What's New in Tile Installation Products From TISE West 2015

What's New in Tile Installation Products From TISE West 2015

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Feb 12th 2015

In addition to finding out about new tile and stone products, we also like to find out what's new in tile installation products when we go to industry trade shows.

At the same time, we get confirmation that we're already offering customers the best products available.

In this article, I'll focus on The International Surface Event (TISE) West which took place from January 20 through 23, 2015 in Las Vegas and the top tile installation products we rely on. After all, without the right tile installation products, even the most beautiful tile or stone has little chance of being transformed into a timeless treasure. Yet, we tend not to spend much time discussing them and appreciating how truly foundational underlayment products, sealers, grouts, thinsets, and mortars are in a tile and stone installation. Or, how important the right tools are.

>> For an example, see Why Underlayment Matters to a Tile Installation Project.

We'll highlight several of our top suppliers and introduce you to the tile installation products which we consider must-use products and which you can find when you visit any Tile Outlets of America store. These are suppliers we respect because of their commitment to the tile industry and their reputation for bringing to market products that truly make a difference in the installation of tile or stone projects.

Enrich N' Seal from Custom Building Products

Custom Building Products is a very important resource and partner for Tile Outlets of America (see Sealing and Cleaning Tile with Aqua Mix: Interview with Jeffrey Stone). They provide us with products for grouting and sealing which are the most trusted products by tile installation professionals. Custom Building Products backs those products with industry-leading warranties.


Custom Building Products at TISE West 2015

One of the most popular items is Enrich N’ Seal - a premium, no-sheen, enhanced-look sealer. It is a 100% polymer-solid penetrating sealer which will darken, enrich and highlight the character and beauty of unsealed natural stone. It will also seal and darken the color of grout joints.

This product is available in all our locations by the pint, quart and gallon.


AquaMix Enrich N' Seal from Custom Building Products at TISE West 2015

Tile Installation Tools, Cutters and Saws From Q.E.P. Co., Inc.

Q.E.P. Co, Inc. delivers a comprehensive line of installation tools and flooring related products targeted for the tile installer who is professional and the do-it-yourselfer. The tools are created with cutting edge technology and sure to meet the needs of the most demanding tile installer!


A sampling of tile installation tools from Q.E.P. Co., Inc. available at Tile Outlets

We haven't yet come across a tile installation job too big to help supply you with the right tools! If you need a saw for the job, we have them in stock. We have tile cutters from 14” to 35” as well as tile saws. Let's not forget the wide selection of blades to go along with the saws.

STARLIKE Grout From Tile Doctor at TISE West 2015

Tile Doctor – you've heard us talk about Crystal Glass Grout® from The Tile Doctor. We just love a grout that you can use on a glass mosaic installation to allow the color of the glass to be the star!

>> See How To Apply Crystal Glass Grout? Jean Snell from The Tile Doctor Demonstrates.

This year at TISE West, the Tile Doctor featured the Starlike Specialty Grout® from world renowned Litokol® in Rubiera Italy. “Finally Grout Catches up with Design” says Curt Rapp.

Choosing grout that complements your design is just as important as the tile selection. Now with Starlike Speciality Grout you have the option of selecting grout that is as beautiful as your tile.

Starlike grout is suitable for nearly all surfaces and is available in many colors, including metallic and shades with light effects, shimmer and glitter.

USG Durock Cementboard and Fiberock Backerboard at TISE West 2015

The products that USG offers – e.g., cement boards and backer boards - are truly foundational to a successful tile installation project.

You will find in all Tile Outlets stores USG DUROCK cement board and FIBEROCK backer boards which are solutions for floor and wall preparation. They help ensure peace of mind for your tile installation project. These are professional strength durable products that can be used in multiple constructions to deliver high-performance water and mold-resistant protection.

Merkrete 720 Rapid Set from Parex USA at TISE West 2015

Merkrete is a brand of Parex USA and has become one of the tile market’s most highly recognized brands. These tile setting materials are used in commercial, institutional and residential buildings.

The Merkrete product we feature is the Merkrete 720 Rapid Set, a premium grade rapid setting polymer modified portland cement medium bed mortar for installing porcelain, ceramic tile and natural stone. As Merkrete describes, this product is ideal for "... large format ceramic tile, gauged porcelain and irregular thickness stone that require faster setting times of 90 minutes or less."

Merkrete 720 Rapid Set may be used for interior or exterior walls and floors on either residential or commercial projects. It exceeds ANSI A118.4 and ANSI A118.11 standards.

This product is available at all Tile Outlets locations.

Select the Best Tile Installation Products for Your Project!

No tile or stone product can be properly installed without the right products. Thanks to the relationships Tile Outlets has developed with the best resources in the tile industry, we are proud to bring you tile installation products you can trust so you can successfully transform your dream into reality.

If you attended TISE West 2015, what tile and stone installation products stood out in your mind?