Discover Stone Look Porcelain Tile on Suncoast View

Stone Look Porcelain Tile on Suncoast View

Do you want that stone or marble look in your home, and feel intimidated by the maintenance required?  Try stone look porcelain tile; it's a perfect solution as Tile Outlets' Kate Spencer showed on Suncoast View!

Stone and marble are very popular in home decor. They bring a classic, timeless design feel to a space. However, both have properties that aren't so user friendly. Kate joined the Suncoast View co-hosts on Friday, November 3rd to show how stone look porcelain tile recreates those classic looks without the headaches.

Sarasota's Suncoast View

Suncoast View is the locally produced hour-long Talk Show airing at 4 p.m. EST on ABC 7 WWSB in the Sarasota, Florida area. The program’s format is inspired by the ABC Network’s popular, long-running talk show, “The View”.

Kate has been a regular there and enjoys talking tile with co-hosts Stephanie Roberts, the popular Co-Anchor of ABC 7’s Good Morning Suncoast, ABC 7’s beloved veteran Reporter Linda Carson and ABC 7 Reporter Bobeth Yates.

In the photo above, Kate is in the middle. To her far left is David Jones from the Jones & Crane Show on WSRZ and Linda Carson. To her right is Bobeth Yates and then Stephanie Roberts. Tile samples abound!

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Centuries Pisa 12x24, a stone look porcelain tile designed to look like the original. Centuries Pisa 12x24, a stone look porcelain tile designed to look like the original.

What Makes Stone Look Porcelain Tile So Perfect for Florida Home Owners?

As we mentioned, stone look porcelain tile recreates the timeless beauty of those classic stones looks without any of the maintenance headaches.

Combine that with a wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from and the versatility of being able to install these stone look tile indoors or outdoors, on floors and walls and in commercial settings, too, and you have an ideal solution.

1 - Porcelain Tile Offers Easy Maintenance

Unlike real stone and travertine, porcelain tile just requires normal mopping. You don't need to seal or enhance their surfaces on a regular basis or worry about stains and spills. Talk about peace of mind!

We still love real stone and marble, but if you are not wanting to keep up with the maintenance of real marble and stone this is a great alternative.

2 - Discover a Wide Variety of Stone Look Designs & Sizes

Porcelain stone looks are available in multiple sizes for the floor. They start at 12x12 and go up to 30x30 and include a modular pattern in the box.

You'll also find at Tile Outlets of America a significant selection of ceramic wall tile offerings in the stone look to complement the floor tiles.

Stone look tiles all feature shade variation which gives you the variety of low and high contrasts of the stone look.  The look is so realistic that you'll find tiles that - just like natural stone and marble - have veining and look tumbled just like travertine. These tile inkjet designs come to life and you will have to touch them to believe they are tile.

Let's explore more closely the following categories:

  • Marble designs
  • Stone Designs
  • Pattern designs

Porcelain Tile with Marble Designs

Marble is perhaps the most classic of natural stones.Thanks to inkjet technology, that look can most definitely be achieved in a porcelain tile without the need to seal and reseal.

The room scene image above shows you a product called Centuries Pisa. It is available in a 12x24 and was specifically designed and created in Italy by mimicking an actual marble stone that has been walked on for centuries.

Isn't it amazing how realistic the look is? Furthermore, this porcelain tile product has a soft satin finish.

The image below recreates the very popular Carrara Marble look which will never grow old and is perfect for both walls and floors. This is Hera Blanco 12x24.

Hera Blanco 12x24 Porcelain Tile Hera Blanco 12x24 Porcelain Tile


Hera Blanco can be used on the floor and walls. It has a sister wall tile in a glossy format called Code Blanco Glossy 8x24.

Stone Designs in Porcelain Tile

When you think about stone looks and what appeals most, it's the variation and the natural beauty that usually come to mind.

More specifically, that beautiful veining and movement in the designs creates a true stone appeal.   When you visit Tile Outlets, you'll find many such offerings in multiple formats.

For example, the Stone Studio collection is available in 12x24 and 4x12. It's an unglazed porcelain tile available in four colors. The image below features Stone Studio Griggio in the larger 30x30 size.

Stone Studio Griggio 12x24 (image shown in 30x30) Stone Studio Griggio 12x24 (image shown in 30x30)


This Stone Studio collection comes in a really cool Blu color in 12x24.

As you can see in the image below, the depth of the stone design and the variations you achieve with this look are impressive. The tile pieces are not uniform, creating that true feeling of natural stone with multiple faces.

Stone Studio Blu 12x24 Porcelain Stone Look Tile Stone Studio Blu 12x24 Porcelain Stone Look Tile


The Icaria series comes in 12x12, 12x24 and 18x18 formats as well as 2x2 mosaics to finish the look.  You can use this classic stone look on both floors and walls. This series is available in two colors – Beige and Blanco.

Icaria Beige 18x18 Porcelain Tile Icaria Beige 18x18 Porcelain Tile


Classic Stone Pattern Designs in Porcelain Tile

We love the look of travertine in a Versailles pattern.  This is a common look for travertine and stone and consists of a repeating layout of multiple size formats to create a pattern. You'll find this pattern in many traditional and historic installations.

As you might imagine, stone look porcelain tile is a natural for these type of patterns, where the different size tiles are pre-packaged for easy installation. You'll find two such designs at Tile Outlets both of which can be used indoors out outside.

The Sienna Modular Pattern looks like real travertine where you can see the veining and movement characteristics of real stone.

Sienna Modular Pattern Sienna Modular Pattern


The other pattern porcelain offering is the Chester Modular Pattern which looks like a grey marble design.

Chester Modular Pattern Chester Modular Pattern


We love the look of travertine and stone outside and we mentioned that these two pattern designs also work for outdoors without the maintenance of real stone.

Check out the Chester Porcelain Pattern used in an outdoor setting in the image below.

Chester Modular Pattern in an outdoor setting. Chester Modular Pattern in an outdoor setting.

What's Your Reaction to these Stone Look Porcelain Tile Styles?

Are you as excited about these stone looks as we are? Can you imagine using them in your home?

I hope you'll come explore what's possible for your own home.

You can watch the entire 5 minute segment here:

Thanks for watching/learning. Let us know of any questions.


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