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Aug 21st 2014

If you are looking for Travertine tile in Tampa, Sarasota or Fort Myers, look no further than Tile Outlets of America where you will find a terrific range of Travertine products to choose from and design ideas to inspire you!

Travertine is a versatile and classic natural stone that can be used on walls as well as floors, indoors and outdoors. It is sure to transform your home into a space of timeless beauty and elegance which you will enjoy for years to come.

Travertine as Flooring Tile, Wall Tile, Patio Tile and More!

Travertine tile can be used anywhere inside and outside the home. Although frequently used for flooring. it also looks fantastic on walls, pools decks, patios, and front home facades. We've even seen Travertine used on ceilings!

Ultimately, Travertine is best suited for those who desire a natural stone product and who appreciate the variation Mother Nature has created since each piece of Travertine will be uniquely beautiful and, thus, create a finished project full of personality. (See 13 Facts About Travertine Tile.)

What makes Travertine tile so versatile is that it is used to make many different types of tile products including mosaics. Travertine mosaics can be used almost anywhere from backsplashes, shower walls, floors, ceilings to floor borders or transitions and also look beautiful when combined with glass and metals.

Have you seen Travertine split face mosaics? They give a more rustic and dimensional feel to your project. More commonly, Travertine mosaics come in tumbled, polished, and honed versions in multiple sizes and colors. (See Travertine Tile Finishes: honed, tumbled, polished and chiseled edge.)


Large format Travertine wall tile with mosaic backsplash insert

Travertine Tile: Available at Tile Outlets in a Variety of Sizes and Colors!

Size options are almost limitless for Travertine as you can tell simply by doing a search on the Tile Outlets website.

  • Popular sizes for Travertine flooring applications include 18x18 and 12x24, as well as a combination of 8x8, 8x16, 16x16 and 16x24 tiles arranged in a repeating pattern.
  • Smaller sizes of Travertine are often used to complete backsplashes. The most popular size of tumbled Travertine currently is 3x6.
  • Keep in mind that large size stone can be used in wall applications and looks stunning as wall tile as you can see in the photos above and below.


Travertine tile used on the walls of this shower installation

Although many assume that all Travertine looks the same, it comes in a wide range of colors - from very light, creamy colored Travertines such as Cascade White Travertine and Ivory Fantastic Travertine, to vibrant and darker colors such as Scabos Travertine, Classic Travertine and Noce Travertine.

Regardless of the color, the end product is full of character and creates an old-world feel. You will find Travertine with chiseled edges, straight edged, tumbled or pillowed. You can also select the finish you prefer such as brushed, polished, and honed along with your color choice.

When it comes to creating a Travertine floor, you'll find two patterns commonly used: the French (also known as Roman) and the Versailles pattern. Both patterns use a combination of four sizes of Travertine to create a pattern: 16x24, 16x16, 8x16 and 8x8.

We asked Michele Hoover about her favorite Travertine installation and she explained,

I really enjoy a project where there are multiple textures of Travertine mixed together. One of my favorite projects to date is an entertainment center we built in the Fort Myers Tile Outlets store. It features Travertine split face mosaics, tumbled Travertine, large format honed and filled Travertine, along with glass. It’s a stunning piece! It’s a must see when you visit the Fort Myers store.


Imagine Travertine split face mosaics, tumbled Travertine, large format honed and filled Travertine, along with glass in this stunning entertainment center in Tile Outlets Fort Myers.

Travertine Tile Installation and Care Tips

Since Travertine is a form of limestone, it requires sealing to properly protect it from stains and make cleaning easy. You'll find many sealing options including color enhancing sealers, gloss sealers, and natural finish sealers. See Why and How to Seal Travertine Tile for additional perspective.


Silver Travertine in a shower installation

Installation of Travertine tile is very similar to the installation of ceramic tile, with a few additional steps.

  • Because Travertine is a natural stone there are often holes or voids on the back side of the tile. These voids must be filled with mortar by back buttering, or spreading the mortar across the entire back of each tile.
  • Because Travertine is typically set with a very minimal grout joint it is imperative that Travertine tiles be properly leveled to avoid any type of lippage (uneven edges from tile to tile).
  • After setting the travertine tiles, the area should be carefully cleaned and then sealed prior to grouting if the tile is filled. This helps ensure that the stone doesn't become discolored by the grout. It also makes post grout clean-up much easier.
  • If the Travertine is unfilled, you will want to wait until after grouting before you apply a sealer.
  • After the grout has been installed and is dry a second coat of sealer may be applied to protect the entire surface.

All cleaning should only be done with neutral PH cleaners as cleaners that contain acids can etch and damage Travertine.

All spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid stains.

Travertine is a porous stone with many holes. These holes are usually pre-filled with an epoxy resin. Over time you may have to refill these holes. A do-it-yourselfer can do this easily with a two-part epoxy filler.

Ready to Explore Travertine at Tile Outlets?

We hope you'll visit Tile Outlets of America to experience firsthand the variety of Travertine tile options available to you. Whether you are looking for Travertine flooring, Travertine wall tile or mosaics, you are sure to find plenty of inspiration and products to enable you to transform your dream into a reality!

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