Looking for Tile Design Inspiration? Check Out Tile Outlets in Fort Myers

Looking for Tile Design Inspiration? Check Out Tile Outlets in Fort Myers

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Mar 14th 2019

Do you need tile design inspiration?

Head directly for Tile Outlets of America in Fort Myers where we've completed the remodel of the Inspiration Area. You'll find 10 distinct new vignettes ready to inspire you with ideas so you feel less overwhelmed picking the right tile for your own remodel.

We caught up with Michele Hoover to learn more about the project and the individual installations you'll find there.

Looking for Tile Design Inspiration? Check Out Tile Outlets in Fort Myers

Discover Even More Tile Design Inspiration in the Remodeled Fort Myers Store!

TOA: Michele, this is very exciting! How many vignettes did you create in the remodeled Fort Myers Inspiration Area?

MH: We took the center section of the Inspiration Area of the Fort Myers store and completely demolished all the existing vignettes.

With this remodel, we wanted to show as many new design ideas as possible and ended up with 10 distinct new areas all around an open space where we created new flooring installations.

TOA: How did you select the tile for each installation?

MH: Once we determined the number and types of vignettes, we wanted to make sure we gave each area its own distinct look or personality.

As you might imagine, it can be really intimidating for customers to select tile. It's hard to visualize how the end result will be when you start with just a few pieces of tile. For that reason, it was important to us that we appeal to a wide range of customers’ tastes based on what they've asked us when shopping.

TOA: What inspired the designs then?

MH: We challenged the Fort Myers employees to a contest to see who could come up with a design that we could use.

We're fortunate to have so many talented employees! We incorporated quite a few of their design ideas into the vignettes! Plus, with so many different individuals contributing, we were able to show a wide variety -- from classic to modern looks.

We lined up the selections for each vignette in a back hallway of the store so that as everyone passed by them we could get comments and opinions. The anchor image at the top of the article shows you some of those selections.

This also gave us the opportunity to make sure we covered different color tones, textures, and tile sizes.

TOA: Michele, what did you want to demonstrate with these new installations?

MH: We wanted to inspire our customers.

We wanted to be able to share examples of how to use different textures and types of products with each other.

In one area we show a marble look polished 12x24 with a wood-look plank tile on the floor or a decorative wall tile with wood plank tile on the floors as you see in the image below. This helps customers visualize using different styles together to make for a more interesting finished space.

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We demonstrated different layouts such as soldier stacking rectangular tiles versus staggering it or running it vertically versus horizontally.

We also wanted to demonstrate how great a large format floor tile (Roden Perla 18x35) looks when installed on a wall (see image below).

TOA: How did you select which vanities/cabinetry to display?

MH: After we selected the tiles for each vignette that included a vanity, we selected a complimentary vanity. For instance, if our vignette featured more modern tile then we selected a vanity that was modern.

In addition to coordinating the style of the vanity we also wanted to make sure the color or tone of the vanity also flowed well in the area. We wanted to showcase a variety of styles and sizes including a large double sink version.

We also wanted to show a floating vanity which we had not displayed previously.

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TOA: Many vignettes include niches and interesting details. What inspired you to include them?

MH: We used niches, shelves, and/or benches in each shower display. In some vignettes, we placed multiple niches.

For example, here are two niches feature Taupe/Tan 1.5x4 Staggered Glass Mosaic 12x12.

They are also featured on the front wall panel of the bench.

Below you see Hemisphere Lappato Copper 12x24 combined with Safari Leopard Glass Mosaic 12x12 in the two niches and in a horizontal decorative band in the shower.

The long niche/shelf below shows you how Dark Grey 2x6 Concrete Glass Mosaic looks when installed soldier style horizontally.

We tried to showcase a variety of sizes and types and felt inspired to include them in each area because not only are they practical to have (a necessity in my opinion) but they also add a focal point to your shower walls.

Below you see an arabesque mosaic tile double niche.

As you can see, niches are a great area to showcase a beautiful glass mosaic or add a pop of color.

TOA: What about the floor installations? What inspired those?

MH: In addition to the floor tile we coordinated with the vignettes, we also chose selections for the middle area of the floor.

We wanted to use these larger open areas of the floor to feature tiles that are harder to visualize (unless you use our new visualizer) without seeing laid in a larger area.

For instance, we used a porcelain wood plank look tile (Luxent Loft Grey 6x35) that has a huge range of shade variation. You can imagine how helpful it is for a customer to see a larger area than our usual display board and get a true feel for it.

We even installed this item both on the floor and wall as not only does it make a beautiful floor tile it looks incredible as a feature wall as you can see in the image below.

We also selected to use a polished marble look porcelain tile (Kashmir Hueso Polished 15x30) so that customers could walk on a polished tile and feel for themselves that a polished surface doesn’t automatically make a floor slippery. This is often misunderstood.

Another interesting tile we chose to use is a large format square wood look tile (Manhattan Shadow 23x23) with a pattern to each piece that creates a larger pattern when installed. There, too, it really helps to see multiple pieces together to understand and see the larger pattern.

TOA: Michele, who did the installation?

MH: Master Touch Installations did a phenomenal job with the installation of this area.

Chris Torres and his crew helped us with layouts to ensure we were showing a wide variety and also made suggestions on our product selections.

The quality of their work far exceeded our expectations. They are true craftsmen! If you’d like to see more of Master Touch’s work, I encourage you to follow them on social media or at

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TOA: Michele, any other noteworthy details?

MH: We are so excited about this remodel and would love to invite anyone contemplating re-doing an area in their home to come to take a look. It will inspire your creative side and, if you’re the type of person who needs more than just inspiration, then let us take you through the process step by step and customize something just for you!

TOA: Thanks, Michele!

Tile Outlets of America: Your Freshly Remodeled Source of Tile Inspiration

We can't wait for you to explore the remodeled Inspiration Area in the Fort Myers Tile Outlets Store. Do let us know what you think.

Thanks for reading.