Meet Kaisy Turner, Trade Pro Manager in Fort Myers

Meet Kaisy Turner, Trade Pro Manager in Fort Myers

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Jul 8th 2021

Meeting the needs of trade professionals is an important commitment for Tile Outlets of America. That's why at each store in Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Tampa, you'll find a dedicated Trade Pro Manager ready to answer questions. They truly want "dreams to become reality" for you and your clients.

In Fort Myers, that contact is Kaisy Turner who just recently took over the position from Anna Robinson.

We caught up with Kaisy to learn more about her and her expertise.

Meet Kaisy Turner, Fort Myers Trade Pro Manager

TOA: Kaisy, tell us about yourself and your background. Are you from the Fort Myers area?

KT: I am originally from Brooklyn New York. 

My family and I came to fort Myers Florida for a fresh start after my mother's passing. I have always worked retail cashiering and in customer service-oriented jobs.

TOA: How did you get started with Tile Outlets of America?

KT: I got my start at Tile Outlets of America from a friend of mine who is a contractor and shops here at Tile Outlets.

He thought it would be a great place to work. So, I came in to apply and here I am two years later.

TOA: What are the different positions you’ve held?

KT: When I first started here in 2019, I was a cashier. And then in March of 2021 I was promoted to a sales representative.

TOA: What is your new role?

KT: My new role is as the Trade Pro Manager where I focus on tile contractors and trade installation professionals.

TOA: As Trade Pro Manager, what are your priorities?

KT: My priorities are always providing great customer service, and making sure our contractors are always up to date on any new products coming in. 

I am the contact point for our trade pro members and available if they ever need something ordered, or maybe they need an order they placed staged ahead of time of their arrival. 

In general, anything they will need I will be more than happy to assist them with.

TOA: What do you love most about it?

KT: What I love most about my new position is helping to put together product knowledge classes for our contractors and being able to help our contractors.

With things getting back to normal post-pandemic, we will be organizing events again soon.

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TOA: Which are your favorite products available at Tile Outlets? Why?

KT: My favorite product here at Tile Outlets is the luxury vinyl flooring.

You'll find such a big selection of different color and looks. It is fairly easy to install and virtually mess free no thin set our grout needed. I will defiantly be purchasing vinyl for my future home.

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TOA: Do you have a favorite installation in the Inspiration Area?

KT: Honestly, it’s so hard to choose because I have a lot of favorite pieces from our installations. 

We have such a variety of beautiful products to choose from the amazing ledgers, the unique mosaics, especially our polished porcelains from the smallest to the biggest.

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TOA: What advice do you have for first time Tile Outlets contractor customers?

KT: My advice to our first time contractor customers is defiantly taking advantage of all of the trade pro program has to offer.

You can learn more about the program by visiting Pro Services on the website.

TOA: How can contractors contact you?

KT: Contractors can contact me by phone (239-768-1517 ext. 207), email and stopping by the Fort Myers store Monday through Friday.

TOA: What do you like to do outside of Tile Outlets?

KT: What I enjoy the most outside of Tile Outlets and the Trade Pro program is being a mother to my two wonderful sons.

TOA: Kaisy, thank you and congratulations!

Are you a tile installation professional in the Fort Myers area? 

If you've not yet had a chance to experience customer service at Tile Outlets, be sure to visit the store in Fort Myers and ask for Kaisy Turner. She will be delighted to help you out!