Kaisy Turner, Fort Myers Customer Service Representative & Trade Pro Checkout Cashier

Kaisy Turner, Fort Myers Customer Service Representative & Trade Pro Checkout Cashier

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on May 14th 2024

Kaisy Turner is a Customer Service Representative and Trade Pro Checkout Cashier at the Fort Myers Tile Outlets of America store. She is ready to assist you when you visit Tile Outlets of America.

We recently caught up with Kaisy to ask her a few questions.

Have You Met Kaisy Turner at Tile Outlets of America?

TOA: Kaisy, tell us about yourself and your background

KT: My name is Kaisy. 

I am a Customer Service Rep/ Trade Pro Checkout Cashier here at Tile Outlets of America. I have worked in retail for 15 years and it's a field I thoroughly enjoy.

TOA: When did you get started with Tile Outlets of America?

KT: I got my start with Tile Outlets of America in 2019. 

One of my friends who has a Trade Pro account with us put in a good word for me. He had nothing but great things to say about the company and here I am today. 

When I started, I was a cashier then I moved on to sales and currently I am a Customer Service Representative and Trade Pro Checkout Cashier.

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TOA: As a Trade Pro Checkout Cashier and Customer Service Rep, what are your priorities?

KT: As a Trade Pro Checkout/Customer Service Rep, my priority is always ensuring all customers and contractors walk away with the best shopping experience possible knowing that all their questions have been answered and needs met.

TOA: What are some of the top questions you are asked?

KT: The most frequently asked questions I receive are how contractors can sign up with us to open a Trade Pro account, how long do they get to be able to return products they purchase and what is the most popular style of tile today.

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TOA: Kaisy, which are your favorite products and why?

KT: It is so hard to pick a couple of products. 

We have such a beautiful variety of tiles and mosaics

One of my favorite products we carry is luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyl is such a great flooring option! Vinyl is cost effective, very easy to install, it is scratch resistant so if you have kids or pets, it's an amazing option. And there is such a variety of cool colors, and it looks like wood. If you haven't checked it out, please do, you will not be disappointed.

TOA: What is your favorite installation in the inspiration area?

KT: I really appreciate the shower vignettes, it’s great to be able to show customers the different options of niches & how they can make their vision come to fruition.

TOA: Kaisy, what advice do you have for customers?

KT: My advice would be to always be communicating with your contractor or designer, they are always going to have your best interest in mind. 

And it's always a great idea to know what colors you want to go with but have an open mind because you never know when you will find your perfect fit.

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TOA: What do you like to do outside of Tile Outlets of America?

KT: The one thing I enjoy doing when I am outside of Tile Outlets of America is spending time with my three wonderful children and amazing partner. 

TOA: Thank you, Kaisy!

When you next visit Tile Outlets of America in Fort Myers, Florida, don't hesitate to reach out to Kaisy with questions you might have about the Trade Pro program, as well as tile, luxury vinyl, mosaics and more.

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