Three Tile Ideas for Stunning Shower Designs

Three Tile Ideas for Stunning Shower Designs

Posted by Kate Spencer on Sep 15th 2022

Who doesn't wish for a one-of-a-kind shower? Something that delights and relaxes you every time you experience it? If that's you, here are three tile ideas for stunning shower designs to inspire your own bathroom space.

Check Out these 3 Tile Ideas for Stunning Shower Designs!

We're constantly on the lookout not just for beautiful and interesting new tiles, but also for inspiring examples for how to use those tiles to create unforgettable stunning spaces. What we've discovered in the process are the following three tile-related ideas:

  1. Based on tile color and shape, you can go wild with your shower design.
  2. There's something about pebbles and showers.
  3. Try going bold with tile in your bathroom.

Let's explore each of these ideas.

1 - Going wild with tile color and shape in the shower

Here's a hint about this idea: mosaics play a huge role! Yup, you'll love the intense variety of so many different mosaics that are available and they vary in color, in shape, and construction. For that reason, we'll break this tile design concept into three sub-categories:

  • Colorful glass tile shower designs
  • Linear glass mosaics
  • Shapely tile designs

Colorful Glass Mosaic Tile in the Shower

As you might imagine, glass mosaics give you a multitude of choices in colors, shape, and brightness.

Take this shower which features white subway tile and a magnificent feature wall designed with a 1x2 turquoise glass mosaic. Notice how the niche uses that same mosaic.

The color on that one wall makes this bathroom feel like a spa.

Here's another bathroom feature wall done in a glass mosaic that includes stone in it. Talk about powerful! This wall calls to you from down the hall and invites you right into the tub.

What's wonderful about glass mosaic tile is that you don't need to do an entire bathroom in it - although you can. The shimmery gem-like quality means that you can focus on an eye-catching focal element and combine the glass tile with other less visually-compelling tile.

For example, the shower design pictured below combines hexagon glass mosaics with Cararra marble subway tile. The mosaics add shimmer against the marble and the marble adds a calming quality to the mosaics.

These hexagon glass mosaics come in many different colors and mixes of materials ranging from all glass, glass and stone, and glass and metals.

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You can go even bolder with glass tile. For example, an all-glass or glass and stone patchwork mosaic can add tremendous character to your shower space.

Take this next bathroom design. 

Look at how it uses two different colors of glass mosaics in the same pattern to outline two of the walls - one around the sink area (notice how effective the floating vanity is to the overall design) and the other to the perpendicular wall. We love the shimmer it creates.

You, too, can be creative in your bathroom design and use glass tile mosaics to redefine the outline of the space.

Linear Glass Mosaics

You'll also find many linear glass mosaics to work with for an all-over look or a decorative band effect.

The shower below features one shower wall in a fun dark glass linear mosaic. Even though the rest of the space is white, the feature wall in the shower makes the room warm and inviting. Imagine doing something similar with a bright cobalt blue linear glass mosaic, or a red one, or even one with an iridescent look that shimmers when the lights are on, making the wall space pop.

By the way, linear mosaics can also be installed vertically (see glass tile image earlier in the article) for a powerful design effect.

In this next image, you see linear glass mosaics in a band in the shower and for the tub area, in a backsplash and on the front of the tub, giving the space depth and color.

Shapely Tile Designs

It's impossible to discuss mosaics without addressing shapes. In fact, we've done an entire article on mosaic shapes!

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In this article, we'll highlight lanterns, bricks, fish scale, and a playful shape. You'll find plenty more including hexagons, octagons, penny rounds, puzzles...

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Lantern Mosaics

You'll discover lantern-shaped mosaics in different colors and stones. Below, you see a Cararra marble lantern.

Next, you see this mosaic outlining a mirror, where the mirror is surrounded in turn with a 2x2 square mosaic for contrast.

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Brick Mosaics

Brick mosaics can come in horizontal, vertical and even offset layouts. We particularly like this example below in a zigzag herringbone pattern.

If you're a herringbone-design type person, you might want to extend the look to subway tile or even wood planks to get a larger scale herringbone design.

Fish Scale Tile

Fish scales are a very new tile trend.

These mosaics can be installed in different directions to create a different look on the wall. The ceramic finish on the mosaics creates the shine in the room.

Here's another example on a bathroom feature wall, outlining a round mirror. This curvy pattern adds just enough color and interest to the space without distracting from the beautiful simple sink shape.

Playful Tile Shapes

Tile mosaics can also come in different design shapes and colors. The example below says it all.

Here's a unique cut out design shape in ceramic tile, in a kaleidoscope of earth-tone colors, perfectly complementing the mirror feature wall in this bathroom.

You are sure to find plenty more shapes as you start to explore further.

2 - There's something about pebbles and showers

Perhaps it's that pebbles often have real texture to them and they remind us of creeks and streams... In any case, there really is something about pebbles in showers.

Pebble mosaics are available in many different colors, shapes, and textures. They can definitely add fun and whimsy to a shower space design.

In the image below, you see pebble mosaics around the tub area and then carried up the wall to bring your focal point the tub. These are flat pebbles. Notice the wood plank tile on the wall.

In this next shower example, the pebbles have texture. With the wood plank tiles installed vertically, the pebbles suggest a spa-like waterfall.

Although pebbles are commonly used on shower floors, why not use them on all the walls as you see in the image below. Notice how the wood plank floors complement the look.

With pebbles being available in different finishes – flat, smooth, round and tumbled - you can definitely create many different design effects in a space like this.

For that matter, why not carry those pebbles to your outdoor shower area?

Pebbles aren't limited to river stones. For example, you can have marble pebble looks made from marble stones cut into round pieces which are usually polished and flat in finish.

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You can use them on shower floors, a backsplash and even shower walls as you see in the image below.

3 - Go bold with tile in your bathroom!

This last section focuses on going bold with tile as you develop your design.

For example, consider using ceramic or porcelain tile mosaics in your bathroom on the floors and walls combined with larger format wall tiles. If you look carefully at the image below, you'll notice mosaics around the sink area and 15x30 Venato Polished tile on the walls.

The large format makes the room look bigger. Did you see that the bathroom floor is done in wood plank tiles?

This bathroom makes use of all formats of the same tile. The floor is done in a polished tile and the walls are in a smaller format in matte. The shower walls are done in mosaics.

Here you see brick tiles in a light sandy color scheme in the shower area of this bathroom. Given how many color schemes available in brick tile, you can complement any design.

Decorative tiles are smaller format tiles that create a pattern look. These looks are available in different colors and patterns to complement your space. Whether you want to feature these on the floor or walls, they will definitely add character to your space.

Wood plank tiles continue strong. Why not add them to your shower design?

In fact, why not take the planks onto the floors, walls and shower floors? The design choices in wood planks will take you in many different directions – modern, rustic and transitional.

Wall tiles with different textures and prints are a fun way to design your space. This is the Hand and it's featured in three different colors. Feel free to mix the colors together to create your own design.

What's Your Reaction to these Ideas for Creating Stunning Shower Designs?

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