Backerboard Materials & Underlayments


Looking For Backerboard and Underlayment Materials?

If you're looking for backerboard materials and underlayments for your tile or stone installation, you've come to the right place! Tile Outlets of America carries the highest quality backerboard to use for your project.

You'll find the following in all Tile Outlets stores.

Backboard Materials

  • GoBoard
  • Schluter KERDI
  • Schluter Ditra Mat
  • Schluter KERDI Panel Boards and Accessories
  • Cement Board Screws

Niches and Benches

  • Schluter KERDI Shower Niche 12" x 20"
  • Schluter KERDI Shower SB Bench - 12x32" Rectangle and 16x16" Triangle by Schluter
  • Arch Kit for 9x13, 13x13, and 13x20 QuickShelf by Wheeler
  • Quickshelf Niche Insert by Wheeler: 
    • 13x13 Square Arch Top 
    • 13x13x3-1/2" Square 
    • 13x20x3-12" Large Rectangle  
    • 9x13x3-1/2" Rectangle 
Underlayment and Waterproofing Materials

Underlayment and Waterproofing Materials

Tile Outlets of America carries in all of its stores a range of underlayment and waterproofing materials to use when installing tile and stone. More specifically,

  • Drain-Frame Kits
  • DrainScreen with Screws
  • (Link to DrainFrame catalog with products Tile Outlets of America carries and/or can be ordered for you.)

From Mark E. Industries:

From Merkrete - HydroGuard Anti-Fracture/Moisture Control Roll-On Membrane

From NAC Products:

>> See Perspective on Tile Installation Underlayment from NAC Products Expert, Steve Price

From Noble, Richpan 1040 6ft wide

From Parex USA/Merkrete:

From Schluter:
  • DITRA Membrane and Waterproofing Membrane
  • KERDI Products
    • KERDI Kereck-F Preformed In-Corner and Out-Corner
    • KERDI Membrane
    • KERDI Seal Mixing Valve Opening and Seal Pipe Nipple Openings
    • KERDI Shower Kits
    • KERDI Waterproofing Membrane
    • KERDI-BAND Waterproofing Strips
    • KERDI-FIX Seal/Bond Compound in Grey and White

We hope you'll come visit and see for yourself the range of backerboards, underlayments and waterproofing materials we have available for installing tile and stone.

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