element Gold 17 x 35

If you've never considered a large format porcelain tile, you might think that it seems too large. Once you've seen this tile in person at any of the Tile Outlets of America stores, you will start to see many design possibilities for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Enjoy the Element series! I look forward to hearing how you made this large format porcelain tile an element in your inspired home.

~ Kate