What's New in Tile? Terrazzo Looks at Cevisama 2018

What's New in Tile? Terrazzo Looks at Cevisama 2018

What's your reaction to Terrazzo looks? We noticed it throughout the Cevisama 2018 show in Spain and wanted to learn more about this new tile trend.

What is Cevisama?

Cevisama is an international fair for architectural ceramic, bathrooms and kitchens, natural stone, raw materials, glazes, frits, and machinery. You'll find there not only ceramic and porcelain tile, and bathroom and kitchen equipment, but also glazes and ceramic colorants, ceramic roof tiles, and bricks, building materials and hardware. It's an exciting show that highlights the latest ceramic developments and trends.

For perspective on the show, realize that Cevisama 2018 recorded a total of 90,572 professionals coming through its doors, from 145 countries. This figure is 8% higher compared to 2017.

Cevisama happens every year in Valencia Spain.

As you might imagine, we saw many exciting trends related to tile to share with you. This article will focus on Terrazzo looks.

What is Terrazzo?

According to Wikipedia,

"Terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place or precast, which is used for floor and wall treatments. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material, poured with a cementitious binder (for chemical binding), polymeric (for physical binding), or a combination of both. Metal strips divide sections, or changes in color or material in a pattern. Additional chips may be sprinkled atop the mix before it sets. After it is cured it is ground and polished smooth or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured surface."

You'll frequently find Terrazzo floors in large public spaces such as airports, museums, and government buildings. They last long, wear well and look beautiful. You'll often find amazing designs created in Terrazzo.

Terrazzo Looks at Cevisama

As I mentioned earlier, terrazzo looks were the highlight of the show.  Everywhere we turned, we noticed new examples in different styles and finishes.

Realize that these Terrazzo looks have little to do with traditional Terrazzo. Rather, these are looks created in tile, thanks to the amazing advances in inkjet printing technology. This is the same technology that has made realistic wood plank looks and marble veining in tile possible and believable.

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Here's a wall installation with an oval-shaped niche.

A Terrazzo tile wall installation with an oval-shaped niche.


Just as traditional Terrazzo isn't for everybody and for every installation, these Terrazzo looks are distinct. They may make more sense for a commercial installation or a contemporary space than in a traditional home. Nonetheless, the look is exciting and a new application for inkjet printed tile.

It's also one that integrates really well with other tile looks. If you don't believe me, keep on reading. I think you may be surprised...

Geo Tiles Does Terrazzo Looks

Below, you see a polished Terrazzo look from Geo Tiles both on the wall and the floor.

A polished Terrazzo look from Geo Tiles.


Geo Tiles featured this product on the entire outside walls of the booth and the floors within the booth.

Notice the large format of the tile.

Below, you see four different colorways for the this Terrazo product.

Four different colorways for Geo Tiles' Terrazo product



Codicer's Terrazzo Tile

This next image features the Terrazzo look that Codicer displayed in their booth on the exhibit floor. Their version has larger composite chips than that of Geo Tiles.

Codicer's Terrazzo Tile


Below you see a closeup of the Codicer Terrazzo tile.

A closeup of the Codicer Terrazzo tile


Codicer has named its Terrazzo porcelain tile look the Iseo collection.  It's also available in hexagons as you can see below.

Codicer's Terrazzo porcelain tile is named the Iseo collection and it's available in hexagons.


Terrazzo from Gomez

The Gomez Terrazzo tile collection offered more colors. Notice the difference in the blend of composite chip sizes and colors.

Terrazzo from Gomez


As you might imagine, Gomez tiled its entire booth in this terrazzo look.

Gomez tiled its entire booth in this terrazzo look.


A Terrazzo Tile Rug

This last image captures how versatile Terrazzo looks are. Perhaps an all-over Terrazzo isn't your cup-of-tea? Well, what about integrating that hexagon you saw above into an installation pattern?

Or, what about combining solid and patterned Terrazzo looks to create a true one-of-a-kind tile rug?

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A Terrazzo Tile Rug


That's what we love so much about tile. It's infinitely versatile so the creative possibilities are not only endless but will suit every design sensibility.

What's Your Reaction to Terrazzo Looks in Tile?

What's your reaction to this tile look? Could you see integrating aspects of it into your home? I'd love to hear.

Next in this Cevisama series, I'll share with you how decorative tiles continue strong.

Thanks for reading,


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