Pebbles and Round Mosaic Backsplashes

Designing Backsplashes with Round Mosaic Tile
Imagine designing a backsplash with round tile!

Round mosaic tile includes penny rounds, pebbles and circles. We have several to share with you.

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We love how round tile allows you to show off your eccentric and fun side with a whimsical circle glass and stone mosaic. Then, add a square sink to keep the look funky as you can see in the image. It features a variation on Carrara and White Circle Mosaic 150949.

Or, check out the gallery images below.The first gallery image represents a blue/green/gray glass round tile mosaic variation on the image above.

The next three images show you different uses for penny rounds:

As a contemporary kitchen backsplash
Outdoors as pool tile 
In a shower, as a backsplash design element

We love how round tile adds such a contemporary vibe in the next gallery image.
The last five images show you different uses for pebbles which we consider part of round tiles:
Pebbles come in a number of finishes - from smooth and flat to intensely textured and pebbly. Use pebbles as:

A contemporary looking backsplash
In a striking design feature for a master shower
Outdoors in a shower (we realize we're showing you pebbles used as a shower floor rather than a backsplash. However, it's such a cool image, we had to include it here!)
Combined with several other shapes and sizes of pebbles
As a tub surround feature

Which do you like most?
Flat pebble backplash
Flat Pebbles
Flat marble pebbles
Flat Marble Pebbles
Use pebbles for your shower floor
Pebbles for Your Shower Floor.
pebbles and mosaics
Pebbles and Mosaics
flat colorful pebbles
Flat, colorful pebbles
marble pebbles
Marble Pebbles
round pebbles
Round Pebbles
Vertical pebble backsplash
Vertical Pebble Backsplash
pebble border matches floor
Pebble Border Matches Floor

As you can see from these images, pebbles look good on laundry room, bathroom, and shower floors.